Sciemment Appetite:

simple and easy to define omnivore knowingly.


French Voters on Sunday

the first round (perpetual canon )

of democratic voices,

now it is saturated waves ……


ready to change –

the political system

of the Mourning Selection

moves away from the ocean.

Never mind Who – Truth

actually won more votes

in the first round.


Described as storming –

Front National

crashes against facts……..


Only recently –

culturally/economically protectionist –

denied French involvement

rounding-up of Jews……….

waving goodbye, 

trampled petals

damp with tears.


Reminiscing –

dismissing the Holocaust –

as a “detail” of history.

The Devil is in the Details.

Reading rigid broken lines –

details seep through,

weeping birds on sighing wings.


Glancing at many British papers  –


would make us think

who is the victor –

the preferred candidate –

when in fact it looks like a shoo-in

for mixed messages

( Source Link )



……described as

simply culturally/economically protectionist –

she speaks of a clash of civilizations…….

angry waves- fearful ignorance

crashes on stony shorelines,

frothy teeth try to consume

smooth hard truths .


The tacit support

from rightwing press

alarming flights, fanciful fears –

for a fascist ……….


simply culturally/economically protectionist –

speaks of a clash of civilizations…….


angry waves of fearful ignorance

crash on stony shorelines,

frothy teeth try to consume

smooth hard truths .


devouring knowledge with ignorance, knowingly fearful.

An important distinction

between patriotism and nationalism

the waves hit shorelines

carrying voices of lost

travellers – refuge

a last gasp in salt water –

borders marked by shells-bones,

mothers’ tears, babies’ cries.

You can love your country

without it becoming

a racist anti-immigrant Party,

trampling fragile flowers.


Frigid beliefs melted,

exposed truth,

currents influence movement

it was possible –

today/yesterday/when .


Found Poetry: Six obnoxious earlier guys and women – conduct defined.

6 obnoxious earlier guys & women –

conduct defined.

A Found Poem from Spam comments,

rich in random hyper-links,

visual metaphors of whimsical uncertainty,

& Dadaist profundity.

particular aged categories

make use of kipper kisses –

believer of means,

like Molecules with the Potential,

deliver healing power to stressed cells!!!

While other weeks, they master endgame –

attainment cost fumes –

right after linden tree jerhgy ,

ohm sun departed from branches –

Small wings flutter in the twilight.


Style only increases yearly,

qualifies happiness,

but fans waited for the screen adaptation.

Some results have a very low body fat increase –

This is not completely unknown.

Age, in many cases,

think of a long way to go before you sleep,

is a human-level mathematical model –

Winter in the cabbage patch

grows a bitter wind.   



We designed the system between the stars,

but we are adapting this model to cabbage.

Oh how most reports are surprisingly bigger !

I am starting to get a sense of things that might be,……

It smells like Ruth’s song, full of the flowers of Spring.

Grandchildren, sand, good price galleries, and group finance –

no solution to broken memories.


The Id Ate Asia ,

the yams our family –

it is the entire fichu – separate from reality.


Most of you slide whistle,

just an amorphous cummerbund

towards washboard tummy

Liver-spotty Dragons are Now Here !


Want to manipulate for the money ?!

Lean muscles and blond skin cells on your body may turn to spiritual hash tags-

is the road flat & easier as a calm smile ?

Waste knot, want knot.


If you lose yourself to the bodily cellphone mineral, hand mild damage to the WiFi.

If we could get easy broadband to heaven, in a natural way, wars and poverty would be a thing of the past.

Why choose? Anyway, you probably should start to lose minerals inside the bones of the Moon .



Family distinction amidst the wonders of the industrial revolution,

as toys, displaying surprisingly big eyes,

weep for lost childhood –

Only Here can You Buy Similes at This Price !

We have them Now for a Limited Time !

You can Win Biggles Bigley!




At the beginning of the century, they reported an Age of Four Myth Rooms.

Re-make your kitchen


save money at the same time !

The first sighting provided no information of the place. To see is to know the adaptation of the animal going backwards. Outside of the head of the black cabbage requires proper equipment. Well, muscle, skin, and famous logo bodes yellow turnips on slimming equipment.


Ice was doing slippery dances

continually searching,

four retail professionals

exemplify the ideals,

the Hoar Frost of customer service,

luxury & beauty.



In most cases, they are described as outer marsupials, but there are other reports that describe the appearance of red eyes, ghosts, or surprisingly large sheaths carried by strange animals.


Your brass goes away, as well as your body image –

at intervals of a great feast,

entire body fat surges up to 30 percentage points –

how like the steps of childhood,

we seek a perfect time, a happier place,

dreams dwell here.


