Hand Wave



By accident, I activated my scanner with the lid open. Besides having clear evidence of how smudged the glass was, I was reminded that the scanner is a digital camera.  I then wondered how well it could capture an image of objects in motion. The results went from abstract to surreal, depending on the amount of motion & speed.

Attempts at cleaning glass were mixed.

A Noir Surreal Thursday: Philosophical Ponderings


Can a sundry misrepresent a spectacular?

 – In the grain responds the spray.


How will an incomprehensible track originate below a bread rise?

– Each dot mends taxonomic vectors in the void of vexation!


The centred pizza disappears without the shortest entrance the graffito advertise cumulonimbus conundrums in receding enigmas.

The monochrome precedent trips throughout an affect, outside the rarest road rises before the replicating radiant meiosis .

Peculiarly placed pyrites’ liaison smokes the concerned tree. A race coughs on top of its bare silence.



The engine pants behind a detached miracle as the chopped approval toes the line. However, a harsh prerequisite trips beneath this trembling taxi taxonomy.

  whisper in despair’s ear – emotional Noblesse oblige

A fuse walks unprovoked outside a praised parasol’s panicked parable. Remember, even garish galoshes can save limes !

A magnetic void dictates after the glory. A theft stocks a surface rainbow as The Lady washes next to a sulkier calibration bump – mixes public investment with a culture wars.

This has a higher magnitude of meandering than flamingo filaments flying in a fogged fancy – ballroom etiquette is no excuse for empty platitudes at the  sub-molecular in medias res indeterminacy construction.


Asemic J93 -The Hoarse Feathers Opera


Little remains of The Hoarse Feathers Opera, a German Expressionist Silent Movie (1923-5). The image above is artwork prepared for a movie poster.

The following scene sequence (Dance of The Hoarse Feathers) is all that remains of this remarkable piece of early cinema.



The film’s setting was Schleswig-Holstein, with an ambiguous time period. The plot & characters were derived from a fusion of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, Carroll’s Jabberwocky, and The I-Ching.

The following is a translation of the opening song from the libretto.



Biting the pink star letters

I know I love to write,

Oh to write!



Oh to write and work

many times!

Many times!



Many times,

Then One !

Then One!



Oh, tell your eyes;

therefore, Oh to write!



Then One will stop you, lobby!

Sleepy! Before this glitch?

Oh, therefore Birth of Beauty?


It’s easy to see what’s going on arrival.

It will start at irrigation

and the land will get out of control.



As a result, is the town itself a domain?

How long do you think

Sigma Joule will keep this going?



Many times,

Then One !

Then One!



Another transformation transforms

the molter krona fault

into a fertile desert,

rather than a kilometre of consolation;

Simply put, the Allied Territorial

construct recognizes domain shells.




Get a good night’s sleep

for two minutes.



I planted After that –

Gain-wain made a huge profit.

The extensible part is time consuming.

Farmland by the river -Sopping.

Click on e and Indus.

Aces ink’ s men died of crabs.



I have a gumshoe smile –

Oh to write and work

many times!

Many times!

Many times,

Then One !

Then One!


The music was composed for the tuba, saxophone, kazoo,glockenspiel hurdy-gurdy, banjo ,bandura and bandoneon. Here are pages of the unique notation used in the musical score.