Asemic Postcards from Lesser Known Hotels 2

As waves perambulated towards the white sands of the toasted beach, we strolled down the boardwalk viewing the hotels & sun bathers, little expecting the chain of circumstances that were about to descend on all of us from those green misted hills. Looking back at it all, the sun drenched mayhem was a cool dip in blue waters & laughter, to be treasured with the frantic postcards sent to folks at home.


Postcard messages –

layered lines of joy ‘n dread sink;

such sweet memories.

Another minuscule mystery haibun in the manner of Claudia McGill.

Asemic Invoice

So after making my online purchase from Corel for photo & video editing software upgrades, I printed the invoice directly from online. Had trouble deciphering a number of lines. Thought ABBYY FineReader would perhaps clarify the lines a bit.

Well, downloading PDF & printing it up Foxit Reader fixed the problem, and I acquired a found asemic art piece & produced an intentionally glitched asemic art piece.

Found asemic art –

glitched lines reveal masked Order,

the Chaos Theory.

the face that launched a thousand ships

A modern staging of “come back, little Sheba” was planned, but things happened along the way. The art director’s strange disappearance complicated things – the muffled screams during late night rehearsals left the backers disinclined to provide further needed capital, ah, that’s the theatre life….

exiting stage left –

these players are mere shadows,

watch, the curtain falls.


A minuscule mystery inspired by Claudia McGill’s posts.


asemic postcard – winter nostalgia


Note that nostalgia for winter only goes so far. We missed out on a mild sunny February and the nostalgia for winter is weighing us down.  Click image below for more information.

Last week’s snow storm led to a collapse of the roof of Elliot Lake’s Civic Centre Theatre. More at CBC News.  Click aerial  image for info at  My Algoma Manitoulin News Now.

My wife was rehearsing her special needs community theatre group, Elliot Lake Exceptional Roundabout Puppeteers Thursday evening at the Elliot Lake Secondary School. Quite a shock when they found out; there is a mad scramble by town officials as they now try to reschedule events at the Collins Hall.  That could only be done after the town had first checked all civic properties to make sure the unusual amount of snow, (we keep getting more snow & freezing rain) has not damaged other roofs, including Collins Hall.

nostalgia grows

heavy as snow on the roof –

where is Spring’s sunshine ?

Asemic Tarot 11: graffiti skateboard voice mashup

Gruesomegenie sings an omega omelette invocation only otters can perceive in perpetual assonance innervation.


Deep saints woods will fill,

steppe toads thermal de facto defamation  congeals –

truth trauma, a northwestern hydrant kipper,

blizzardly sidereal, singes stalks of

bloody stalemate,

grunting spinach clings to Appalachian ziggurat –

at tidewater –
Frozen columbine combine.


While these tricks are easy to be tabled too to toiled timbre into your

regular conversation routine, when correctly practised often –

It is very much important to build

your current self esteem right from childhood .


Ego’s eerie gums

seek slender hickory sticks –

a mouthful of lies.