Asemic Maps 33 & 34

The translation of asemic maps – a linguistic cacophony of coordinates and confused cartographic morphemes emptying into a confluence of depth curve onomastic elevation – metaphors with no syntagms.

calipers ready-

compass points ~ silent phonemes,

contour intervals.


Asemic maps 31 & 32

The Dreaming City was ever-changing –

streets into lanes, lanes into corners,

corners into curves, curves into shadows.

The City dreamt of roads that were rivers,

Rivers that were tangled paths,

branching out into the Skyline.



The Dreaming City was ever-changing –

The Skyline clinging to street signs,

like ravens circling secret seams of  the horizon –

The horizon a cantering staircase,

bound to the stars,

the stars, the hanging lace gown of the Moon.



The Moon sang languid lullabies, like a gentle rain,

Down on The Dreaming City.



The Dreaming City was ever-changing –

always the same.


oven pan abstract 91qb – asemic map

As I was working on this composition, I realized it included some of the codes and conventions of a map.  Keep in mind, I create these pieces by digitally manipulating and combining  close-up photos of worn oven pans and other metal surfaces. So even though I made no use of scanned text,  I managed to generate an abstract that is map-like in a number of characteristics – an unreadable map, asemic.

NOTE: I have posted a couple more Asemic Tarot cards on the new blog. Not sure if there is a glitch in the blog-zone, but there was no response from visitors/followers. I’ve noticed that on occasion, posts on my other blogs will go invisible  – sometimes I re-post, and other times they just suddenly become active. Let me know if things have gone spooky – never know when dealing with tarot cards, even the asemic kind.