looking for words

tunnels seek the light-

carpel tunnel denial,

just drained, breath in.


I’ve caught up with the early part of the 21st century – now have a Twitter account. I’ve added a link on the sidebar, right at the bottom. While trying to figure the tweeting, I found some other photo bloggers who post on Twitter and have followed them.  Next thing is to figure out what to post and stay out of trouble.



Night Vision: I saw you Coco Blue

I saw you Coco Blue, on the dance floor with your silver sunglasses, twisting the air between the melody and the beat. You died, then The Crowd gathered round, snapping shots & chatter, as they tried to capture the true shade of Coco Blue, while all the time arguing over whether your shoes were red or purple; even then your feet shouted out one final message to your giant magenta macaw in the Other Room, such a pretty bird.


Oh what a night for things

said and unsaid, other doors –

fly high big macaw.


Night vision photos

capture the movement between –

a dance floor heartbeat………….






Another ambiguous two sentence mystery narrative to go with the first three Night Vision compositions.Turned it into haibun by concluding with haiku stanzas. Added the music for the haunting quality – was not able to find a translation, but it is that uncertainty that fits the post.

January Winter – Aged Impressions


January ninth, winter now corrodes

memory with shifting weather –

The deep cold cracks open,

releasing a slow slide

towards mild weather, that drips,

drips, drips,

dripping downward

toward a pool of slippery

heaps, slushing away

to a false

sense of spring –



how raindrops laugh now,

where arctic breezes once sat,

what season is this ?


Asemic Christmas Cards for Dadaists

Sailed into Isle of Plants trial harbour called Grey Sun.

The blood vessel, the sun, saw the price –

Your school hat.


What a beautiful oven of salad !




Street pavement regrets –

softly sing silent pigeons –

Oh look ! Bananas !


Fresh tones will be closed for the summer.

Yuko’s sad movement –

She decided to wash her eyes on the Queen ‘s head.


Tranquil feathers dance-

merriment abounds, such joy –

don’t slip on ice now.




Sailing into harbour

seven crows catching cold stones –



The taste of cocoa in the decision is not the lamb of the iambic onomatopoeia amoeba .


Order Template –

Always follow the bag.

Leicester Otter proper lingerie area –

The warm balance of sleep is in the capital.


Opening presents –

is your communication……

crackle pop, fireplace.


Asemic Circus Stripes

Balloon panda dance

in the elephant ring song –

jaguar’s circus walk.

Yes jugglers are among the oldest kind of entertainment…

these wanderers, almost tramps, traveled everywhere….


No more cruelty as in ROME….



Source: Super Circus 003



sunflower clowns socks

pink stripes * polka dots lines up –

pies in the face laughs…..

In their old stable where it’s at—

The boys pays twenty pins to go,

An’ gits their money’s-worth at that!—

‘Cause Billy he can climb an’ chalk

His stockin’-feet an’ purt’-nigh walk

A tight-rope—yes, an’ ef he fall

He’ll ketch, an’ “skin a cat”—’at’s all!


SOURCE: Billy Miller’s Circus-Show




amusement park

animals applauds attractions


audience balancing act –

balloon band banners

bear bicycle big top booths……….


boom ! – bumper cars cage

calliope candy cannons – centre-ring

caramel corn carnival

carousels – 

SOURCE for Found Poem