Asemic Postcards 90 – 92


Asemic Tarot Cards 50 & 51 : Conjoined Reading

Seeking a gentle introduction to bits and pieces of pure gesture: conception & avocados –

agenda of synchronicities

divulges pancake’s eyes & velocipede’s ears.


An attempt to systematize roasted asemic horizon lines on phonetic razors with asemic onions:

seek the green leaves,

ascend the blue bureau of statistical anomalies,

a phonograph, a solargram, and a rotary dial

stroll on by.

A recursive definition: theory is the fractal theory of generic infrastructure streams threatening to coalesce into duvets over the glass rainbow & through the looking glass eye mug –

Irises open to view eyrie.


  An asymptote ash tree horizon,

hovering above, dazzling shadows,

jazz tap dancer’s sequins –

under night’s shroud

coal fire eyes strode,

slurping fireflies.


As theoretical coleslaw approaches hypothetical dreams of the entire world, grotesque grovelling situations becomes suppressed in prose poetry’s hyper-structural rom-com.



Pure gestures can be understood

without meowing pedestrians –

pretty paws crosswalk

in wine-hall’s fluttering lids

that stare out at revelry rose petals.


Asemic Twitter Screen Capture 2

Here is another experiment in deconstructing media text & applying the principle of necro-media. I took a screen capture of a couple of Tweets that showed up together. I mixed in some asemic text, and added a border using the famous  photograph of Edgar Allan Poe.

New context combines with the broken codes & conventions to leave the viewer to decode this informational structure using vaguely recognizable forms to generate meaning in the composition’s implied space.