Jabberwocky Cabbage Baggage

I discovered the WOMBO Art app by way of the Face in the Crowd Project on David’s Galoshes and Collages. The app is generative design  software that will convert words and phrases into intriguing images. I used Jabberwocky Cabbage Baggage to generate the above image, which I modified, and then added one of my photo edges.

Asemic Postcards 132-133

Dear Uncle Julius,

Do you need to merge?

The astral hypothenar work itself was to blame for the hyper-hypotenuse.

The body is revealed and finds its value.

  I think the meat has arrived, but I’ve come across sour cream and other metals. Perhaps, a better continuum would provide more sustainable beatitude tier data.

  Very cold here, temperature drops rapidly with a severe wind-chill at night, then bounces to above normal highs for a couple of days. Makes for a challenging Asemic Glockenspiel & Hurdy-Gurdy Season here in old Upper Spaltz-Byrthunia!

As always, Nephew Fishbane


Greetings Cousin Flexbalm!


  So the first medical treatment! There is noise inside – an error occurred; It happened. Don’t get me wrong, Druj~Hanghjir has the finest facilities in Lower Zenda. The Turquoise Towers were magnificent, but an existential fundamentalist constrains the displaced disguised archaism into the exceeding mythopoeic objective.

How do myths smoke?

  Towers of incredible design! Opus Turnare-Mit and the Distilled Spirit of Melancholic Radish Oil – a library of Spenserian Theatre of the Absurd that would take a lifetime to aesthetically circumnavigate.

The need to do so would fulfill a Waporson’s man’s dream.

 ~ In the dream, he says that they are his people. In the morning the old man went on a deep journey and made a soul bandage for his memory. A funny nightmare of a man who committed the last sin of post-perpendicular pointillism. ~

Anyway, it’s destructionist vellum in a pre-functionist narrative cycle.

  I will be heading to Zahmphosise in three days. Looking forward to seeing you, when you arrive for the Feast of Saint Jeremiad d’esprit.

~Your wandering cousin, Fishbane

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