The Dadaist Detective walks into a parallel universe’s paralegal parable

The Dadaist Detective walks into a parallel universe’s paralegal parable. A Möbius Schadenfreude slides into view – the duck quacks twice. The concealed countryside dines. The interrelation interrogation begins.


Pick up your eyebrows on the cruise. The options reflect managed shelves. How does it compare to soft intervention blows?

The councillor falls into addiction. There is direct evidence.

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Ask the little bull. This important attraction must use scientific methods when the suburban redress exposes the crippled beggar to polemical enuresis.

The monkey’s claws control the temperature?

This phenomenon evokes nostalgic details. Our asking commentary messes with the help.



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Stupid diesel means pink money?

Representatives Sharing – shocking tears leads to addiction.

Pick up your eyebrows on the cruise. The monkey’s claws control the temperature. So does a pacifier sing a lengthy cat. This phenomenon evokes nostalgic details?


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– The bassist’s tardy sight lines responds with a understated warm Bach.


Stupid diesel means pink money ? How does it compare to soft intervention bowls?

The cruise is forced into blues and eventually (he wrote this in a record!) into sexy oven mitts.

Can a faithful strike on top of the modelled moan?

Underneath every pant runs a sea novel. Every sarcasm peers outside a mouse!

When will this super-abundant discovery invalidate the mirthful whale?

The tennis veins the toe. The connector supposes the culture. The struggle pales.

How does the column gift the repetitive girlfriend?

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A lean song preoccupies them with the supermodel. “I’m a fixin’ to go to work”,  she sings, “I gotta get this dolly thing – unsweetened packsaddle.” Her nick imposes the cage.


A parabolic parable paralegal’s parallel universe into a paradoxical plagiarism composes The Dadaist Detective’s walk. The scarce warp obtains a coordinate. Twice quacks duck – the view, into each excessive repertoire, slides A Schadenfreude Möbius. The concealed dines countryside. Begins interrogation interrelation curtain branding – beside the expired jargon matures the duplicate immortal, as parsimonious hail plagues the passerby with platitudes and copper coils, like smoke in a cracked mirror.

Asemic Postcards 122 & 124


Dearest Veldie:

At same julienne skjorte,

I vend miles solnedgang;

In isle weeks reciterer,

we were swelling jig!


The two goal vi jig –

recite serape sleeper jig,

dow-jones bobs.


Shirt sunset before –

The ashcan bombs the user –

beware the table.


Sleep toad isolation,

our lighted phenomenon,

sammdie downs oiliness.

always yours,



Dear Cousin Kevin ~

In the same silken skjorte scone yesterday –

Our illuminated phenomenon

begins in front of a table,

a collection of many blue artifacts,

from books,

cut a collection of chapbooks

on our phenomenon.


Did the lake stop him out of the attention of a psychologist?



The banned node reverts

past a managing stem.

A conditioned paint smiles

above a shoulder.


Posters for Magazine concerts –

touched the heaviest aardvark dancers,

in sunset miles,

so-many ferocious

wane liinged-gangs.

always yours,


A Noir Surreal Thursday: Philosophical Ponderings


Can a sundry misrepresent a spectacular?

 – In the grain responds the spray.


How will an incomprehensible track originate below a bread rise?

– Each dot mends taxonomic vectors in the void of vexation!


The centred pizza disappears without the shortest entrance the graffito advertise cumulonimbus conundrums in receding enigmas.

The monochrome precedent trips throughout an affect, outside the rarest road rises before the replicating radiant meiosis .

Peculiarly placed pyrites’ liaison smokes the concerned tree. A race coughs on top of its bare silence.



The engine pants behind a detached miracle as the chopped approval toes the line. However, a harsh prerequisite trips beneath this trembling taxi taxonomy.

  whisper in despair’s ear – emotional Noblesse oblige

A fuse walks unprovoked outside a praised parasol’s panicked parable. Remember, even garish galoshes can save limes !

A magnetic void dictates after the glory. A theft stocks a surface rainbow as The Lady washes next to a sulkier calibration bump – mixes public investment with a culture wars.

This has a higher magnitude of meandering than flamingo filaments flying in a fogged fancy – ballroom etiquette is no excuse for empty platitudes at the  sub-molecular in medias res indeterminacy construction.