Deconstructed Photos 24 & 25

Fellow blogger, Calmgrove, suggested a reconstruction of my deconstructed photos:

A thought just crossed my mind: have you ever reconstructed one of your deconstructions?

It’s not a trick question; I have in mind so-called experimental archaeology which not only builds, say, a modern Viking ship to see how seaworthy it is but also burns down or otherwise destroys reconstructed Iron Age round house, for example, to see what lessons can be learned from excavation or survey in terms of interpreting future archaeological digs….. I suppose my concept might be to try and reverse engineer where your completed art might have come from; like rewinding a film or clicking ‘undo’ but with the proviso that there will inevitably be some corruption along the way back. 

These 2 compositions come close to his idea. They both contain recognizable elements of plastic sheets from one of the original shots.

These particular abstracts also suggest sky & sea,  so here is Love Me Like A River Does, by Melody Gardot.

Collage 14

God sour the milk of the knacking wench

with razor and twine she comes

to stanchion our blond and bucking bull,

pluck out his lovely plumbs.


God shiver the prunes on her bark of chest,

who capons the prancing young.

Let maggots befoul her alive in bed,

and dibble thorns in her tongue.


“God Sour the MIlk of the Knacking Wench” by Alden Nowlan.  (1960)