Asemic Map 8

In few places do History and Tradition, Romance, and the Wonders of Nature combine to offer so much to the visitor as in the region surrounding the Bay of M’Xo*/ixntka Erexch**/ychka (on the Lemurian South Western coast).


In the nearby Shining Trapezohedron Mountains are the permanent convention sites of several religious groups, one of which includes The Magika Mysterium Mausoleum, a building capable of containing 5,000 souls (Please refer to Cassilda’s Camera Obscura Consuetudinary before visiting. Reminder ~ The King in Yellow is performed during the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse).


These and other convention centres rank virtually as an industry in the Zothixta Cruz’tech/ka economy. But Zothixta Cruz’tech/ka is more than a resort or convention city. It is an urban wonderland of Phantasms & Flying Coelacanths. The Hounds of Tindalos can be seen on their runs along the Dire Wraith Boardwalk. In the most unexpected settings around the city, The Wyrd Sisterhood of Ulthar improvised Flash-mob dancing beguiles & entrances people of all ages. Many visitors & locals have experienced uncanny synchronicities & surreal timeslips after witnessing these eerie choreographies (Reminder: Make sure to carry your Essential Primal Salts in case of mild nausea/memory-loss or persistent time loops.).

Besides shopping at the Bizarre Bazaar, make sure to visit The Screaming Saturniid Garden surrounding the City Hall (The Beauteous Ultima Paroxysm). The garden evokes past lives & the Seas of Infinity.

The drive north along the ocean front takes the visitor past the Blood Bluffs of ZavhXin’teck/shi*ik, which are ablaze with colourful crawling succulents and flowering Night-glory vines. In season, whole hillsides south of the city flame with yellow lupine strands. Some of these plants have trunks as thick through as a man’s leg, mobility varies depending on rainfall & meteorite showers.


bliss-tear days glide by –

vacation memories cry,

the crack’d skull aches dreams.

from: The Lemurian Road-trip Guide, 1st decade of the X*ixiin*/techka Troika.


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This Haibun takes inspiration from the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and Lin Carter. Allusions to the works of Fritz Leiber, Frank Belknap Long, and Robert W. Chambers.