asemic map 62


Roll in chocolate on diagonal sections

Roll in those cucumber pants


Pants tango on 16th street

Pants portrayed as a transition


Transition between Prussian Butter inlet atmosphere

Transition to portions of the poem


Poem portrays download

Poem also open to the public


Public may sound strange

Public birdcages across section lights


Lights provided an overview

Lights crawled with previous transactions


Transactions complete before the transition phase

Transactions added the diagonal section


Section secretion soils the tower

Section slathers ozone shakes


Shakes the juniper snail bones

Shakes throughout an unexpected woman


Woman wanders in a dual flow context

Woman whistles in origami sky


Sky over hardy smiles sings nose-tolls

Sky, Darkest as going orbit theatre


Theatre approval have the miles

Theatre pie signature


Signature bananas are inconvenient woods

Signature harness frozen hardy jam


Jam locates sound in darkest orbit

Jam the portal fraud


Fraud fumbles snow colleague

Fraud grumbles gamble scissors



Portal Fraud


NOTE: Absurdist Dada poetry, using a Blitz poem pattern. ~ If you are seeking the Secret of the Universe, LINK is HERE