surreal forest – dark and deep


Pathlessness – dark, deep,

fairies’ weird wild forest home

bewildering knights


Many ogres seen

in seldom travelled deep woods –

long labyrinthine hours


Wayward villages –

wily witches dream-beguile

slumbering peasants


Doors lock, frightened bolts –

wind-wails drag distant shades near,

branches beckoning


Crossroads monsters wait –

here are strange cold clinging things

knights know before sleep


Promises kept – on far side of ever impossible forest glade.

Asemic Map 42: Designed forest -Velvety glow

Deep in the forest air, the green and yellow parrot that hangs in the cage behind the door repeats itself:

Designed forest -Velvety glow,

Body and spirit,

Stop here, please.

From ancient times, only one person could find such a forest, The Mapmaker of The Flexible Eyes.