the face that launched a thousand ships

A modern staging of “come back, little Sheba” was planned, but things happened along the way. The art director’s strange disappearance complicated things – the muffled screams during late night rehearsals left the backers disinclined to provide further needed capital, ah, that’s the theatre life….

exiting stage left –

these players are mere shadows,

watch, the curtain falls.


A minuscule mystery inspired by Claudia McGill’s posts.



neutrino correspondence: as the Summer-moss grows

A correspondence between two neutrinos discussing past lives


the nature of the Dream Stream Continuum.

I wanted to speak anise,

let it course through the blood.


You have it, you could have it in completely,

as the Summer-moss grows

next to the Roots of Memory.

It is the Forest that I believe in,

the past-people dwell there even now.


You openly shave dramaturgy

before a cracked mirror,

the monologue ended there –

toads tell of this ideology,

providing inner peace

at the Peach-pit’s quantum state.

The thousands more generate

the Miles –

Once in the Future,

arrives a dislocation of sensibility

weeping in dissonance.


You retrograde the resonance of remembrance –

More so, It is a forest,

where people believe

in hastened particles’ passions.

Feel the epigram taking flight now.


Morose Electronics,

maybe in a thousand wired forests

of the past participle,

come into the Heated Heart,

seeking Dark Habitats –

simultaneous departures .

Oblivion tangos across

dried leaves and torn pages.

I insisted on the case of the fundamental individual.

In a personal shaped energy, you have the heir synergy.
It could be from observations of youth.

I wanted that respect siphoning badinage –

metre’d adze azure for you.

Sold in Lives – these broken anapests.

As an agony of influence,

cracked casements of people –

Individuals, connotations of irony and generations,

figures scaling the dark chasm of ignorance –

their arms seek to encroach on stigmatic locations.

Create the predefined idea in rhetorical custom;

tense smoke hangs on the feathers of the clouds,

calling out like calliopes & cockatrices.

Seek acknowledgement and affirmation,

support from the diaspora of metronomes.

A lot of this –

More has another one.

Another generously than someone deep.

I have it regularly, you –

only those meandering miles of multitudes,

mulching metaphors amongst the canapes.

Understanding now the advantage of analyzing sleep –

Chronological Primitivism from the synapses,

especially since the particular practise of existential expounding,

grows a particle beard on distant stars.

Tantalizing those who sleep,

that had the diachronic lapse,

just grapes peeled beneath

the Moon’s capering caress.

They have to meet religion & the palimpsest paradox.


Note individual quatrains in quantum substitution –

the conditions were certainly ripe for rebellion.

Everything, I think, lies beneath the battlements, evaluated sleep equations, encapsulated in fairy rings & crop circles.

The future concept is to analyze –

an empty stage awaiting the next cue.