Dadaist Poem: tw)/it0cg g h j k~od*t


Lake the year –


evening matter of will

meets up situation

tu bells avais averti

thinking song-seamstresses;




Frozen plane and hit horse imbued

thinking in shake gaggle darkest ascot land –

it-it but know watchmaker.

Predict farmhouse argument


Elbow Macaroons Landscape


if how then

Much within.


g h j k~od*t


t0cg g h j@~*^T


Near have;

Knock kingdom woods punctuation difficult;

Out the seeping sleep

a haste hits –

could anything

forge this residual land;


h j@~*^T)”GW)0q/



Stopping choices queen material:

the little political stay

it is then here,

then my writer’s blockage

were mighty fronds –

musty sky village changed to united.


frapper le cheval imprégné j/;h –

Przewiduj argument na farmie ~

When thoughts fill house

How to- camel sauce,

Landscape will know.




Suitability farmhouse shakes

slipper patchwork wagons;

Willing land hit,

Hassle punctuation sits squarely isosceles;

Here queen darkest shake-city hands

To Bees warned sleep, fill tools.



Amach an codladh sáfa

amas skubėti hitai –

Knock kingdom has musty

thermos –

Let me be plain: the semicolon is ugly,

as difficult~as

a frozen residual lake; musty united;


Woods out predict into empty door-frames –

material landscape punctuation,

little sky horse formula of residual planes,

here wearied frozen choices –

myrtle army buttresses mulch knock,

could coil mailboxes better,

but thinking armature;

fie fireplace toads.

)0< I suppose this is a trivial matter but I do want to object to the maddening fuss-fidget punctuation which one of your editors is attempting to impose on my story ~


Near think situation…

stopping is sky meets bells –

warned stay political

see the if village house.


Here is a lesson in creative writing.

First rule:

Do not use semicolons. . .

All they do is show you’ve been to college.


Choices counter-argument.

Out scoot languages iterations

in schooner tangled land horseplay –

it predicted writer’s how-to meets counter-arguments;


Might thinking up writer’s woods –

sang sand it is soul house,

up the thought argument,

darkest when my languid pedestal bells farmhouse


stopping the bellicose evening nightshade –

watch/watch might even innings material off ten,

when ground changed slits themes.


Ernest Hemingway would have died rather than have syntax. Or semicolons. I use a whole lot of half-assed semicolons; there was one of them just now;

A political sock difficult cloud dance;

It hit the ore.

Yon chosèt politik dans difisil nwaj;

Li frape minrè a…….~/)}


Village –

situation could near little

where fill within lake

much united the matter sleep seams

musty queen’s triangulation;

The argument for subjective substation subjugation;

Yearly toenail transmission

and goat herding.

Changed matter a plane codex now know.



Think nightly moist needle

have hosted boiled eggs,

if they stay queen;

Have pepper-thoughts year

within kingdom semester groundlings.