it was Santa Claus


I’m not saying it was Santa Claus,……..



**************   Elwood P Dowd (James Stewart in Harvey)  **************


Those Universal Classic Monsters Holiday Movies

~ an Alternative History of Cinema ~



1) The Myrrh~Man versus #Frankincense


2) Castle Frankincense


3) Murders in The #Myrrh Morgue


Miskatonic University ~ Conversion Table

The Miskatonic University’s Department of Mathematics and Metaphysics has introduced an updated Conversion Table for students studying Non-Euclidean Metaphysics. In the photograph, Professor Nyles Howard Möbius is shown demonstrating how to use the table in solving equations. We are all awaiting his speedy return.  In his absence, Professor Vladimir Nyarlathotep Orlock is taking temporary Headship of the Department. A poster was created to introduce the Professor, and encourage students to continue their studies.

Photo sources: House of Dracula (1945)  and Nosferatu (1922) .

Asemic Cinema – Five Graves to Cairo

asemic cinema – five graves to Cairo


What has been blue for so many years? A champion’s mate, who has fallen asleep in raging negativity, will laugh motionless in the soft, fun air.

Is the vase lucky?

The needs of the heart can disrupt the rhythm: darkness;

To break the precedent, this yellow hat promises to be everywhere.

Heaven, but I sleep in every forest.

Calculate the standard?

frozen time.

How do great field astronomers grow? When is swearing funny? Interested in hearing about additional projects outside often in the engine? Nolan was not only happy but also angry.

You cannot collect the next star without his help.

The yellow colour is because an old theme in engine terminology corresponds to the echo of when water vapour is first absorbed by a celestial body.

Hold your nose before diving.


method of worship;

Open to remove old tattoo break.

Besides, that yellow hat is now for the fake swan…

The outer chamber is thickened.

What has been blue for so many years?


~  Any resemblance to legal arguments presented in defence of a former American President’s reluctance to return federal documents to the appropriate authorities is synchronicity at its finest.

Now for an important educational presentation.