Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime – Changing the Tempo

Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime 1 Changing Tempo

This spacetime tempo

bends curves round Memory’s edge –

corners of the clock –

tick talk, tick talk, Yesterdays –

Present looks stylish, again.



Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime 2 Changing Tempo

This is the final  part of a series of images  that began with screen captures from a couple of Fred & Ginger movies. The series started as a meditation on the nature of memory and Mass Media. The constructed realities of Mass Media  play with our memories and sense of time. We remember images and narratives that were intended to depict the future, but now, from our recent experiences, seem quaint and out of date. We create new Mass Media content with new forms of media,  trying to depict the present with that “retro look”.


Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime 3 Changing Tempo


We readjust the the present, shifting the the tempo and style of recent pop songs, so that they come from past decades of the previous century –  turning  them into cultural artifacts from alternative timelines.  We reinterpret the cultural icons of the past in a more contemporary style/mode. The new becomes “hipster-manic” by being  “retro-static”. The old is now “in the pocket” by  getting down in the city with urban tempo gotchas.




Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime 5 Changing Tempo

In the process, we convey values, beliefs and ideologies about our culture and our perceptions of other cultures. We place other cultures on display on stage, screen and in museums( just another medium ). We relegate them to the past – making them historical artifacts, to be idealized, demonized,  or trivialized – turned into content and appropriated for our own use. But they still live, discarding  negativity and stereotypes, they reassert themselves, and make use of traditional and new forms of Mass Media – establishing different tempos within the spacetime of memory.

Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime 4 Changing Tempo



Buffy Sainte-Marie, Order of Canada (born Beverly Sainte-Marie, February 20, 1941) is a Native Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, composer, visual artist, educator, pacifist, and social activist. Throughout her career in all of these areas, her work has focused on issues of Indigenous peoples of the Americas………, learn from our culture and  …………..


  Power In The Blood    Buffy in her own words.

 The wisdoms inherent in our own DNA are our real power,

and we won’t be goaded into war by feudal system racketeers who can outgun us.

I wrote new words to the Alabama3 classic, and they lent me samples from their original recording. I re-wrote some of the words, turned it into an anti-war song. Strange: we seem so different musically and personally, but we’re mutual fans and I love the cross-pollination in the song.

Power In The Blood
© Words & Music Alabama 3.   Modified words Buffy Sainte-Marie.

GMO GMO has got to go
Power in the blood Power in the blood

No time for spin-doctors’ medicine
Corporation government selling me some cover-up
Weaponizing pesticides; poison in my groceries
Nothing but another drug, a license they can buy and sell

I don’t mind dying
Well I don’t mind dying
I don’t mind dying
But when that call it comes I will say no no no to war

No time for backhanded compliments
From television anchor men desperate for an incident
Real estate assassins exploiting our predicament
Everything depends upon it being in their interests

No I don’t mind dying
I don’t mind dying
I don’t mind dying
When that call it comes, I will say no no no to war

There is power in the blood, justice in the soul
When that call it comes, I will say no no no to war
Power in the blood, justice in the soul
When that call it comes I will say no no no to war

There’s military interest, GMOs in paradise
bio-weapons high up on the call sheet
Young soldiers driving tanks
but old thieves they drive the banks
and you never see a uniform on Wall Street

There is power in the blood

I don’t mind dying
I don’t mind the dying
I don’t mind dying
When that call it comes I will say no no no to war

We have come a long way through memory by way of the Mass Media metaphor for Spacetime. History, theatre, dance, gender and cultural affirmation has danced past. Hopefully this meditation and exploration proved of value. The images of the young drummer and dancers were from photos taken when I was still teaching. You can find more information and images at the following link, Aboriginal Feast Day at ELSS.


Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime 6 Changing Tempo


Be Legal……… Talk American

Be Legal - Talk American



Looking for Connections – Linguistically Transparent,

A conundrum that marks the border between communities

They are not us  – they Came Without Papers …..

Are they legal ?

Why are they carrying that young Woman ?

What about the boy on the beach ?

His family was going to Canada. 

Why that village ?

His Aunt weeps there  – the village is divided.



Say “aboot”, eh.

Y’know, like they say Toronnah Canada , eh.

How about Welcome ?

Depends on what party you are going to…………

Kanata means community


Water laps at shore –

waves goodbye as small child’s dreams

crash on rock borders .

Salty lips, tears dry –

politician’s promises

a bitter salve.


How many ways here –

paths of thorny ground rules cut – 

hopes bleed, red ink dries.

Sky High & Strange Metal

Sky High

One of Nova Scotia’s most well-known music festivals, The Evolve Festival in Antigonish, may not go ahead this weekend after its liability insurance was pulled following its decision to offer free drug-testing kits to concertgoers.

Jonas Colter, the festival producer with The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival, revealed earlier this week that the three-day festival would become the first music event in Nova Scotia to offer the kits.

A Tribe Called Red  are a Canadian electronic music group, who blend instrumental hip hop, reggae, moombahton and dubstep-influenced dance music with elements of First Nations music, particularly vocal chanting and drumming. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the group consists of three DJs: Ian “DJ NDN” Campeau (of the Nipissing First Nation), Tim “2oolman” Hill (Mohawk, of the Six Nations of the Grand River), and Bear Witness (of the Cayuga First Nation). Former member Dan “DJ Shub” General left the band for personal reasons in spring 2014, and was replaced by Hill. The group’s music has been described as “powwow-step”, a style of contemporary powwow music for urban First Nations in the dance club scene; popularized by the media as a description of the band’s unique style, the term originated as the title of one of the band’s singles.


