fibku: blue sky reflects



reflects –

trees and clouds –

clouds reflect on lake ~

how to drift down to those depths ?

only their tears reach.

Back in the day, when I was still teaching, I came across the poetic form based on the Fibonacci sequence, – the Fib poem (created by Greg Picus).  By itself, composing a Fib makes for an interesting cross-curricular  activity. Looking at the sequence,

1  1  2  3  5 8

I realized that you could blend it with haiku.  The easiest form would be

1  1  2  3  5  7  5 .

For this post, I went with this  sequence, staying with the more traditional topic of Nature/Environment. For more background & other Fibku sequence variations see my Dark Pines Photo Fibku Page.

Doughy between Afterglow (Blitz Poem Plus)

This salad is spongy

This salad is doughy


Doughy is this salad

Doughy falling droplets


Droplets dangle from branches

Droplets tremble at the touch


Touch the heart

Touch trembles


Trembles nightly

Trembles beneath the moon


Moon like a blizzard plug

Moon embers glow



Glow in the night

Glow in an embrace



Embrace shadows

Embrace a smiling face


Face the fated look

Face of the forgotten


Forgotten midst the dance

Forgotten in a trance


Trance encounters

Trance of the tearful vassal


Vassal examined mustard

Vassal lifted chains



Chains clung to branches high

Chains of silent sliding software


Software slips again

Software slings data


Data distributed

Data disturbed


Disturbed dreams

Disturbed dustbins



Dustbins full of schemes

Dustbins duty bound


Bound across the aisles

Bound to forgotten smiles


Smiles in fleeting smoke

Smiles of shadowed eyes


Eyes of stars

Eyes in weeping mirrors


Mirrors reflecting sighs

Mirrors cracking


Cracking ice

Cracking eggshells


Eggshells white

Eggshells forest bathing



Bathing beauty

Bathing in the afterglow



Afterglow gathers no moss

Afterglow weathers the storm



Storm surge

Storm breaks





 This is a Blitz Poem Plus because I have trouble stopping once I start. It has a couple of extra lines. I selected Afterglow from line 49 for the third word in the title.



Muse in Night (The Snowy Pagan Museum)- a blitz Poem

Snowy Pagan Museum

Snowy Pagan Muse


Muse sees umbrella

Muse hears rain

Rain falls on cat

Rain falls on pavement


Pavement ends near

Pavement ends far


Far to go

Far on the horizon

Horizon stretches far and wide

Horizon stretches to the sky


Sky low

Low branches bend

Low branches weep

Weep no more

Weep amongst the cauliflowers

Cauliflowers grow quickly

Cauliflowers gather thickly

Thickly stalks the crowd

Thickly moves the shroud


Shroud the statue

Shroud shadowed trees

Trees stretch to the sky

Trees watch birds flying high


High above the trees

High amongst the clouds

Clouds cling to moonlight

Clouds dance with wind

Wind winds through mountains

Wind wails over the hills


Hills over the way

Hills in misty dawn

Dawn breaks

Dawn draws near

Near the heart

Near rambling way

Way too far

Way of the crane

Crane your neck

Crane flies above the moon

Moon rises

Moon wanes

Wanes the song

Wanes the night

Night creeps between streetlights

Night butterflies ignite



I became acquainted with Blitz poetry by way of The skeptic’s kaddish . An example of a Blitz poem by David [ben Alexander]  can be found HERE.

As an experiment, I started the poem with a phase grabbed from one of my Dada word salads ( not yet reconstructed), and  just let it go from there. The open stream of word association lends itself, amongst other poetic moods, to surrealism, nonsense/ironic, and/or children’s poetry.