Mail from the Borderlands: Postcards of Sunrise & Tears

postcard1-asemicCultural Intuition – Convicted Civility

Beyond Cultural Intelligence


Innocence / Re-tolerance –


we want

Our Students of the Heart

to develop cultural sensitivity.



Community of Silence

hovers on the horizon –

People with Empathy

reveal different cultures


mistake Weasel Bears


Truth Tellers –





Beyond Cultural Intelligence,

Bitter Sweet Love

Made very painful,



An idea is,

sometimes with indole,



The pilgrim story writer (að þróa mikilvægt að ).


        Indolently, on the dole,

ID Them and not Me.

( echoes grow ironic roots)

Torrid Taiga brings news of Tears –

Liang Da sails towards port,

Al Manner, Viru-þ-jumu (Virtual Juju) Time.



Call the student travellers towards þ,

pluck it from the lion’s paw,

Maugli’s brother knows him not-

Marathi prints outer maps,

Tomorrow & Tomorrow

Treads by at a steady pace.



Helm mutters

Cultural Insights,

Offers Innocence aid, Áráumað .


I do not know if

we shall meet again –

perhaps tomorrow,

perhaps tomorrow.

Asemic Wall




For a number of years, I have been creating a variety of textures that emulate metal & glass. These were created using shots of different surfaces, rusted bins and worn oven pans among them. Using effects from Redfield Plugins, I have been able to create some intriguing surfaces and abstract patterns. While going through my collection, l realized that some of Strange Metal & Strange Glass series could be viewed as Asemic Writing. Some of these resemble cuneiform or hieroglyphs . This post presents some of those  compositions, with some further intentional transformations and additions.




Old Paper Asemic: Transcription of Radio Telescopes in Unknown Countries




The desert wind writes star charts on parched sand. Triangulations transfer particles’s particulars past the event horizon. Most likely to succeed in an unknown country, where memory has not been constructed on social media. Only bird songs at midnight and mid-day can be heard on this frequency. Please shut the door when you go.



The desert wind writes elegies in star dust.  Capture images along the democratic political social spectrum. Cluster particles at gravity well, where consciousness descends into awakening reality levels. Increase frequency range beyond Polaroid transfer parchment parameters.  Tears gather in terrarium triangulation field. Please accept our apologies for reality leaks, and watch carefully to avoid paradox puddles.  Note that the cactuses are blooming as you move down the path.






The fibrous scarring of the psyche is the totality of the human mind captured in the immune response to cosmic rays. Tachyon trails are left by experience – see outer edge of spectrum for details. Do not go gentle into the night-bird song, it is all that it sings, when crossing the bar. Break down full range of ego in a cosmological constant – allow for Dark Matter and transfer of Dark Energy.  Step on a quark, skip a moment in time perception. Please use the escalators, the elevators are being repaired.





In early radio telescopes, we had to tune into single, specific frequencies to watch for signs of molecules. Modern radio telescopes observe a large number of frequencies all at once, with computers dividing the frequency band into as many as several thousand separate channels that may range over tens to hundreds of megahertz. This innovation has changed radio telescopes from black and white cameras to full colour. (NRO Source Link)

Bureaucratic Zen Wisdom


Support the 200% consolidation of the partner sigma-stems.

Co-innovation to nasalize value .

Level it –

enallage allergen

alliteration enjambment.




Expand guileless infrastructure first.

Strategic management is still a big white horse;

As spectral class champions strong Qr lines,

Stand ionized metal first.



There are different kinds of aid –

control the behaviour of high sleep-sleep.

Big curve, orbit tangents.

Intrinsic luminosity, deep mead.




Scry ivy well, line restructuring of the cistern.

The key market for low-piece is useful,

while those people will create the dark centre.

Acephaly cellophane snares

Harmonic Hemistiche Hamartia .



See previous post for sources/links and background information about

Bureaucratic Zen Wisdom from The Book of Woo-who Zowie……






Bueraucratic Zen Wisdom

Regional infra structures to strengthen governance,

The hero is determined,

standard shift manager granulates.


Stream on the basis of the matrix, to force,

when possible,

The company that operational ionization buds –

grow fillips quarks.



Male compatibility;

Cutout of the help characterizes us.

Go Adonic structure.


Dactyl responsibility sand accelerates the company.

Expectations goal edge,

business luminal rises.

Activate contract adynation.


Bureaucratic Zen Wisdom from The Book of Woo-who Zowie. These stanzas may illuminate inner self or be used to open the mind to future outcomes. If outcomes do not materialize, look for the smile you had  before your grandmother was born, then join in the laughter.

Sources Used: Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete

Corporate BS Generator

Glossary of Poetic Terms

Astrophysics and Cosmic Engine Glossary