asemic postcard 98 with postage

Calmgrove (Exploring the world of ideas through books) inquired about what type of asemic postage would be affixed to an asemic postcard. I provided an example here.  Below is a larger image of this asemic stamp.

Note that Lower Lemuria is much more densely populated than Upper Lemuria, the cities are few, but very large. The surrounding area is made up of farmland, coastal fishing villages, and several significant ports.  Do not confuse Upper Lemuria with High Lemuria.  High Lemuria’s main denizens are cultists, known for smoking Smurfs, snorting Nyarlathotep’s Tears, and using dubious transdimensional inks for their tattoos.

For those trying to puzzle out Prince Caspian’s message, it was constructed from random lines found in the blog’s spam messages folder, and other online sources. Use the text below if you wish to attempt a translation/interpretation. Caspian’s political & mystical humour can be quirky & ambiguous, to say the least.

Yoh Bro,

Palmyra hive ter’mectin toxicity dog
bourremaria liquid iver~mec-tin’gha


~ Prince Caspian