Just a Face in the Crowd 2

Just a face in the crowd –

she waits for her voice to be heard,

while others fill-in her eyes

with their assumptions.


The Postcard has been Wired

Dear Glammy Gert,


Keep silent only with your thoughts,

the soul is so lonely, alone in winter.

Remember, that form is important,

but its function must be there.



Listen to Melody to draw out

distant echoes

of the Men who made

the Furniture Dance.



I tried to reach the farthest shoreline,

But the gloves were more than an illusion.

The chateau overlooking the frozen lake,

seemed to throw up a hand armament in amazement.

I will read more –

the train rides leisurely tracks.


Best wishes, next stop Veil Vale Village,

Your Polka Pooka.

“Trumpian stream of consciousness” is an oxymoron

Real Subtle Small smiles today;

nothing stops the music


the flinge-flail season,

when it is enchanting.

When you are attractive,

Hairstyle is the world:

please nurture a common love.

The terrible happening during sleep is not a green political strategy.

Built my philosophical era – erroneous incrustation crustacean convergence.

My Satya-aha before you, know now it-

think omnivorous blue.

War yellow stone colour clamors


clings to yogibogeyboxist steps .

A stone can love access –

or it is what keels before the aetheric action

internal to hypothetical assumptions .

Public cloud?

Aesthetic sunglasses?

There is more of this –

a delicate caustic deciduous decision dilemma.

Sometimes I express my words of war and sun.

This must be a waste weary worry wandering

~ And in the world conjoined by a fallen plethora of explanatory peloothered abstractions .

Society of the soauning glibsters –

taking blisterbob snapshots of what is presupposed



When this externality (of actuality ) is thus developed into a circle –

icicle hernias,

flounder on flower petals

in the quivering sun’s light.

Language attains on its own,

particular majestic manner


a high

intellectual development –

counterpontaneous discord,

dinner in the moonlight boughs.

One night, it is so strange

– Balloons,

then pernicious pumpernickel .

You are an orange.

What is a reference to ?

Solar medicine.



“Proof that participation in the air is going well”.

Who followed Luge opening ?


Juice mould –

jab a dewdrop full of dreams.

Do the Scribbledehobble data drum tailors see the quantity of used sour-dough-finagletropean impediment for participation?