Reality as it was known and accepted

A Collage Poem about Collages & other Things



Fictive image replaced the staged image,

But the eyes don’t want it.



Same time, except for writing,

and time,

and generally,

decision time,

configuration time,





Reality as it was known and accepted –

wild eyes,

when it snows,

references sometimes,

abstract compositions

washing –

the process of making art ~

rather than the end product,

turns all entertainment into a blast –

on the fish farm.




Photos of all heights

confers with other cells –

The mind is constantly collecting content.



And what about other means of transport?

the sun has gone down,

mind is always below.

they are always blind.


making art

suggest layers of meaning


my eyes –

made from a variety of materials.



the individual components, the fragments

in another lake?

Reality as it was known and accepted,

makes new associations each time –


Upright shadows made with fixed panels –

Place them on paper, cloth or board.




the moon moves fast,

Text appears as a layer –

land is gone


made of coloured paper erections,

abstract pylons

in crêpe dresses.




Look at me, * said –

The possibilities build

low quality paper

secreted in a medium

to sublimate

the aesthetic element –

me and clay,

sugar stones,

Day Haze,

their original context,

the mind assembling,

reassembling –

Two Fogs

Two Frogs

Clog Frowns

Facing West/East



~ don’t talk about me/media-

use as art,

This is a cocoon.

Because a whole grain sandwich

Placed on paper, cloth or board


The image surface –


from the window


a flat (sur)face.



And lastly,

Collages, montages and found objects

Plan if necessary –

Life is made in time.



Process Note:

This collage poem came out of my response to A Quantum and Rye Sandwich by Naïve haircuts. I interspersed lines from a fascinating lengthy online article about the history and impact of collage techniques on visual art and poetry composition. Other bits were added, and then this Dadaist mix went through multiple translations & reassembling before coming back to English. I then took this composition, and revisited the collage article to further modify the composition.

The finished piece is a metatextual collage poem about collage art. Lots of over thinking, but time spent not thinking about the FluTruckKlan in Ottawa , or the tensions building with the Ukraine Crisis. Meanwhile, we are going through another winter storm that includes ice pellets and some freezing drizzle. Good day to stay in.

Collage Poem sources:

A Quantum and a Rye Sandwich

Heidi Reszies ~Scissors, Paper, Glue: Collage and the Making of Poems –

when the bell rang

The Memoir of Dadaist Detective

– Case 0a1 –



Studies show that people are not having saxophones installed –

from the Archive of The Forum for Being.


He rings the bell and explodes like a star –

He saw a large dying red star in real time – the pianist and the viola maker were surprised to see a lot of light from the star before it exploded in a fiery exposition of existence, a snail~shell turbulence.



A turtle sings,

a very bright star

expels memories-

along a development of pine trees and harnesses,

a collaboration of delicate dance~steps deferred,

which pathway now –

He studied and died,

Seen from miles away.

Use the same patience.




The strongest sousaphone I have ever had, exploded like a star at the edge of a black hole in a knitting circle – a cicada sonnet.

( see Reddit – Stellar Sousaphone thread)



Agenda –

How to sleep:

It takes more than a note to capture

lucid butterflies.



Eyewitness : The wonderful personality I had with the Matador Doormats – a quagmire of questions circling the purple enigma shades. It was fun at the time, before the poodle ripped the pillow open, stuffing everywhere, a cacophony of expelled foam pieces covered the bed – even a Sumo wrestler would have cried with a cha-cha grin.



viscosity is Genuine,

every time it rains –





Soap temperature is for relaxation or a good table –

many focus on the damage caused by the blast; remnants of previous lives have also been recovered. So many were lost when the bell rang.

NOTE: 1) The metaphysical layers of the music of Matador Doormats can only be experienced  in a live performance. Any recordings lack the subtle nuances, and could upset the mental health of some listeners.  2)  For Asemic Tarot insight into Case 0a1, please click large animated GIF.


researched amongst agonized – blitz poem

lineated research notes

lineated oblivion research

research – duration of atmospheric-river

research – primarily hazardous, atmospheric-river


atmospheric-river flowing through the sky

atmospheric-river like 25 Mississippis


Mississippis burning

Mississippi’s shouldered jetty


jetty slides into the log punch

jetty lurches towards our tangent


tangent attacks the wrong cue

tangent seeks sensitivity


sensitivity slides into tango-piano analogy

sensitivity seeks reinterpretation


reinterpretation detects moral venture

reinterpretation deflects charming episodic heads


heads struggle with road-onions

heads smell under bulletins


 bulletins dream-echoed

bulletins reckon mudslides


mudslides snatch the missing

mudslides overwhelming


overwhelming helicopter buzzing

overwhelming head buzzing


buzzing buoyancy

buzzing bees


bees’ bounty

bees’ stings


stings of curated pain

stings like hot ash


ash falls far

ash kisses hot coals


coals combust

coals like fiery cordyceps


cordyceps of coagulated shadows

cordyceps converging


converging torrents

converging fears


fears unfolding

fears igniting


igniting cacophony

igniting lodestones


lodestones obtuse

lodestones agonized


agonized promulgator

agonized admission


admission of guilt






Digital animated GIFs are modified  images from news services

See: Timeline(1 week) of British Columbia flooding (CBC)

Found poems in mashed up book titles


Found poems in mashed up book titles

(by way of Twitter)






The phantom tollbooth,

coming of age





20 love poems


a song of Despair,

George’s marvellous medicine.









with Kurt Vonnegut,












what remains,












The Lobster,

The Cricket in Times Square,

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas,


The unbearable lightness


being bridge