Holiday Photoze: Imaginary Wall


Having fantastic time.  Stopped to see the Great Imaginary Wall.  It is beautifully huge in a very big way.  Every part is unique and you never see the same piece twice. These pictures do not do it justice – so much justice here.  We will be heading back the Rod Serling Omni-Route and onto the Moebius Strip at the Roswell Parallel  Interchange, once we get the GPS working.


Red Letters: Memories of You

Waking skies

At Sunrise,

Ev’ry sunset too,

Seems to be

Bringing me

Memories of you.

Here and there,


Scenes that we once knew,

And they all

Just recall

Memories of you.

How I wish I could forget

Those happy yester-years

That have left a rosary of tears.


Memories of You (1930)

lyricist-poet Andy Razaf

composer Eubie Blake


Yesterdays – Corroded Memory



Days I knew as happy sweet

Sequestered days.



Olden days,

Golden days,

Days of mad romance and love –

Then gay youth was mine,



And truth was mine.

Joyous free and flaming life,

Forsooth, was mine.

Sad am I. Glad am I,

For today I’m dreaming of

Of yesterdays.


Then gay youth was mine.

The truth was mine.

Sad am I, Glad am I.

For today I’m dreaming of

Of yesterdays.




“Yesterdays” is a 1933 song composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics by Otto Harbach.

It was written for the show Roberta (1933), where it was introduced by Fay Templeton. The musical was adapted into a 1935 movie of the same name starring by RKO starring Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Randolph Scott.  The song “Yesterdays” went on to become a well known jazz-blues standard, quite different from the original stage & film  renditions.