Carcosa from above

You inhale those vapid vapours from a flower

plucked from the Gardens of Ulthar

remaining heavy in body, the fragile self rises.

Drifting past broken deductions – cloud weary wanderer,

you settle – Carcosa awaits below.

There, The Maiden’s gaze will hold you –

as she sings Cassilda’s Song.

shoggoths slide past mist –

embrace the weeping wizened –

tattered yellow lips.




Phantasm Photos: 1-4



Over the years the phantasm has been photographed . While changing photographic methods captured impressions of the entity to varying levels of success, there remains evidence of some features being consistent. This gives hope that one day a better understanding of the phenomena will be achieved. It is unfortunate about the photographers though, quite curious,….. Makes it rather difficult to get photographers willing to participate in research.