Boy LOVES Girl – formerly Boy Meets GIRL


True secrets of Love & Romance:

Boy LOVES Girl –

formerly Boy Meets GIRL.


Comics’ psychology,

So it’s True – I’m going too,

something about this.


art can cure romance –

Boy ! true secrets of Love –

handle this with care….





Images using following source, cover of Boy Loves Girl # 25 – Link,  were created with glitch art process in combination of one of my loose collage scans. 


Dread Secret of the Realm Unknown

Dread Secret of the Realm Unknown 1


The Phenomena Inn Philosophy –

Welcome any Object,



Occurrence Perceived or Observed.


The Dread Secret of the REALM UNKNOWN……..

phenomena are the objects of the senses

Please do not remove from Inn.

Dread Secret of the Realm Unknown - Phenomena1

Each droplet a cosmos ,

Each Atom a Veritable Universe

Unto Itself –

Contrasted with what is apprehended by the intellect.

Make sure to sign your noumenon, or thing-in-itself , in our Guestbook !


Dread Secret of the Realm Unknown -An Ominous Presence1




Note:Inspiration came from  John Sapiro’s Blog  and in particular Walking on Green Velvet .

Doctor Strange is a Marvel comic-book character – see earlier post .

His exploits will presented in a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch.


Hey Mr. Peabody ! It is Bigger on The Inside !

When we last saw our intrepid  time travellers they had encountered something very odd in the distant past,……


Sherman Close-up 1


Hey Mr. Peabody ! Look what I found.

Hey Mr Peabody 1

What is a Police Public Call Box ? How do you think it got way-back here ?

Hey Mr Peabody - Album Snap1

Fauna can be dangerous. What do you mean ?  Is Fauna some girl ? Girls aren’t dangerous, unless they are Queens like Elizabeth the First or Catherine the Great.

Hey Mr Peabody 2

Lizards aren’t fawns. Bambi is a fawn. Godzilla is a lizard.

Hey Mr Peabody - Album Snap 2

Okay, I will stay perfectly still. Is that a special smart camera in your hand ? Looks like a funny pen .

Come back for the next episode when we hear Sherman say, ………     

Wow, it is bigger on the inside.

Sherman Close-up 2

…….. and Mr. Peabody say, ……..

Come with me K-9 .  Don’t call me Master.  You are far smarter than that Boy.







Hey Mr Peabody - Album Snap 3

Okay Doctor, I will stay perfectly still. Is that a special smart camera in your hand ? Looks like a funny pen. Yes I understand, whatever I do , DON’T BLINK.  Is the flash going to be bright or what ? …….

Angel in Shadows - Don't Blink
Angel in Shadows – Don’t Blink

– Gallifreyan Proverb –

~ Time & The Imagination


Both Implied Spaces ~




The Gallifreyan Book of Myths & Folklore :

  IT is said that some of the oldest  Time Lords mastered regeneration to the point where they could take any form, even that of the legendary bipedal canine race of the Omega  G-2TQ sector.



Jar of Dreams

Jar of Dreams1 fr



Glass Half Full-Half Empty fr



Jar of Dreams 2 fr


Off to the Sleep lab for further evaluation.

… To sleep, perchance to dream

– Ay there’s the rub. “

To Be or Not

Hamlet ( Act III, sc. I, ll 65-68 )

‘Did someone call me schnorrer?’

An individuated person can see that the `personality’ is just one of many possibilities, a mask even, that can be put on or put aside appropriate to the conditions which social necessity imposes on us.   – An Implied Space.


Sandman (Wesley Dodds), is a fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The first of several DC characters to bear the name, he was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Bert Christman.

Night Masque 1
Night Masque 1

Attired in a green business suit, fedora, and gas mask, the Sandman used a gun emitting a sleeping gas to sedate criminals. He was originally one of the mystery men to appear in comic books and other types of adventure fiction in the 1930s but later developed into a proper superhero, acquiring sidekick Sandy, and founding the Justice Society of America.



Night Masque 2 fr


Every night  I don my mask, just like my old hero The Sandman, and confront death.   When I was much younger, I knew nothing of Sleep Apnea . Strange how dreams can become realities – careful what you wish for, you may find it in your dreams and you better be prepared.