she crossed the steam-trolley tracks


The talkative girl crossed the steam-trolley tracks, reaching the sweltering sidewalk on the vaporous side of the venomous viaduct, as the guilt gilded sun slouched behind a gargling steeple. There were neither dwellings nor pork-pies near the faded fandangle; only leer-some warehouses and cloistered causeways of discomforting gossip guttering. And save for a greying group of roughly dressed mimes loitering languidly behind the flagman’s sinuous shanty, there were few people with umbrellas near the tumultuous crossing of tears. Her overlap insulted an intrinsic complaint – sanguine swallows and swans in hyperbole .


The over-curved crystalline cage grassed-gathered the pupil’s gaze. His wide winsome wonder panted in pantomime beneath the hundred trumpets of tempered silence. An unambiguous union sheltered the foot in tender shadows, as the clouds pushed their roots across the shifting sky. How can such shimmering worked royal plumage permit a mass medium’s measured message? It was at such times that the callous calendar populates a pontificated chicken roost of metaphysical success, while in the distance, trembling faint laughter danced on the meandering breeze, like a peppercorn between the teeth.


finicky threads –

flickering sheds huddle-haze

fallacious fingers


Note: This short piece grew out of some lines from RALPH ON THE MIDNIGHT FLYER (1923) and some lines from a Random Word Generator.

Doughy between Afterglow (Blitz Poem Plus)

This salad is spongy

This salad is doughy


Doughy is this salad

Doughy falling droplets


Droplets dangle from branches

Droplets tremble at the touch


Touch the heart

Touch trembles


Trembles nightly

Trembles beneath the moon


Moon like a blizzard plug

Moon embers glow



Glow in the night

Glow in an embrace



Embrace shadows

Embrace a smiling face


Face the fated look

Face of the forgotten


Forgotten midst the dance

Forgotten in a trance


Trance encounters

Trance of the tearful vassal


Vassal examined mustard

Vassal lifted chains



Chains clung to branches high

Chains of silent sliding software


Software slips again

Software slings data


Data distributed

Data disturbed


Disturbed dreams

Disturbed dustbins



Dustbins full of schemes

Dustbins duty bound


Bound across the aisles

Bound to forgotten smiles


Smiles in fleeting smoke

Smiles of shadowed eyes


Eyes of stars

Eyes in weeping mirrors


Mirrors reflecting sighs

Mirrors cracking


Cracking ice

Cracking eggshells


Eggshells white

Eggshells forest bathing



Bathing beauty

Bathing in the afterglow



Afterglow gathers no moss

Afterglow weathers the storm



Storm surge

Storm breaks





 This is a Blitz Poem Plus because I have trouble stopping once I start. It has a couple of extra lines. I selected Afterglow from line 49 for the third word in the title.



this way to the flower show

A music video is a short film or video, of variable length, that integrates a song or album with imagery that is produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings. There are also cases where songs are used in tie-in marketing campaigns that allow them to become more than just a song.

Using a wide range of styles and contemporary video-making techniques, including animation, live-action, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film, music videos can become surreal pieces of art that convey cultural values, beliefs, and ideologies.  Their dreamscape reality opens up expression of cultural iconography, stereotypes, clichés, as well as universal archetypes.


Pushing past the limits of language, they speak about affirmation, universal  desires and hopes, in a dreamscape governed by song and dance, symbols and metaphors.

These hopes and fears sing,

now transcending space and time –

dance to the music.



Bongo Flava is a blend of American hip-hop, afrobeat and traditional Tanzanian musical styles, including taarab and dansi (Swahili: “dance music“). While it is influenced by American hip-hop and R&B, it is quickly distinguished from it with strong drums specific to Tanzanian music. The name translates loosely to the “flavour of Tanzania,” as bongo is a common nickname of the capital of the country, Dar Es SalaamSOURCE: Beats Without Borders