Asemic Greetings – a correspondence

Gradually from astronomy to the forest –

Joe’s border,

Slumbering clouds.

The garden becomes cold in late November.



The simplest maintenance of surreal Tam-o’-shanter bairn people – cookies and winged eels.

The brakes blackened with ivy vines of thin closed small parts,

an occurrence of freshwater screams –

collapsing asteroids accompanies the penetration,

the heart mends after the winter storm.

Asemic Greeting Card – Cubomania

Salutations ! Avoid quiet conversations….. Always turn off Sousaphone and increase your slab. A little bra avoids the traditional temporal Sous Brass and relishes it here. Something is transcendental if it plays a role in the way in which the mind “constitutes” objects and makes it possible for us to experience them as objects in the first place.

Enjoying the copy of the Categorical Proposition Equation & Cubomania Codex of Saint Cumebyah. Look forward to seeing you at our next Cordillian !