conspiracy poetics ~ Canadian Zoltz’ahs Legumes

Those unreadable Liberals are putting Lyonessian microchips in the election terminators to control our captivated children’s ephemeral thoughts! #ephemeralthoughts ~ fallow fields of fallacies

Those hoser metonymy New Democrat bibliophiles are using tenacious robotic tardigrades to catalogue our ear lobes’ chaotic catharses !!!!

#robotictardigrades  ~ canoodling Canadian Canaries Cavort in conjectures


The Dadaist Wiring Vaccine was developed by The Peripheral Existential Otherhood to implant magnoliaceae into patriotic ingeminated American bashibazouks to maintain Canadian Mosaic Motif Hegemony!!

#CanadianMosaicMotifHegemony ~ Babushka Battles Belligerent Battalions with Metaphysical Powered Pierogies – the wind slices the sky

Giant organic powered lasers from Aldorria Del Joiry are being used by the Decretal Terrigenous Illuminati to light enormous skald fires, so they can build a high-speed dialogic dustbin phoneme pants emulator!!!

#dialogicdustbinphoneme ~ daily delights take phosphorous flights of phantasmagoria

The Deadly Pompadour Loup-Garou Gang are gathering to distribute Laotian Lactation Debutante Lotion in order to launder Canadian Toonies in indiscriminate decimation of  the #Mythosphere‘s  Metamorphic  Mirrors!

The National retailer, Lingua Franca, is using the asemic names of its picaresque particulate plagiarizers to capture and polymerize infants for the Pindaric Conspiracy!!!!!

Chrystia Freeland is in cahoots with Renée Adorée to genetically modify our Canadian cinematographic hinterlands so William F. Gibson can conjugate everyone with an enhanced Neuromancer!!!!!!


This Canadian version of  Conspiracy Poetics is derived from MAGAlibs For the Whole Family. My other inspiration comes from Brian Lageose‘s Past Imperfect fables of an alternative Hollywood. Make sure to see his  Crusty Pie  March Madness Posts for absurdist satire.


Asemic Snapshots 143 & 144

Aerial Snapshot of the City

Through windows process & in custom~memory call~application.

Photographs of the city show the changes – blockades by the fearful & ignorant selfishly reduce commerce & community intercourse to an asemic cacophony. Paranoia of social governance fills the streets with irritating agitation – patience sits on exhausted sidewalks, awaiting the arrival of governmental brooms to sweep away the uncivil selfishness.


Trudeau plans to invoke Emergencies Act in response to protests: sources

Counter-protests grow, block convoys on 3rd weekend of downtown demonstrations

researched amongst agonized – blitz poem

lineated research notes

lineated oblivion research

research – duration of atmospheric-river

research – primarily hazardous, atmospheric-river


atmospheric-river flowing through the sky

atmospheric-river like 25 Mississippis


Mississippis burning

Mississippi’s shouldered jetty


jetty slides into the log punch

jetty lurches towards our tangent


tangent attacks the wrong cue

tangent seeks sensitivity


sensitivity slides into tango-piano analogy

sensitivity seeks reinterpretation


reinterpretation detects moral venture

reinterpretation deflects charming episodic heads


heads struggle with road-onions

heads smell under bulletins


 bulletins dream-echoed

bulletins reckon mudslides


mudslides snatch the missing

mudslides overwhelming


overwhelming helicopter buzzing

overwhelming head buzzing


buzzing buoyancy

buzzing bees


bees’ bounty

bees’ stings


stings of curated pain

stings like hot ash


ash falls far

ash kisses hot coals


coals combust

coals like fiery cordyceps


cordyceps of coagulated shadows

cordyceps converging


converging torrents

converging fears


fears unfolding

fears igniting


igniting cacophony

igniting lodestones


lodestones obtuse

lodestones agonized


agonized promulgator

agonized admission


admission of guilt






Digital animated GIFs are modified  images from news services

See: Timeline(1 week) of British Columbia flooding (CBC)

fibku: blue sky reflects



reflects –

trees and clouds –

clouds reflect on lake ~

how to drift down to those depths ?

only their tears reach.

Back in the day, when I was still teaching, I came across the poetic form based on the Fibonacci sequence, – the Fib poem (created by Greg Picus).  By itself, composing a Fib makes for an interesting cross-curricular  activity. Looking at the sequence,

1  1  2  3  5 8

I realized that you could blend it with haiku.  The easiest form would be

1  1  2  3  5  7  5 .

For this post, I went with this  sequence, staying with the more traditional topic of Nature/Environment. For more background & other Fibku sequence variations see my Dark Pines Photo Fibku Page.