the magic tower


looking for words

tunnels seek the light-

carpel tunnel denial,

just drained, breath in.


I’ve caught up with the early part of the 21st century – now have a Twitter account. I’ve added a link on the sidebar, right at the bottom. While trying to figure the tweeting, I found some other photo bloggers who post on Twitter and have followed them.  Next thing is to figure out what to post and stay out of trouble.


January Winter – Aged Impressions


January ninth, winter now corrodes

memory with shifting weather –

The deep cold cracks open,

releasing a slow slide

towards mild weather, that drips,

drips, drips,

dripping downward

toward a pool of slippery

heaps, slushing away

to a false

sense of spring –



how raindrops laugh now,

where arctic breezes once sat,

what season is this ?