Lucid Dream Cyanotype Compositions

Lucid Dream Cyanotype Compositions

~ A Dadaist Reminisces~


Dr. Bell mixes my heart shape with the coffee for the cyanotype in the middle of the week. This swirling lizard on my stomach – nothing falls in love with the seriousness of photogram shooting in December – Hoar Frost Developing again! Fortunately, the converted technetium pulp looked thin, when he metaphysically re-photographed the blonde with psychic metaphor emulsion. Her beautician will enjoy her aged astral healing mezzotints!



A person named Grok was playing a steam powered hurdy-gurdy, while a flock of Chupacabra Rex flew above the steeples. The camera obscurantist quickly sprayed upwards to the sky with a well-designed 6-pen double switch to escape the yogourt dream environment. There is no satisfying dream of bale-fire bananas – empty of appeal, like a comedic camera lucida cryptid cat-wheeling across a bridge at noonday.



The telegram arrived just in time for lunch, and a friend assured me that I was asleep, while I was working at the Wellington typography. It was just a scream … trees, boys, player pianos, parrots, and Gutenberg’s ghost – I’m slowly declining. Sandy, I have no worries about old-fashioned petrol arithmetic. I’m sorry to dream of this positronic phantasmagoria program. The same should be written without error or obstacles.



There is nothing better than getting out of bed, with Wise Beast augmentation surgery gathering on the city skyline. Looking out the window, the view was mesmerizing – Hang gliders launched from the airships – they spun like Fray Wray’s voice in the wind. An Evening Coronal doesn’t really help the idea of blue oatmeal at noon meal. Still, it proved to be a good day.

asemic postcard 125


Professor Phizzobe,

obscure game aesthetics –

all para-icicles and non-waves solarize,

It resembles instinctive hedonism.

Hedonism hurries

towards deep motion


the soft gums.

I hope you are well.

~ Johaene Dexter Ward



Professor Phizzobe,


Due to his study of idolatry, the furnishings are nice and sociable. Unfortunately, Ward’s confusion grows with each passing day. The November Moon will soon consume his mind.

I look forward to your presentation on the metaphysics of sour dough bread making.

~ Thadeus