Book Spine Poem: Death, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Book Spine poetry inspired by Gwen’s book reviews of mysteries. While perusing the sequence of titles in the photo, I considered the possible poetic lines. I then noticed that the syllable count works for a tanka, but required an extra line and a slight rearrangement of words in the third line. I started mining phrases and words from her review to complete the tanka,  expanding the mysterious narrative into two extra verses.  Attempted to use only words supplied in Gwen’s post. The finished piece appears to be an account of a murder of some sort or a change in social mores .


Photo and books reviewed by Gwen at Life, the Universe and would you pass the custard creams? .


The Shadow of Death,

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

marks Whaleboat House Mill.

After the Armistice Ball,

dredge up some dim memories…….



not so green day shuts –

thyme plant chimes tense thanks, my shock –

intense horror ride

when taxing times have changed,

as wife leaving a husband………..



Rest in peace Herbie –

now dead, thanks to my fingers…..

comes a little late –

I must confess, squeeze my eyes –

I picture this, really try.

Book Spine Poem: Moonheart

The Dreamer's Dictionary

Moonheart, The Dreamer’s Dictionary:

Ruby Slipper, Golden Tears

( meta-phrasal noun)

the consolation of philosophy

( see: post celebrity meme ).

The UnderPainter

( formal meta-textual name )

phoenix and ashes,

a mythopoeic expression,

transcending expressive-psyche,

creative meme transference

( see : Easy Enameling on Metal ).

Yes, They Can !

( affirmative existential declaration )

the echo of phoenix and ashes

heard when dancing


ruby slipper

golden tears

in Escher’s Ballroom.


Ruby Slippers

A jug of laughter pours upon the Moonheart, revealing the Dreamer’s Dictionary. Across the ballroom, gliding in ruby slippers, Golden Tears waltzes away her fears. The UnderPainter picks up the phoenix brush, dabbing it in his palette of ashes and the music plays on.

The Dreamer's Dictionary  2



Magazine Cover & Book Spine Poem: Traveling with The Dead

Traveling With The Dead1


The Watcher stands

guarding with frozen-silver eyes,

green skin twisting with

Tattoos through the ages –

beneath his feet

the Traveling Dead,

The Dog,

Go-Down Moses


Satan’s shoes.







           Life in a civil war, ….


of polite words

leaves you

Traveling with the Dead –

bitter winds declare



the Vikings

of broken promises

who ransacked your faith,

broke your heart,


The Dog-that-Wouldn’t-Be,

Red as Blood Whispers,

crouches before

Seven Footprints to Satan……….


         Great Expectations

         are devoured. 






Traveling with the Dead,

The Dog that wouldn’t be Red as Blood


” Go Down, Moses

Seven Footprints to Satan,

Great Expectations.”


Here ends the inscription found 

scratched on the inner walls

of the Temple of Kadath the Unknown

Only the Dreamer in Black Silver

knows  who left these words.

NOTE: Refer to H. P. Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle.