Pure Asemic


My daughter’s careful notes –

hidden thoughts diligently captured –

expressed, they flutter out,

the cocoons have burst open.



Asemic Charts: Word Maps & Cartography of Letters

Asemic Charts map out words between the lines of a cartography of letters that fall into implied spaces of meaning – walking down pathways that mark the neurological echoes of language, standing at the corners of memory, just trying to make a point, as the checkered Mumbles drive by, carrying their indecipherable messages – fares past due .


Cayes of straight lines turn, as waves of scribbles crash & break up against the ignorant reefs and the continents of magnitude, shifting discourse between the public & private, pebbles tumbling and snap-chatting in the brine of sentiment – ships full, carrying vague memories, voyage out to the edge of knowledge and fall off into uncharted symbols of inarticulate notes & post-its = 3[ a shopping list of to-dos trapped in a crowded aisle of fridge door reminders & text messages twittering off; towards a horizon, a steady stream of verbiage winding down the spout of proclamations, declarations, and demanding questions twittering in the wind of popular culture’s current of trends].


False facts fly by clouds of alternative truths, casting shadows upon oft aged newspapers and messed missed memos of certitude – fingers follow the lines and curves of letter cartography, punching out the meaning of messages, while linking in the glaring light of day at three in the morning – or half past the International Dateline, as diplomacy dips and heaves in choppy seas – manoeuvring past melting relationship icebergs that grind out responses most apt. How the butterflies and albatrosses rise on feathered colloquial cognition & wing their way to new latitudes & longitudes of interpretations, translations, and adaptations into new forms of expressions, accents, dialects & idiolects . Mores and Memes twirl in the breezes of topical isles, leaving no moan unturned in the whining whinges of platitudes and vagrancies of fellowship broken by wordless ineptitude – the flowers and exotic fruit of friendly eyes & soft calming voices dance on the bright sand of a beckoning paradise.

Linguistic certainty seeks Mass Media proficiency midst the shoals of transparency – undisclosed eventualities line up in the Blocked Capillaries carrying spam messages and unsolicited calls tangling the lines of communication in a fretful scurrying of requests, demands, surveys, and surprising offers – One Time Only, Big Prizes & Win a trip to day-glow entry points of power and home security from the vicissitudes of human frailty that moves on infirm limbs towards an uncertain certainty of ending. How like a rose petal the fragrant smell of limited success is written in the margins of monthly endeavours – wasting time in the shadows of verbiage, chewing on sentences, falling over phrases of collaged ideas = too(L) mu(L)ch the Power of Beliefs & Ideologies that is a Pavement covered in the chalk colours of the our Soaring Hopes & Dreams, and cracked by our Feverish Fears & Insecurities. Whispers fill the cracks with innuendo & gossiping tongues – graffiti proclaims the margins will bleed into the main clauses of conviction with garish colours and spiralling scripts to inspire archetypal plays and loud mimes that chant out phonemes & morphemes of yet to be discovered languages that rise on the melodies of trees & galaxies.

Mail from the Borderlands: Postcards of Sunrise & Tears

postcard1-asemicCultural Intuition – Convicted Civility

Beyond Cultural Intelligence


Innocence / Re-tolerance –


we want

Our Students of the Heart

to develop cultural sensitivity.



Community of Silence

hovers on the horizon –

People with Empathy

reveal different cultures


mistake Weasel Bears


Truth Tellers –





Beyond Cultural Intelligence,

Bitter Sweet Love

Made very painful,



An idea is,

sometimes with indole,



The pilgrim story writer (að þróa mikilvægt að ).


        Indolently, on the dole,

ID Them and not Me.

( echoes grow ironic roots)

Torrid Taiga brings news of Tears –

Liang Da sails towards port,

Al Manner, Viru-þ-jumu (Virtual Juju) Time.



Call the student travellers towards þ,

pluck it from the lion’s paw,

Maugli’s brother knows him not-

Marathi prints outer maps,

Tomorrow & Tomorrow

Treads by at a steady pace.



Helm mutters

Cultural Insights,

Offers Innocence aid, Áráumað .


I do not know if

we shall meet again –

perhaps tomorrow,

perhaps tomorrow.

Antique Aged Asemic Memory-Text


Scans and photos of an old Secondary School English Literature textbook, yellowed mystery novels and boy’s western adventure books were all used to create these compositions.  The lines layered, twisted, reversed and broken into words and letters. Fragments of  illustrations become combined with text to create new context and new visual forms.  The recombined context reveals and hides meaning that creates new forms of relevance.




Meaning and memory are linked

to a constructed reality.

We build it up in layers,

submerging lines of text,

compartmentalizing words

into letters,

letters into dots,

dots into pixels of meaning,

context hanging in the spaces between

the meaning constructed out of memories

that fade,

age & reform .




When the letters are reduced to pixels has the meaning been lost, or has it continued – becoming a quantum  level of intention, context, and coherence ?

Does the large distorted text create spaces, which become their own glyphs & sigils ?