Asemic Travel Guide – a glass zburg

Asemic Travel,

Guide to a glass zburg – baroque,

complex fortress whines.


Sip sweet glass spirit,

formidable burgundy –

tearful tongue haunts lips.



Lined slips of paper ,

drawn to memory, hanging –

a formal curtain.



Translations travel –

Asemic Artifacts shift,

meaning lags, ferments.


Asemic Drive-by

This beautiful village is not the shadow of a person’s portion, but the Owner’s Voice.


Nightmare Master,

Can you do garbage?

As the helicopter comes,

You ring the Rose Bell when something sings.

There is nothing to this rest –

Just Dark Peanuts.

People of time, were they beneficial?

The era of fact is preserved in the farmer.

Is there an air prayer? Are you praying?



data dump here

watch for information trees turning

 j D  f  Q  & #Z 3 H L  ksa  FLow  Lwahs

Questions Rising

We are our jungle – I am your water,

of You,

Branches whisper.

The main cat inside you dies, that holiday recedes.

I am remodelling before Nightfall.




The Surrey with the Flange on top – admit ONE.


Under the tool mixer,

You are under the helicopter,

A man dies, a woman lives –

The scarecrow in the field

Weeps children’s laughter.




dips msilamrof  eGRuoCs

assume stanza




Birds Give

Thanks –

Grateful clouds cling to the wash-line,

Gears turn to face The Moon,

I respect the Goddess of a Dream Sleeping.



Selong Sleep – Memcon


Memconshort form for memorandum of a conversation


He saw his true love for the first time as she came down the hill, hips rolling to the rhythm of summer’s smiles. Fate watched the encounter with the eyes of a stone owl, as events drifted in the gentle warm breezes of anticipation and uncertainty.


Kakistocracya state or country run by the worst, least qualified, uninformed, or most unscrupulous citizens.


In such a state of things, to be accused is to be condemned—to protect the innocent is to be guilty; and what perhaps is the worst effect, even men of better nature, to whom their own deeds are abhorrent, are goaded by terror to be forward and emulous in actions of guilt and violence.


In the 1838 Memoir on Slavery, U.S. Senator William Harper compared kakistocracy to anarchy, and said it had seldom occurred.


The beauty also turned her engagement ring around for the camera to show she had sealed the deal. – a recent spam comment from a dubious source.

I thought,…….

Is the table-space a vase on Tuesday?



Caution –

I went to bed for the fourth blue.


Corruption Statute:

Bring foreign tears to the willows.

Gather up scattered facts,

strip them of context

till they are smooth pebbles

to fill empty voices.



Known champion.

Colour specification.

Please select stock.



I had to go to bed on the unsettled market.

I,…. I did. That’s it.


There is the first blue or another.

I chose to stay in the blue rain championship.

Did you see the market in the selected conflict ?



I am sleeping in a void.

I am rain.


Use it instead of thinking.

Selong sleep.


Spurs have sent their crooked ace back to his former club Roma for treatment on a hip problem. – a recent spam comment from another dubious source.


You are paying attention.



Have another Champions League.

I will price the feet.


Has it been blocked?


There are few monarch butterflies this year – severe weather patterns have disrupted their migration. Their absence feels like a broken ice shelf drifting across the summer garden. Hopefully they shall return,…….



You are paying attention.


It must be fair to take the first leg of the price of an empty Prince Bed.

Have you taken it?



Be calm in the green forest fair –

ask not of whispers slipping in shaded groves.

The owls have turned to stone,

as the wyrd weather winds through the sky.

Thinking of rain – cast the lour card.

Prince of another park,

steps along the path,

tears give counsel.


I know.

Before I sleep in bed,

I rain on Wednesday.


I warn you, as a sleep champion,

Collision Thursday, gap-gap.


In a festered rotary cut, two epistle bravuras to use to sleep seven – green thinking before rain awakens Norns.

You and the table.

This is the fourth truth buoyed to reduce sleep

– When you sleep on green, it is green.


I crossed the country in my dreams until now –

It is quiet.

Now, I will sleep in the forest in the next someday tree. The sighing boughs wait for hope to nest there.

elevated perspective

Raised, especially above the ground:

First of all it is not a discreet writer, but about the reality of numbers.

I will always drink Wednesday to sleep with you.

Life speaks.


Myth of a rabbit –

Look, there, beauty and fame seems to be in the news.


We are attached wines of society, the amount of wealth we are seeking.

We only have to pretend.

“From a fool, we crazy crazy”

– The existence of convenient lucky characters,… for many people raise towers.

Music Source:

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five II


Planet of the Texturians : A Giant’s Bones, Slow Carved Tears

Sins are stopping by,

the scales assume full-soul-song;

Tone’s justice is so.


Found in the ruins –

a giant’s bones, slow carved tears,

cloud -singers’ voices.


Expedition Transmission  # 1

Since arriving on the Planet of Texturians, there are few things stopping researchers from exploring the Lines & Words  that cover the great cliffs of memory. It is estimated by our chronologists that the scales of time are moving to the melodies heard in the cavernous halls of learning.  We must assume full-soul-song retrieval will require quatrain gene sequencing.



These Visitors  live in slow-time.  They flitter about like jewel-moths, blind to our  efforts at communication.  So excited by our minor arts – so deaf to tachyon cadence.  They will eventually recognize us only as ghosts . In the mean-song we record their soul-light into our archive-stanzas. It will add new inflections and metaphor accents for  future sonata-landscape chorus narratives & the staging of further docu-dreams.



Expedition Transmission # 5

Lost a second Team member – like the first one, they became erratic in behaviour, convinced that there are sentient inhabitants observing us.  Also claimed that the ghost of the first missing member could be seen/heard in the textual remains that we located on levels eight & nine.  There are definitely unusual vibrational levels when psychological similes readings are applied  to calligraphy scans. Temporal distortions may account for the variations without attributing any hyper-dimensional life-form activity.



The synthesis and lighting time – Home and roaming.


Deep angles cut air –

walking backwards, memory,

playful laughter runs.


This  fragile form swims –

currents twist in vague tear-tides,

so like a child’s laugh.



The last of these travellers from across the star-streams have finally arrived at some level of understanding.  No longer unaware of our reality level. Their joy-fear is very intense – will enter the weave-cycle in an effective resolution. Glorious glyph tragicomedies  are now being composed . Tomorrow we will present this in the melodrama-masque lens projection. Extempore fields will reach the outer orbits  of the star cluster.