Asemic Tarot 11: graffiti skateboard voice mashup

Gruesomegenie sings an omega omelette invocation only otters can perceive in perpetual assonance innervation.


Deep saints woods will fill,

steppe toads thermal de facto defamation  congeals –

truth trauma, a northwestern hydrant kipper,

blizzardly sidereal, singes stalks of

bloody stalemate,

grunting spinach clings to Appalachian ziggurat –

at tidewater –
Frozen columbine combine.


While these tricks are easy to be tabled too to toiled timbre into your

regular conversation routine, when correctly practised often –

It is very much important to build

your current self esteem right from childhood .


Ego’s eerie gums

seek slender hickory sticks –

a mouthful of lies.