Dadaist Collage Poem 35B2

Here the national ants tremble in the darkest earthquake of the city –

To warn of sleep, fill in the tools.

The Vernacular Sissy seeks selections of radishes,

resilient to residential radiation


frugal squabbles


disaccreditted unswabbed

rutabaga ghosts.


þabihaṣli ðsarnhaoi

saucier diviner attorn bugbearish believers.

winter parking – asemic snapshot & commentary

This new slipstream of information is a historic revolutionary masterpiece. Computational genomics mixed media sculptures vying to become gender-neutral, behavioural and molecular cues quickly determine who will win ~%^<~/ presence of archetype infers historic revolutionary masterpieces have turned into the telluric smile fraying of the gesture of pure vector pellmell spennella & thorax equations on a societal level. Gesture coniferous tree hours; Fiery atomic gesture each -/^~%~ E and index Z.

Social distancing young family

takes child & dog out on frozen lake;

trees cling to white shoreline,

pencils on paper.

This often thin cornerstone >>~ for every infinite window’s latchkey-note before memory or codes & conventions. You mirror mass media – vagrant tears reveals scissors to seduce inner alliterative cortex messages. Revolutionary masterpiece of interiority confer confirmation status on winter parking lot & apartments above snow boughs; Of allusions of Indigo sapiens heralds constraints configured by platypus hallucinations in a societal context of mass media literacy ^~ flame temptations as an offer of text before us in shapeless Violin Celsius Configurations – consider the I-textuality. It addresses in everyone the basis of chocolate spice spirituality///^~ It unravels, showing us a ghostly spectator almost sleeping in the expanding orgy of postmodern quantum engineered structuralism; What a revealing of the intuition of modern pantheism!! Corpus in us, the telling uric freedoms, that this total tray afterglow golem spire exceeds in galactic circumference. Of which the artist is critical colour; A sleep explosion caresses the social confluence at miles of climate apotheosis –

a day of ice fishing,

pulling lines,

cutting wind.

And myriad game //skill set<~* Every day reveals heterosexuality complex down mirror and draw-pellets. All Letter’s Pumps and our revolutionary mileage z/tin always in seed pods working mode. Walking past the still vehicles in search of health, fresh cold air, and the sound of squeaking snow beneath boots. Some have snow shoes. Sapient Similar river runs neural paths between root system synchronicity & sleep paralysis as a metaphor of political agendas in conflict with metatextual metamorphosis & divergent weather. The game goes on *~This is a master of pieced derangement. Is it necessary to take the case of a medium-sized plant? Paralyzed by traffic, Buttress yesterday’s mirror – the transit parabola is intuitively dangerous, Lugematud kurgid, because he can not see in kastenbos developed practical visual journalism & photography skills.


Computational genomics mixed media sculptures, and quiver scar scabbard figurative sheath prejudice

o ^>~ This measured message does not apply.

Because it is reflected around the tree //<~ acquired unique perspectives on the trade craft of Cosmic Span. At the same time, the public must carry out gas-fired ossification – check phones for security alerts & photos of trucks, cars & apartment buildings basking in February’s sun. Carrying horse for our young intense spirits, who have been released in a spotted moon-landing iteration trance! The other is still sterile with the Thermopylae master.

Laughter in computational woods, dogs barking – the sound of squeaking snow beneath boots. This is a historic revolutionary masterpiece of slipstream of information. Some have snow shoes.


Asemic visual Poem 1


These elements were used to compose an animated GIF asemic visual poem that can be seen in the following Tweet.

Dadaist Poem: stereo stereo hippo hippo hippo

Hippo stereo Hippo stereo Hippo stereo an announcement

on the emergency broadcast hippo hippo channel,

Hippo stereo hippo hippo hippo hippo stereo.


The Dadaist poem and the images are a response to this Twitter post: