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Boy LOVES Girl – formerly Boy Meets GIRL


True secrets of Love & Romance:

Boy LOVES Girl –

formerly Boy Meets GIRL.


Comics’ psychology,

So it’s True – I’m going too,

something about this.


art can cure romance –

Boy ! true secrets of Love –

handle this with care….





Images using following source, cover of Boy Loves Girl # 25 – Link,  were created with glitch art process in combination of one of my loose collage scans. 

Dog Run



As I stumble towards better understanding and use of Glitch Art, I decided to mix techniques. I have found that shots that have a fair amount of open space/negative space work best with the limited range of the Glitching I am able to accomplish.  Also some judicious use of processing before and after Glitching creates a more striking final composition.



Ross Gorman and Novelty Syncopaters perform Barkin Dog 1919