mixed asemics 1-3




I’ve been experimenting with blending collages, asemic compositions, and photographs, and then applying a variety of visual effects – pushing deconstructed text and asemic art into what I call expressive abstractionism & revealed  oblique existentialism. The compositions are, at least, aesthetically pleasing/interesting absurdist pieces of transformed text.

Implied Space: The Fediverse


 I have entered the Fediverse, and started an account on Mastodon – @JPK_elmediat@Mastodon.Art .

For more information on the Fediverse, and my motivation, observations, and experience in establishing the account, see the post, To Mastodon, the Fediverse, and Beyond!  on my Media Literacy blog.

Those of you with Twitter accounts, should check this  out. Anyone interested in Media Literacy, social media platforms such as blogs & Twitter, and the impact of social media on changing cultural norms and social issues, will find the post’s information of value.