Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

a quasi-temporal non-euclidean interpretation of stasis ventilating

Asemic Tarot 5 – Tectonic plates Aczan-Nacht yzr2ca

super^(ᐱᒃ &% }ᐅᒃ

lexicographers allowed oddities and archaisms

tessellations triumphant tectonic trembling tagliatelle tailwind-sloth-song tailoring tabular tabor-tabernacle taboo-tactician-phoneme taciturn tainted tabloidish tannin-tankard tangential #mingish~

nonlinear rack –

contrarian clouds crafted,

demonstrate freedom .

Asemic Tarot 6 – Okhotsk Eye Lashormage-Kuril-Kamcatka

There is sex in that land, and one is always aware of it.

Fore*/$#biddenQ ᐅᒃ`%W

Ocular octopus oracle essential eye fundamentally simulacrum simile mandrel elementalishly funicular function fuddles pond puddle fuchsia fillimentarian gash gellitained lowdown lozenge overall orthographical opium fire optimum obsequiesish safari occluded occupant observation

One only boils fogs-

cafe Latino laundry,

composed lyric ghost

stands in the lane eyeing stars,

white dogs sing to clouded moon.


Asemic Snapshots 29s & 30

Perhaps it is the night time logic, or the whine of the rope getting taut , but the snapshots always look the same to him. They never change. He will attempt to take one more of the scene, just before going to empty the dishwasher.  Emptying the dishwasher does not require as much planning as filling it – it is the question of the knives. The knives bring up so many questions.

carefully framed shots-

foreground fades to horizon –

meaning flaps, recedes.



Carcosa from above

You inhale those vapid vapours from a flower

plucked from the Gardens of Ulthar

remaining heavy in body, the fragile self rises.

Drifting past broken deductions – cloud weary wanderer,

you settle – Carcosa awaits below.

There, The Maiden’s gaze will hold you –

as she sings Cassilda’s Song.

shoggoths slide past mist –

embrace the weeping wizened –

tattered yellow lips.




clock faces

I grabbed a screenshot of part of this blog. It included a segment of my Twitter Feed , which shows up on the blog as a photo grid. The segment included the post, Two Sisters, Two Friends ,from Katherine Griffiths’s blog, Photobooth Journal.

I processed the image, blending it with abstracts that were created using some of my oven pan shots. My browser has a steampunk theme, hence the clock & rusted graphics that are incorporated into the composition. The clock-face, faces, distorted text, and mixed textures becomes a spiral of passing time & memory.

The composition is an example of the Necro-media principle – Mass Media will consume other mass media for content & context. In this case, a digital reproduction a photobooth portrait passes through Katherine’s blog to her Twitter feed , and then is re-tweeted on my feed.

The screenshot of part of my blog then becomes content for the composition. Mass Media is captured, devoured/processed as new content in another form, and then becomes content for still another media form, when the new composition becomes part of another blog post. If/when this blog post becomes part of a tweet, it becomes content.

Social Media turns it into the  Ouroboros , devouring itself in a spiralling cycle of re-tweets, shares, memes, blog posts, mentions, likes, and shares. Memory and context constantly being reconstructed & re-imagined in new forms & new meaning. Those elderly ladies sitting together in that photobooth, some 40-50 plus years ago, never imagined that their memento would traverse time, space, multiple mass media –  becoming part of an implied space of mass media technology, changing social norms, and art.

Ouroboros eats

tale – regurgitates self,

meaning memory.