Seeing Spots Before the Eyes



Same old song, I know you heard it,

Many times before.

Why does life in poverty seem so much like war ?

Just make sure you’re careful,

Where you place your feet –

When it’s the last tango on 16th Street.



Some of them don’t see so good when they leave the bars

Talking loud and ugly –

Step in front of cars. –

If you’re holding valuables, it pays to be discreet,

’cause it’s the Last Tango on 16th Street.

– Last Tango On 16th Street

performed by  Boz Scaggs

“‘Last Tango on 16th Street’ is a poignant portrait in a late night stroll through San Francisco’s Mission District, the city’s oldest neighbourhood,” Scaggs tells Rolling Stone. He calls the song “a picture of its rhythms, its contrasts and colours in high focus” and notes that it was “written by a friend and fine, great S.F. songwriter, Jack Walroth, who’s lived it for many years.”

Rolling Stone February 2015