mixed asemics 1-3




I’ve been experimenting with blending collages, asemic compositions, and photographs, and then applying a variety of visual effects – pushing deconstructed text and asemic art into what I call expressive abstractionism & revealed  oblique existentialism. The compositions are, at least, aesthetically pleasing/interesting absurdist pieces of transformed text.

Dadaist Collage Prose Poems: Mastodon Sequence

As an experiment in both Mass Media Principles and creative writing constraints, I have been composing Dadaist Collage Poems within the limitations of Mastodon Toots(text-posts). A Tweet has a character limit of 280 – which works well with micropoetry, such as haiku, senryu, and tanka. A Mastodon Toot has a 500-character limit, which allowing for hashtags provides for a longer composition.

Each Mass Medium has its own set of codes and conventions. When you choose to create within that medium those codes and conventions become an implied space that provides both possibilities and limitations to the creative process.  The number of characters constrains the word choice, as does the choice whether to include hashtags. Also, the layout of the  public post is slightly different from how it appears on the shared Timelines of the users’ accounts – in effect, creating different visual configurations for different target audience.

****NOTE: Images used in this blog post were from the shared Timeline Toots. Click HERE to see them on my public Mastodon.art site.

The text for the poems was acquired from a Random Word Generator and bits of word and phrases from an assortment of online articles. They were then processed and edited within the constraints of the Mastodon character limit. So far, I have composed three of these Mastodon Dadaist collage prose poems.





Map of American Gun Laws

In an Alternative Reality, with an Alternative History, American_GunLaws wouldn’t be such a recurring issue. This absurdist deconstructed text of a map would not be such an accurate depiction of American gun restriction laws and contradictory attitudes surrounding them.

The above was originally posted on Mastodon.Art – links connect to Mastodon social media platform.


From the blog,  Envisioning the American Dream:

There have been more mass shootings so far in 2022 than there have been days in the year ~ 27 alone have been school shootings.

Today is day 145 of the year, and the country has already experienced 213 mass shootings.

Two hundred and thirteen such attacks in 21 weeks. This averages out to about 10 a week.


glipnitch in sognifs


A Blitz Poem (??)


glipnitch over glipnitch

glipnitch under glipnitch


glipnitch for sail

glipnitch in sognifs


sognifs under sognifs

sognifs forged sognifs


sognifs fizzed glipnitch

sognifs transformed tilt-jabs


tilt-jabs leave boats

tilt-jabs phased tilt-jabs


tilt-jabs over glipnitch

tilt-jabs congeal contfruntches


contfruntches flutter sognifs

contfruntches sognifs contfruntches


contfruntches glist glibnitch

contfruntches tilt-jabs chesfrunks


chesfrunks glibnitch chesfrunks

chesfrunks congeal chesfrunks


chesfrunks sail goats

chesfrunks flay skesfrupchitz


skesfrupchitz slay groats

skesfrupchitz conflate skesfrupchitz


skesfrupchitz inflate sails

skesfrupchitz tilt-jab chitzrupskers


chitzrupskers malign chesfrunks

chitzrupskers magnify chitzrupskers


chitzrupskers glow groats

chitzrupskers flow zrupterchulzt


zrupterchulzt inflate skesfrupchitz

zrupterchulzt glibnitch zrupterchulzt


zrupterchulzt glist sognifs

zrupterchulzt sognifs sreksruptzetters


sreksruptzetters sognifs glibnitch

sreksruptzetters tilt-jab sreksruptzetters


sreksruptzetters glibnitch glist

sreksruptzetters zrupterchulzt tzlutjerchtruper


tzlutjerchtruper glibnitch glow-groats

tzlutjerchtruper sognifs slerkrouphjethers


slerkrouphjethers glibnitch flow

slerkrouphjethers flower slerkrouphjethers


slerkrouphjethers chesfrunks flowers

slerkrouphjethers glist-over chesfrunks


chesfrunks flow glibnitch

chesfrunks glow-groat sognifs


sognifs sail glibnitch

sognifs glist-over chesfrunks




No gluzxltches were mihgfizjyilexed in the composing of this Blitz Poem. The spelling & grammar software is in the corner pitifully weeping & gibbering a glibnitch over slerkrouphjethers in a glow-groat of chesfrunk tilt-jabs.

conspiracy poetics ~ Canadian Zoltz’ahs Legumes

Those unreadable Liberals are putting Lyonessian microchips in the election terminators to control our captivated children’s ephemeral thoughts! #ephemeralthoughts ~ fallow fields of fallacies

Those hoser metonymy New Democrat bibliophiles are using tenacious robotic tardigrades to catalogue our ear lobes’ chaotic catharses !!!!

#robotictardigrades  ~ canoodling Canadian Canaries Cavort in conjectures


The Dadaist Wiring Vaccine was developed by The Peripheral Existential Otherhood to implant magnoliaceae into patriotic ingeminated American bashibazouks to maintain Canadian Mosaic Motif Hegemony!!

#CanadianMosaicMotifHegemony ~ Babushka Battles Belligerent Battalions with Metaphysical Powered Pierogies – the wind slices the sky

Giant organic powered lasers from Aldorria Del Joiry are being used by the Decretal Terrigenous Illuminati to light enormous skald fires, so they can build a high-speed dialogic dustbin phoneme pants emulator!!!

#dialogicdustbinphoneme ~ daily delights take phosphorous flights of phantasmagoria

The Deadly Pompadour Loup-Garou Gang are gathering to distribute Laotian Lactation Debutante Lotion in order to launder Canadian Toonies in indiscriminate decimation of  the #Mythosphere‘s  Metamorphic  Mirrors!

The National retailer, Lingua Franca, is using the asemic names of its picaresque particulate plagiarizers to capture and polymerize infants for the Pindaric Conspiracy!!!!!

Chrystia Freeland is in cahoots with Renée Adorée to genetically modify our Canadian cinematographic hinterlands so William F. Gibson can conjugate everyone with an enhanced Neuromancer!!!!!!


This Canadian version of  Conspiracy Poetics is derived from MAGAlibs For the Whole Family. My other inspiration comes from Brian Lageose‘s Past Imperfect fables of an alternative Hollywood. Make sure to see his  Crusty Pie  March Madness Posts for absurdist satire.