No higher resolution available

No higher resolution available

~ A Tale of Tango, Memory, Hope &  Loss ~

( Perhaps a ghost or two )




No higher resolution available. I had a simple rural environment in mind. It is important for meaning and memory design operation, as we have to keep building using the hands of simplicity, connecting to the shape of the Puertopomare’s layer.

 In the evenings, we watched the dancers in the fire’s light as they moved to the guitars’ song – Algunos Yeguas de mar. Apparently, the highway is difficult to traverse as it moves, winding down the mountainside . The presence at the rear part of Long Ridge Circus is the iron wall -just a small position on the sturdy Sierra de Gredos, belonging with those who do not have any heroes left; it shimmers in clouds like a sailboat flying across a body of water.


They say that Rugarodeo knows the rolling method. I do not believe them. He resists all music, even when the guitars sing to the dying embers of the night.


There were a few people that day who asked about literature on the subject of the photograph. The word, book, is not text, it is a submarine, but I only guess. The book, because it is a specific object, has no higher resolution – just a ticket. Taschen Book, Bauhaus, is what happened to the suburbs.


I am better now, but I feel good only when I hear the singing and the guitars. Too many voices calling for recompense. Too many faces, vaguely familiar, dancing by in flickering firelight. This keeps the door closed. When shall I see you again ?


In front of you, cameras of all types and sizes, you are singing tango. For example, a picture of time is a tango moving between moment, meaning and memory in perfect harmony of steps. I will paint your voice with the lens of time.


A new Café, The Singing Teapot, is especially exciting – Bait, location, timing is everything. It can be music again, as it was before the troubles began, the roadways uncertain. Tango has a new Cayenne ! This can be used as an example at this time, she becomes a new night of memory, dressed in a gown of hope & loss.



Lastly, I do not think those tango dancers will be going in a week; it is still a week till they re-open the highway through the mountains – though that may just be another rumour . Cooperation is incorrectly understood – it is the soul of Tango. On the back of that last photograph – I treasure it always – was written, “Vstupenka and Dove Wings in the Air”. Marina sings with the voice of the tango’s shadow, smiling tears, weeping laughter. None see me sitting at the corner table. None.




Snail’s Mezzotint Memory



This is a re-post of an image from my Dark Pines Photo blog. The original post, Mezzotint Photos included two other compositions and background information on the actual Mezzotint process, along with the connection to M.R. James and his influence on the British Ghost story.d   powerful array of that Old House. Click links or the image to see the original post.

Smoke Screen Mirror: That Old House

Smoke Screen Mirror

Smoke screen mirror, a powerful array of that Old House, forming a wall of opposition that could make it exceedingly difficult for him. It revealed a measure of contempt and distrust toward their own son.


Smoke Screen Mirror - That Old House

Years wore themselves away, communications between them became more and more rare, or perhaps it was because of the need to cleanse The Bear. It shambled about in the shadows, forever hungry for tribute. It ruled within the walls of that Old House, as surely as the crows commanded the trees and the wires that stood around the perimeter of the yards.


Madness began a slow steady drip down into the foundations. Hymns of Intention did nothing to cancel their knowledge of the coming despair, a hail of lost chances.


Smoke Screen Mirror - That Old House 2

Lana tried to build a personal ice wall to prevent her from feeling the sting of inevitability. Martin played at an emotional raffle, knowing he had as much chance at escaping those walls as going up against the judgment of The Highwaymen.


Ash on the forehead-

the history of the tomb,

Who dances here now ?


The rooms were also seeking the light; only a crimson aneurysm came through the windows, like a falling star that devours the sunrise. The smoke kissed mirrors and the windowpanes exchanged cutting looks, fracture’s smiles flying over the waves.



Smoke Screen Mirror - That Old House 3

House sales were down. The children dreamt of Disneyland and other sanitized nightmare locales. It mattered not – often looking out the cracked glass of white tobacco – That Old House – their expectations could be seen riding by with The Highwaymen, pale jewels and withered crab-apples in the same satchels .


He should not be here –

One hand changed, his fall bled out,

he found his sea –

spiritual inflammation,

Sharp blue switch blade of regrets.


That Old House may be empty, but it will always be occupied with memories in the smoke screen mirror.


Antique Paper Apparition

antique paper apparition

It began as a pale blue outline, growing stronger and longer as the evening grew into night. The edges creeped outward on the ornamental paper, developing into an apparition of an old photograph negative.

He came back periodically, checking for changes, till finally he was unable to take his eyes away from the emerging image. An image, an illusion of changing colour and form, a trick of light or the mind – he could not tell. All he could do was wait, wait for the inevitable conclusion of the narrative in which he now found himself captive.

In the morning, they found the beautiful odd paper on his desk. He sat there, weeping over it in beatific horror. All these years later, he is still there. Is this paper not intriguing with its charming patterns and colours reminiscent of long lost photographs and memories? Have a closer look.

Blue wheel of Time’s tears –

such pretty old paper, stained

with fears – pierced azure.


antique paper apparition 2

Ghost Light – Antique Impression

Ghost Light 1 MT

ASDF – Ghost Light – Decode

“Halloa! Below there!”



“Is there any path

by which I can come down – BTEG –

Ghost Light speaks to you?”



Halloa Below !”

The signal reflected back –

Spectre light decode.


CUTP – Decode 12

A Specimen of typeset fonts and languages, by William Caslon, letter founder; from the 1728 Cyclopaedia.


Background – The Signalman by Charles Dickens

The railway signal-man of the title dreads a ghost that has been haunting him. Each spectral appearance precedes a tragic event on the railway on which the signalman works. The signalman’s work is at a signal-box in a deep cutting near a tunnel entrance on a lonely stretch of the railway line where he controls the movements of passing trains. His fellow signalmen alert him by telegraph and alarms to coming danger and conditions. Three times, he receives phantom warnings when a bell rings that only he can hear. Each time he hears this warning, it is followed by the appearance of a spectre. Soon after there is a terrible accident involving his section of the train track.

Clayton Tunnel. Photograph taken January 2006 and now in the public domain.


The first accident, which involved a terrible collision between two trains in the tunnel, was likely based on the Clayton Tunnel crash that occurred in 1861( five years before Dickens composed the story). Readers in 1866 would have been familiar with this major disaster.



Signal error – ghost,

light in the distance, space-time,

Seen and not seen Box.

Promotional Spectre art for Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 (Dec. 2004) by Ethan Van Sciver.



Full text : No. 1 BRANCH LINE THE SIGNAL-MAN by Charles Dickens