Losing Control of the Narrative




Newspaper Exclusive – Constructing Reality.

News Update – Redefining Facts……..

Press Briefing – Redirecting the Smoke.

Losing Control of the Narrative –

Black Swan Press Release.



A pair of Black Swans –

contradictions arising

over deep waters.

Asemic Cinema: Run-A-Way Bus

Welcome to the Asemic Cinema, where opening  shots& titles tell a different story from the one passing before your eyes. This week’s classic comes from a time & place that once was/will be.  It is a re-write of  The Runaway Bus (1954), a British Mystery-Comedy – please note that the sub-titles have been deconstructed to find alternative meaning.


Conversation finds

travellers seeking motion

commotion in lines.


Asemic Naturalist: Sketchbook Pages

After travelling to the exotic lands that reside Beyond the Borders of The Dreamlands at the edges of the Pages of Imagination , the Asemic Naturalist looks through Memories Sketchbook, cleaning the Corners with Creative Curves and Shades. A Map of Figurative Lines and Metaphorical Letters grows and charts the journey that has been taken, showing the way to New Ventures sailing on the horizon.


These compositions incorporate some quick production preparation sketches done my wife for  Elliot Lake’s Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers.  The group was setup by her to provide our local Special Needs community with a  creative & performing arts outlet.  This season’s  performances include familiar characters from popular media culture. Find out more at  their Blog and on their Facebook page.





from exotic lands

 dreamers return, cling to sights –

on stage rare visions. 

Complex Sentences

A complex sentence has

One Independent Clause


at least one dependent clause.


After reading the cleaning instructions,

use the broom and mops,

that are standing in the corner.

Remember to read the fine print.


A complex sentence has one independent clause


at least one dependent clause.

I always wanted a horse,


I should have been

more specific.

Hi-HO Comma, Away !

A complex thought has one independent claw


at least one dependent claw.

Sometimes a comma is used

to separate claws.

# Claws, clause,cause, cuz, comma, cruise


A calm plexi-sentence has one independent cause


at least one dependent cause, B.


sitting on the Bench,

writing haiku – cuz complex,

just a thought or two.