Asemic Holiday Postcard 2

Wish you were here – life is meaningless without you. Remember,

In the evening,  rectangular ozone strands danced

as deep bamboo flowed
Stopping now the contraction of the roots of the Flying Forest;
Bell and Beetle.

Flakes sweeper – sispann fè sa rasin skarabe
pwodiksyon capers,
stánky procession of wings.
Ochre bone –
Mix between
Informal ears.
Photons, after the darkest night, freeze –

Brouků moderní produkce kostí.

If you are not who you say you were, please ignore this message.


Asemic Holiday Postcard


Having amplectentem eum virtutis nerveux !  Today we saw the preservation of order in disorder and of system in confusion – very елаборат, богато,  hyper-složité diagramy, které podrobně popisují všechny pohyby pentimenti nebo mysli.

Wolfgang visited his theatre during the vacation – Uning quloqlari juda katta edi va boshidan turdi. Jag kanske adopterar bort dig snart, puss!  Errukizko aberastasun hori, zu bakarrik zara? Dawb nees zaum saum cov kaus monsoon triage uas ploj tshaj plaws! Cia li hloov cov kaus poom ntawm cov nyuj tshaj nyob hauv rotundra.

As ales way,  Willibald Girke, Detectif Prive.



Asemic Snapshot – Horses at Play

Thorses – an asemic play

Scene ^aghast

Scene opens with tango music playing.  The music fades away. The Tourist moves across the stage & takes an instant snapshot as wind whirls discarded advertisements in the air. Taking the print, s/he passes it around the audience to write on it in the languages of their Great Grandmothers.

The Tourist then reads the words as a Dramatic tragicomic  dramatic monologue. A Contortionist & a Tap-dancer improvise motions to the monologue. When done, they exit to the sound of playful horses. The audience is now free to take as many selfies with The Tourist as they desire.