Asemic Snapshot 130 & commentary



That is why this genealogy distorts your cause.

Poignant ice units, breaking hammers –

we are all indebted,

and from which

none of us can escape.


Choose a sharp heart from scissors –

Poetry doesn’t work.

Follow myriad paths

towards mythic parallelism,

hither, infinitive indigestible pond clouds on rocks –

Shake the slumbering yogourt,

dreams rise to the surface.


Poetry with scissors in a puddle of paper –

once more, articles about sleep,

because of sleep’s topmost extensibility.

You need a private magazine

for persuasive reasons –

perhaps extensive

armchair travel

will provide

unbound horizons.

Muskrat ramble

by Kid Ory and his creole band

Composer & Early Jazz Originator -Edward Ory


NOTE: The stanzas grew out of a transmogrification of  French  Dadaist poem that I composed/created(?). It can be found in my recently posted, Asemic Tarot Card 66- up ake.



posts liked – a found poem




Earth Is

Room Enough




This found visual poem is a screen capture of recent BlogPosts I Like icons on my blog page.  A principle of Mass Media is that Mass Media will turn other Mass Media & their content into new types of content, modifying/altering the context & the original intent/message. Collage is an art medium that makes use of this principle. The principle is a key component of Dadaist interpretation of culture, art, and popular Mass Media.


Below is a list of the original posts, so you can peruse the full images in their original context. The List is, in its own way, a found poem. Note that a couple of lengthy titles become individual stanzas in the sequence.

October Tree

Exotic Landscapes Non Watched 01 – 2021

Sunnyside Up




Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art:

Eye[s] in the Sky

Updates: Recent Science Fiction Purchases No. CCLXXXII 

(Isaac Asimov, Mary Vigliante, Algis Budrys, and Vladimir Voinovich)


Do you like your pulp spicy?


Jacob Lehmann – Constructed Spaces


radiograph head III



Found art happening in the moment.


Florence Italy,

Korean tourist jams

Autumn Leaves

on a bass

with Romanian street musicians –

the sound of colourful leaves

dancing in a wind

 full image.