Approximating Inner date stasis aroma scramble flans

our ab stasis muscles envision

People’s performance –

the consequence is that this reshapes

the accomplished dory issuer’s granular kindness.

following around many dog shells,

all the time,


near to your trusty bell towers .

What you may not have is Indigo date aphasia scam , so prorogue red blankets.


Beyond happiness, Ferra-jero Distance

Can not I touch your heart?

Please tell me that you are dead or moribund.


Standing in the shadows of fluttering wings –

Practical hot touch of the hand extends to the west.

Crimson will swell in the east.


A lower part of the edge is well-being;

Persistent semi-spiral standing is difficult –

Dirt Configurations expand,

like crop circles on the beach.


The free will of the forest sings;

The bicycle of the cables

call out – who are we to gauge?

The connection is the only linen.

The sum is an associate victim.

We are the methodology that have to sit in stillness.

All of us are just Word-boards of All meaning, left unspoken.

Take the memory for the name.



The syllogism is obtained by the result

Same smell and feel with the same dog.

A dream attaches a ship.



Considering the detritus muscle,

Pineapples are Available Now!

These muscles allows you to write your reputation –

Oh, so smartly, in all those banks of compacted snow.


 Experts’ claims would mean you only need to not position eagle wings in the hall. Stones are the extent of your used total.


Time cracks into slide light –

Connection to elder towers of dignity.

Bluebirds in your getup is the best crematorium.


 It must include spunk out the side of the spaceship of your affections,

pearl gardens of lost tomorrows hoarding his hoary spleen.


You’ll wonder where the Yellow went,

that hath a mint of phrases in his brain – Okey-Dokey.


Those stacks of newspaper publishers, totally from 1963, in actuality, are going on the Mass Media Tour – becoming a symphony of platitudes played on the shadows of a broken heart.

Burn down the tears of mirrors, before any apartments rise above the outer rings of the ocean.

 Hope you enjoy this romp through imagery & visual compositions.  I had received a lengthy spam comment  way back in 2016 (sigh) – it was a rude mix of ageist & sexist words, and dubious links, that seemed to be an appeal to some  to improving (?)  life habits/body image.  I grabbed a chunk ( it was one of the longest spam comments/essay I had ever encountered ) and mixed it with marketing, and bits of news reports.  I replaced and added links ( all open in separate tabs ) from a wide variety sources, including a few fellow bloggers’ posts.  Lots of surprises in the links.  A few of the images are from my Dark Pines Photo blog – clicking those will link to the original posts (separate tabs) I have no idea how those links work on other digital devices.  Hope 2017 is off to a good start for you and those close to your heart.  To those facing challenges, may creativity, and the strength it can bring, make journey easier.

Found Poetry: Tag Verse


Fall Golden Hour;

Having fun during the Winter, Board Games –

The Advent Candle nearly gone…..





Early Morning,

Marlee on Broadway.


Big Fat SEX

frozen wishes.


Notes: Guess I have another excuse to sit in front of the computer screen – even less reason to leave the house as a warm front turns Boxing Day into a mix of contradictory precipitation, or perhaps a precipitation of contradictions.  Ice pellets, drizzling fog, rain,  freezing something or other, maybe even snow.  So here is the latest exploration of the implied spaces of Mass Media. While looking at the new WordPress Reader  Format, of which many have exclaimed , I noticed that if one looks at the post titles, Found Poetry can be discerned/imposed.

Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them as poetry (a literary equivalent of a collage) by making changes in spacing and lines, or by adding or deleting text, thus imparting new meaning. The resulting poem([1]) can be defined as either treated: changed in a profound and systematic manner; or untreated: virtually unchanged from the order, syntax and meaning of the original. Examples of found poems can be seen in the work of Blaise Cendrars, David Antin, and Charles Reznikoff.

Each line in the above stanzas is a post title found on the Reader using the Photography Tag. The hyperlinked lines will open in a new tab revealing the original post ( make sure to visit all of them). The context and meaning of the stanzas are now inter-connected with the posts and the posts are likewise re-imagined in the poetic context . In some cases, the posts appeared directly after one another in the Reader.  In other cases, some posts were skipped because they lacked titles ( impact of new Reader  Format processing the original post – haven’t figured that one out yet ), others were very commercial or seemed to be multiple posts selling service/product.  As a further challenge, I attempted to create visual compositions that  are inspired by/reflect on the stanzas, thus expanding the visual context of the words and the original posts.  If anyone else has experimented with this type of Found Poetry, Tag verse, I would be very interested in your process and finished product.