Asemic poem~chaotic lines 4

The rules in the preceding work


are given

in the usual form,




the examples are worked

in the usual manner.




if the student really wishes

to become a ready











He may depend upon it


He will thereby



Himself Trouble


The End.



Created using a number of online text, including “Elements of Arithmetic”  1830 by Augustus De Morgansource Project Gutenberg.

Reality as it was known and accepted

A Collage Poem about Collages & other Things



Fictive image replaced the staged image,

But the eyes don’t want it.



Same time, except for writing,

and time,

and generally,

decision time,

configuration time,





Reality as it was known and accepted –

wild eyes,

when it snows,

references sometimes,

abstract compositions

washing –

the process of making art ~

rather than the end product,

turns all entertainment into a blast –

on the fish farm.




Photos of all heights

confers with other cells –

The mind is constantly collecting content.



And what about other means of transport?

the sun has gone down,

mind is always below.

they are always blind.


making art

suggest layers of meaning


my eyes –

made from a variety of materials.



the individual components, the fragments

in another lake?

Reality as it was known and accepted,

makes new associations each time –


Upright shadows made with fixed panels –

Place them on paper, cloth or board.




the moon moves fast,

Text appears as a layer –

land is gone


made of coloured paper erections,

abstract pylons

in crêpe dresses.




Look at me, * said –

The possibilities build

low quality paper

secreted in a medium

to sublimate

the aesthetic element –

me and clay,

sugar stones,

Day Haze,

their original context,

the mind assembling,

reassembling –

Two Fogs

Two Frogs

Clog Frowns

Facing West/East



~ don’t talk about me/media-

use as art,

This is a cocoon.

Because a whole grain sandwich

Placed on paper, cloth or board


The image surface –


from the window


a flat (sur)face.



And lastly,

Collages, montages and found objects

Plan if necessary –

Life is made in time.



Process Note:

This collage poem came out of my response to A Quantum and Rye Sandwich by Naïve haircuts. I interspersed lines from a fascinating lengthy online article about the history and impact of collage techniques on visual art and poetry composition. Other bits were added, and then this Dadaist mix went through multiple translations & reassembling before coming back to English. I then took this composition, and revisited the collage article to further modify the composition.

The finished piece is a metatextual collage poem about collage art. Lots of over thinking, but time spent not thinking about the FluTruckKlan in Ottawa , or the tensions building with the Ukraine Crisis. Meanwhile, we are going through another winter storm that includes ice pellets and some freezing drizzle. Good day to stay in.

Collage Poem sources:

A Quantum and a Rye Sandwich

Heidi Reszies ~Scissors, Paper, Glue: Collage and the Making of Poems –

I cut Liquid Robots

I cut

Liquid Robots,

Singing Fish,

Chocolate Steaks



The Winter of the Freezing Gators –

Hydras regenerate their own heads,

Excalibur Worms !


Brain Chip

Otters Attack

Ventilated Venetians,

Scone Masons


When the Black Helicopters Descend-

Uncombable Hair

Vomiting Ants

Snow in Turin

Archipelago of Contusions –

A Flaming Devil,

Dancing Microbes

In the Maze of Mixed Vernaculars –

Underground Zombie Fires,

Creepy Jet-pack Robot,

Death by Banana Peel


NOTE:  Found phrases from Mysterious Universe News Briefs Headlines & Articles

posts liked – a found poem




Earth Is

Room Enough




This found visual poem is a screen capture of recent BlogPosts I Like icons on my blog page.  A principle of Mass Media is that Mass Media will turn other Mass Media & their content into new types of content, modifying/altering the context & the original intent/message. Collage is an art medium that makes use of this principle. The principle is a key component of Dadaist interpretation of culture, art, and popular Mass Media.


Below is a list of the original posts, so you can peruse the full images in their original context. The List is, in its own way, a found poem. Note that a couple of lengthy titles become individual stanzas in the sequence.

October Tree

Exotic Landscapes Non Watched 01 – 2021

Sunnyside Up




Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art:

Eye[s] in the Sky

Updates: Recent Science Fiction Purchases No. CCLXXXII 

(Isaac Asimov, Mary Vigliante, Algis Budrys, and Vladimir Voinovich)


Do you like your pulp spicy?


Jacob Lehmann – Constructed Spaces


radiograph head III



Found art happening in the moment.


Florence Italy,

Korean tourist jams

Autumn Leaves

on a bass

with Romanian street musicians –

the sound of colourful leaves

dancing in a wind

 full image.


asemic postcard 106

The volcano’s eruption –
Home to such large lava, densely,
Plants and billowing.

Not between home – erupting
Into that large agony.



Oh! Rear entirety –

formed side, each on oven, iron

– another with fireplace, massive,

motionless stood stone, grinding large.


that evidence gave pots –

mixing stone and cauldrons copper

– big now.


nostrils, his touched air,

stale-stone, damp of smell,