Dadaist Collage Poem 43




MILLIE THE MODEL   was Marvel Comics‘ longest-running humour title, first published by the company’s 1940s predecessor, Timely Comics, and continuing through its 1950s forerunner, Atlas Comics, to 1970s Marvel.


stone age man’s terrors

The Matriarchs & the young Maidens smile,

as their power rises –

truth will become louder,


in the CAVES


Old Fearful Men

(with their Clubs)


Young Troubled Weak Men/Boys

(spinning their Wheels).

Sure with the strength, themselves –

the feminine rise up,

His Downtime & 0.

Stone Age man’s terrors still stalk modern nightmares


creatures crawl-out-from

shadowed complicit corners –

support false judges……….


They Howl at the Moon –

She laughs at their Counterfeit Hyperbole.