Antique Asemic Postcard – deconstructed religion

Uma better say they received the Past Ham.
Guardiola, those world elves, they are submerged in the choice of the chosen.

The sleeps are light in the self-isolating months – two later Cheetah choirs sing of tear gas & neck holds; Tartarus an upper-echelon god, with Chaos and Gaia, returning to us nothing that we had taken. The likeness of Law & Order was nothing more than an inverted Bible, without candour – just mourning & masks casting shouting shadows on darkened windows.


Did you know that 100,000 people died in the Great Plague of Marseille 1720 ?



leaving people more confused than how you found them

I forgot to lie,

In a presentiment of ingratitude.


From outside, smiles

that mine great moments –

The smoke is so deep,

so deep.


Do you think that love is real /

My soul is so deep in sleep –

What you do –

go alone.


Can’t you see

I owe or you love –

I say it is to find

silent answers in the shadows.


In tenement forests sleeps

the heart,

to listen outside,


That music

is broken glass

on the pavement .

The smoke is so deep,

so deep.


Also that immense heart,

that if only,

if only –

Timbre, trembling, falling, failing,

if only, if only,

to know, to know.


It insists you want to choose.

My tone becomes more lost,


sleepy with fatigue,

just broken glass

on the pavement.


Privilege had that tone

before the rising smoke.

The smoke is so deep,

so deep –

leaving people more confused

than how

you found them.


Glibberish – poems of a Non-Mystic

broken washroom tiles on the floor –

there are no memories here.



Stained asphalt –

like politicians & business owners

discussing sand.



farfetching the verisimilitude –

pails of dung,

towels hanging in the dead branches,

how lovely – laughter.



sarcasm injections – tree bark,

the house cat ran across the road;

the street lamp flickered at dusk.


winterkill, the lawn is grey-brown –

selfish shellfish squander stew-pots.




boats need painting –

what do I care ?

the windowpane is painted white.



segue waves stitching sequins –

squirrel jumps to next branch;

the truck had a broken muffler,

just look at that shingle shack.


puss peeled potatoes –

rust crumble, sharpen the pencil;

the fence post is shifting.


pockets of sockets –

the old man went up the stairs,

light the candle with moonlight –

muskeg makes for difficult travelling.

crevice of chocolate –

bring it to the laundry room pronto!


the umbrella is by the boots in the hall –

beehive hairdo, bus leaves at noon,

you call that a pumpernickel ?



polish the brass doorknobs-

take out the garbage before

it starts to rain –

dog collar blues in the attic.



shoe fly pie –

Do you want mustard or dill?


gloat if you must,

goiters and peaches in the air –

answer the phone

or grab a gunny sack.