Sciemment Appetite:

simple and easy to define omnivore knowingly.


French Voters on Sunday

the first round (perpetual canon )

of democratic voices,

now it is saturated waves ……


ready to change –

the political system

of the Mourning Selection

moves away from the ocean.

Never mind Who – Truth

actually won more votes

in the first round.


Described as storming –

Front National

crashes against facts……..


Only recently –

culturally/economically protectionist –

denied French involvement

rounding-up of Jews……….

waving goodbye, 

trampled petals

damp with tears.


Reminiscing –

dismissing the Holocaust –

as a “detail” of history.

The Devil is in the Details.

Reading rigid broken lines –

details seep through,

weeping birds on sighing wings.


Glancing at many British papers  –


would make us think

who is the victor –

the preferred candidate –

when in fact it looks like a shoo-in

for mixed messages

( Source Link )



……described as

simply culturally/economically protectionist –

she speaks of a clash of civilizations…….

angry waves- fearful ignorance

crashes on stony shorelines,

frothy teeth try to consume

smooth hard truths .


The tacit support

from rightwing press

alarming flights, fanciful fears –

for a fascist ……….


simply culturally/economically protectionist –

speaks of a clash of civilizations…….


angry waves of fearful ignorance

crash on stony shorelines,

frothy teeth try to consume

smooth hard truths .


devouring knowledge with ignorance, knowingly fearful.

An important distinction

between patriotism and nationalism

the waves hit shorelines

carrying voices of lost

travellers – refuge

a last gasp in salt water –

borders marked by shells-bones,

mothers’ tears, babies’ cries.

You can love your country

without it becoming

a racist anti-immigrant Party,

trampling fragile flowers.


Frigid beliefs melted,

exposed truth,

currents influence movement

it was possible –

today/yesterday/when .

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Very offensive topics.


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emergency cover.




Let’s take a look at the conditions……

Slightly heart, if you are open to the mood of the clowns on the other side of the door –