Acres and Acres is Based out of Halifax, NS ; the band consists of a duo of songwriters (Kris Pope & David Scholten), a killer rhythm section (Jordi Comstock, Ian Sherwood), and a talented composer & keys player (Ian Bent).


Culture is an Implied Space that transforms and is itself transformed.



Everyone Has the Right (Gaza 2014)

The place where two cultures meet,
In peace or in war, expands
Into Implied Space.

Who can decipher the tangled lines and lives of thousands of years of laughter, tears, birth and death ? In such a place as this , the human condition is the only true indigenous  culture . Somewhere, midst the bombs and blood, the daily truths and the political statements peace and justice must both walk together hand in hand. Till then, Everyone has the Right in Gaza and Israel, except the innocent young.

jewish philosophy place


Everyone talks about rights. Who’s right? Who has the right to do what? Without a lot of reasoning for now, here’s how I’m figuring it. Pretty much, each party to the conflict between Hamas and Israel is acting more or less within its right. Rights don’t justify any particular or every single action, but they establish general political and legal parameters, hedged in just a little by morality. It’s harsh. Here’s how it looks, schematically:

(–No one has the right to target civilians indiscriminately.)

(–No one has the right to use civilian structures for military purposes.)

–Israel has the right to control its border with Gaza and to interdict arms shipments.

–Hamas has the right to resist siege and occupation by means of force.

–Israel has the right to attack military assets (almost) wherever they find them.

–Hamas has the right to tunnel into Israel to attack (military) targets.

–Israel has…

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Implied Spaces: Insert Message Here

Implied Space - Tree & Sky 1






African African African

bye buy by



also spelled grigri,

is a    Voodoo    Amulet




originating with the African word Juju (Fetish)

SEE: the French joujou  meaning doll or play-thing –


Implied Space - Joujou Bea Palmer fr



Colonialism & Indigenous Peoples !!

From our archives:


First Nations


the Right


VOTE  !!!!!!!

Believed to Protect

( SEE: Residential Schools )


the Wearer from E V I L

(vile not vial)


Brings Luck.

( TRY Horseshoes on Rabbits Cologne NOW! )


Implied Space - Tree & Sky 2





some West African countries

is used as a method of birth control.

It consists of a small cloth bag,


are cut

from the same cloth ,

Use – YOU – ally

(not with Austin or RBC)

inscribed with verses

from the Qur’an.

(Is that Kosher ?)

containing a ritual number

(1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 9 – See – Integer )


Small Objects,

Worn on the person.

A Medicine Pouch.

What is a Rosary ?

Prayer Beads.

Behold the Venerable Bede.

Consider the Black Madonna.

The viewer must consider the Space –

An Extension of the viewer –

The Conduit that connects

Viewer to the Art.

A relationship exists

Between the Two

In Implied Space.



is a country in Southeast Africa

bordered by the Indian Ocean




Implied Space - Tree & Sky 3

Measure the Distance between two concepts.

Are they equal ?

Ask a Professor


Distance Education .


Consult a Researcher

At Athabasca University.

SEE With Your Own Eyes !

the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI)


Open Doors.

[Knock three times if You Love Me ]

Move Windows.

(Digital Ouija Tablets sold Here)

Lift Tables Rapping Songs.

(The Viewer must consider the Space.)

Watch as

African Council for Distance Education 2014

Moves between space & time …


Western Canada

– a history in black & white –


The Prairies & Savannahs

Share Implied Space.

All The World’s A Stage.

A stage is Implied Space

Filled by Actions

Connecting the Audience


A Relationship,

A Constructed REALity


Codes & Conventions.

INSERT  grigri HERE .

Implied Space - Tree & Sky 4

All the World is a Stage of Poetry,


are morphemes seeking connections.

All Mass Media


Codes & Conventions:

( insert-subliminal-message-here—by-Griswold )


Every Tag Cloud contains

Values, Beliefs & Ideologies.

Make sure your Umbrella


Upside Down –

Share this.

We are on Twitter.

Over 1, 2, 3, Followers on IntegerBook .


~Insert Love Here~

Aether Stones



your Shopping Cart





Implied Space - Tree & Sky 5


Insert Message Here: Form Without Content :

all phenomena in their own-being are empty.”

[Insert Candy Heart Message Here]

All Mass Media


Unintended Messages.

Empty your cache



Implied Spaces.


You need Adobe Flashy Players to watch this …

Insert unassuming status message here.

Insert Love here Too!


This message is also included

in a small cloth bag.

Insert shush2 protest message here « Annie Oakley

Re: Insert random thank you message


[ For Extended Context – Use Space Tab ]

Hi Just wanted to say thank you for creating


Although I’m forced to use VS2005 beta 2.

~ INSERT  grigri HERE  ~






Note on writing process: This hyper-linked word-image poem was composed using the found poetry process and word association-improvisation . After creating most of the images I did a search using the the title phrase “inset message here”. I then copied the text from the first page of results and began sculpting the stanzas.

Links were either kept or used to locate other content. As the the stanzas grew, I added other links to expand and modify the context of the composition. The overall theme of Implied Spaces links the stanzas and re-enforcing the connection between cultural subjugation , communication, Mass Media and creative expression through the Arts. Images were created & added as the stanzas took form.

You may choose to just read the main text. Your other choices include reading the main text and then explore the links ( then re-evaluating the text’s meaning/intent), or you can jump back and forth between links and text to create a gestalt experience.