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Harness the magi



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Picturing Corrosive Thoughts

When you go down deeply, you see many corridors, and pass your light. Only the black onion reacts to the burnt metal wind in the dark.

There is a deep roar for the rose, and the reaction – empty.


Striking Surfaces

Welcoming The Goddess,

The Saturated Inn begs

The Sand for forgiveness.

You must walk on this road.

The trembling of the forest reacts with the light.

Develop the light and spread the light.

Researchers have found avid azure images

climbing graphic revolution – Go man !

and so The Sleeping Surface of the dot bulb is poor.

– Silver or Dodo Silver ?

Antique Postcard Mystery Map #54


(%&)12@<Death is like a melting popsicle -?!12wq;

Watch the man wearing the plaid woollen sweater;

his viola has no strings.

The trees are visible.
Go to Virgo, laugh –

Soul is the same skin, straight as beauty.

There is no quantification at Crucible Station;



Dead love sleeps in your dreams.
You have no Waterproof elongated gasket.

The purple soul is steeping,

screams of your grace before a beautiful seal.
The long glamour of slumber creeps in here;
One sand Ò∫.
Skient§mΣZ loves his checkout tailor.
Skin Strings, Predviđanje skeeping tongues.
Who sees it ?
Pour the water slowly & weep.

Asemic Postcard: umbrella is spread into the hirake space

I can see this picture, but as I’m slipping between the leaves here with this mushroom & fern – the glass side of the aquarium is avoided – well, look how the umbrella is spread into the hirake space of this aquarium. It looks like a Tentacle. The Mystery of Life.

– Found in a Failed Translation