Surreal Thursday: 6 Surreals

Surreals – one line prose poems that express/describe a slipstream dreamscape reality/consciousness. A patacognition approach to composing poetry and  dealing with themes of Mass Media, communication, and internal and external environments. Various poetic devices can be used , including pataphors.

Slipstream Genre : A mixed/crossed genre that rests between surreal literature, fantasy literature, speculative fiction, and weird fiction.  More information Here.




Visualization of the surreal number tree.


hangnail: blank memory bank lost the thread to this poem – fingers can’t find the keyboard



GPS: looking out with blood ruby eyes – the crystal skull watches the children fleeing demoralized armies as the puzzled sasquatch pilots the #UAP over canola fields



the stonewall holds the garden tightly – bones of contention well mortared




better movie memory tips with Paper Clip Christ – includes Rapture – just $$$$$$$$$$$$$ 31.95





Marlene Dietrich merrily outpaces the breathless mathematician in a purple skirt – the decadent butterfly effortlessly descends on to the broken machinery as the optical lens is adjusted for the chafing light




pen slips down the stream of consciousness in a cummerbund of complexity, Mayor demands return of Town Pig, high school team wins roller-derby championship third year in a row – WeePiXi News at 11:00 #townpig #rollerderby