glipnitch in sognifs


A Blitz Poem (??)


glipnitch over glipnitch

glipnitch under glipnitch


glipnitch for sail

glipnitch in sognifs


sognifs under sognifs

sognifs forged sognifs


sognifs fizzed glipnitch

sognifs transformed tilt-jabs


tilt-jabs leave boats

tilt-jabs phased tilt-jabs


tilt-jabs over glipnitch

tilt-jabs congeal contfruntches


contfruntches flutter sognifs

contfruntches sognifs contfruntches


contfruntches glist glibnitch

contfruntches tilt-jabs chesfrunks


chesfrunks glibnitch chesfrunks

chesfrunks congeal chesfrunks


chesfrunks sail goats

chesfrunks flay skesfrupchitz


skesfrupchitz slay groats

skesfrupchitz conflate skesfrupchitz


skesfrupchitz inflate sails

skesfrupchitz tilt-jab chitzrupskers


chitzrupskers malign chesfrunks

chitzrupskers magnify chitzrupskers


chitzrupskers glow groats

chitzrupskers flow zrupterchulzt


zrupterchulzt inflate skesfrupchitz

zrupterchulzt glibnitch zrupterchulzt


zrupterchulzt glist sognifs

zrupterchulzt sognifs sreksruptzetters


sreksruptzetters sognifs glibnitch

sreksruptzetters tilt-jab sreksruptzetters


sreksruptzetters glibnitch glist

sreksruptzetters zrupterchulzt tzlutjerchtruper


tzlutjerchtruper glibnitch glow-groats

tzlutjerchtruper sognifs slerkrouphjethers


slerkrouphjethers glibnitch flow

slerkrouphjethers flower slerkrouphjethers


slerkrouphjethers chesfrunks flowers

slerkrouphjethers glist-over chesfrunks


chesfrunks flow glibnitch

chesfrunks glow-groat sognifs


sognifs sail glibnitch

sognifs glist-over chesfrunks




No gluzxltches were mihgfizjyilexed in the composing of this Blitz Poem. The spelling & grammar software is in the corner pitifully weeping & gibbering a glibnitch over slerkrouphjethers in a glow-groat of chesfrunk tilt-jabs.

Asemic Snapshots : Translating Poetic Truth.

I discovered Federico Federici (aka Antonio Diavoli ) by way of his posts on Asemic & Concrete Poetry. He has a rich fascinating blog. While putting his post, Da “Per innata difesa (variazioni sul tema dell’umore)” – 03.11.2004, through a Google translation, I decided to experiment a bit.

I first did a translation directly from the Italian to English. I then decided to move the Italian to English by way of Haitian Creole to Javanese to Japanese. As syntactical structure, idiom, and vocabulary shift, the translation moves even further into the metaphorical. Federico Federici’s language, already, rich with images & metaphor, has the literal & linear components stretched and reconfigured, as the filter of multiple software translations interpret the text. Meaning is added, subtracted, and recalibrated within an implied space, where text, linguistics, and human expression is calculated by software.

I took the screen shots and used them to create Asemic Snapshots of Translating Poetic Truth. The whole process becomes an example of the Mass Media principle of Necro-media, Mass Media consuming other forms of media and turning them into content.




The final outcome is to wonder if we have moved closer to understanding or further away. Has new meaning been generated by crating different media context ? If so, how does it inform the original media text ? Consider how this process functions in the current world of social media, reshaping the context of politics, social norms, and personal & public interaction.



software learns to visualize implied space

I’ve found a new tool for exploring implied space – a machine learning algorithm that attempts to translate text into a generated image. The outcome that it creates can be surreal Dadaist compositions.

The implied space, where interpreting language as a visual construct, is filled with unexpected interpretations. The combined context of words with the image creates a new meaning, that is an open ended message.  It can be a tool for research, art, or social commentary.




Sources articles & online software.

This AI is bad at drawing but will try anyways.

Turning your words into surreal nightmares or gentle dreams?

Try it  HERE