Asemic Greeting Card – Cubomania

Salutations ! Avoid quiet conversations….. Always turn off Sousaphone and increase your slab. A little bra avoids the traditional temporal Sous Brass and relishes it here. Something is transcendental if it plays a role in the way in which the mind “constitutes” objects and makes it possible for us to experience them as objects in the first place.

Enjoying the copy of the Categorical Proposition Equation & Cubomania Codex of Saint Cumebyah. Look forward to seeing you at our next Cordillian !


this is where Kitka sits – Flarf Twitter poem

While checking links, and exploring literary terms, I came across Flarf Poetry & Google Sculpting. These more recent poetry forms & poetic techniques derive from found poetry, collage poetry, and cut-up text. The distinction is that sources & methodology uses the internet search engines to discover text.

For the following composition, I selected lines from Twitter posts that showed up from those I followed, combined with those found by using random word searches on Twitter.  Some lines were in other languages & went through some translation(s) using software.  The finished piece is not very Flarfy, depending on how strictly you follow the definition (see links above to go down the rabbit hole & use this link for examples) .

I selected  some of my asemic collages & oven pan abstracts as accompanying illustrations.

Over the past week,

we’ve learned a great deal


the lone source

of every copy of this image

on the internet…….



The sequence of events makes it clear:

Beds, blankets, shelves, tables, chairs,

corroded ottomans,

Ghosts on a Tree…

but this is where Kitka sits.

My friend needed help getting over the fence,

because things like train tickets

are not meant to last a lifetime.

Clouds gather over the teapots;

it seems there are many broken things

this afternoon.

The table in front of the window

fascinates me so.

It’s like the frying oil

poured into the flowerbed.

The great endeavours are naked.

The same is true for literacy.

When I was in danger of Life,

I didn’t think of those deleterious details.

Now – I think of Death in its Entirety,

the End of Everything,

or the Return

– if you like –

in a form that

– no, I don’t care for strudel –

when you think you see glowing eyes

looking at you at night,

you wonder if it might be a wolverine.