Asemic Tarot 9 – T gets close

Divination is a difficult supposition,

but the train lines are strong

when the cowboy sings his song

and out the rusty bell rings.


There are many things,

watching a silver penny,

soil shadows bewilder.

Cat purr dozes in splendour,

as scissors cut paper sky

into a convulsive commode calliope.


big tea gets close,

gestural gestation genuflects,

crystallization ensues,

quest onions rise,

boughs belch,

lotters well up there –

come over-pumped and antepenult.


the uncurtailed go –

becoming also total bibliophiles.

mateship clumsily consigned

to collage containers of etaerios sneeshans.






Asemics for Personal Requests

For Personal requests:

Byzantine prayer –
Competition of faith,
Floating plants and their bones.

Over there,

A Secret community –
A collage of statues,

razor sneezes on a container.
Look at pump and amp.

That mysterious extinction called Rice Lambasted –
The boy runs to the water;
It must be dramatic and interesting.

Rivers – no black clothes, only clouds!

They are all unbroken, yet still difficult to recognize.

Non casual go subtle winds –

weeping pages seek
Collected libraries.