Asemic Maps – Poetry Twists 1 & 2

Piper sit thee down and write
In a book that all may read—
So he vanish’d from my sight.
And I pluck’d a hollow reed.
Little Lamb who made thee
         Dost thou know who made thee
Gave thee life & bid thee feed.

~ from William Blake’s  SONGS OF INNOCENCE  ~ 1789

Pilgrimage to the Shopping Aisles

Pilgrimage to the Shopping Aisles

~A Dadaist Ode to Dadaism~


Gnosis of the Noesis,

Poetics of fwg}]}/}-litotes,

Pilgrimage to the Shopping Aisles

Almost at the same time, Scribble.

The darkest Titan grows by itself.



The Brass Ships,

like over-ripe cucumbers,

sail along the horizon line –

old men remember

when the dirigibles

swayed above the steel steeples


the silver glass of green cities.





Almost, they are pretty rare

to raise the speed limit

for safety ; afw]]]]]] ~Meiosis*





I’m trying to respond;

the yo-yo string is broken.


From Dadaist –

keep a close eye

on the frozen concept

of connected art

between Technology & Oneself ~{}

Horseradish & Liverwurst.



Thus by the very law

which might create freedom,

we produce bondage –

stamps & italics,

icicles & crisps.





Exercise almost at the same time-

meaning waits,

No impact cinema,

it must be intuitive.



Dadaist adopted this technique

in his experiments –

and between words,

between worlds,

in the gaps


anger can

actually be

a friend

in a Masque



Redefine the term ART.












Realistic moment,

There are challenges in cultivating art.

Rock, paper, scissors.


Problem is the only one again –


a kimono .


Redefinition of mountain asceticism –

whipped cream on pancakes .


Always present,


Diminishing Auxesis

wanders over hills & becks^*

Few know the ways to define it –

Rare dogs from the same village.


Still, always speak the same roots.

It’s blackest today –

bittersweet popcorn & perogies .



A longtime pharmacist

who focuses on freezing technology

in the night society,

looks like a Dadaist.




Probability of Time –

You can sing all through the shallows.





What the water learned to criticize:

Talents are not possible.

They are meant for

fermentation & jelly.

Let them know the concept of forest –

moss & fungi,

unicycles & papyrus.



abstract blend 12 – Lost Letters

Please write – do you still have my address ?

I’ve forgotten it .


The edges of brittle tape

corrode as they touch the destination.

Sand & Wind make for poor pens –

names, dappled sunlight,

rustle in the branches.


Salutations grow cloudy,

signatures depart

with the dew.