mini lesson on quotation insertion


“Trumpian stream of consciousness” is an oxymoron

Real Subtle Small smiles today;

nothing stops the music


the flinge-flail season,

when it is enchanting.

When you are attractive,

Hairstyle is the world:

please nurture a common love.

The terrible happening during sleep is not a green political strategy.

Built my philosophical era – erroneous incrustation crustacean convergence.

My Satya-aha before you, know now it-

think omnivorous blue.

War yellow stone colour clamors


clings to yogibogeyboxist steps .

A stone can love access –

or it is what keels before the aetheric action

internal to hypothetical assumptions .

Public cloud?

Aesthetic sunglasses?

There is more of this –

a delicate caustic deciduous decision dilemma.

Sometimes I express my words of war and sun.

This must be a waste weary worry wandering

~ And in the world conjoined by a fallen plethora of explanatory peloothered abstractions .

Society of the soauning glibsters –

taking blisterbob snapshots of what is presupposed



When this externality (of actuality ) is thus developed into a circle –

icicle hernias,

flounder on flower petals

in the quivering sun’s light.

Language attains on its own,

particular majestic manner


a high

intellectual development –

counterpontaneous discord,

dinner in the moonlight boughs.

One night, it is so strange

– Balloons,

then pernicious pumpernickel .

You are an orange.

What is a reference to ?

Solar medicine.



“Proof that participation in the air is going well”.

Who followed Luge opening ?


Juice mould –

jab a dewdrop full of dreams.

Do the Scribbledehobble data drum tailors see the quantity of used sour-dough-finagletropean impediment for participation?



Asemic Calendar Notes

While doing some background research on asemic writing & art, I found a glitch text generator and other related glitch information. ( unfortunately I found some of this after my son went back to London after his holiday visit, so I am trying figure out what some of the other applications are supposed to do). Played a bit with the generator and incorporated in this series of asemic compositions. The attempt is very prominent in first image.



Asemic writing falls between visual art and contextual text. We can look at asemic writing as an art form that uses the codes and conventions of calligraphy/typography. In this case, both meaning and emotional impact is derived from the form, colours, and textures(art medium used), rather than information communicated through the text. Because the text does not act as a direct medium of conveying a message, it is asemic, without meaning.


Contextual text refers to disrupting the linkage between words, phrases and graphics/symbols. By mixing random letters, words, phrases, and graphics meaning breaks down. Multiple fonts, writing modes, languages, and systems of symbols may be combined. Modifying space and direction will further disrupt conventional interpretation. Layering of text and mixing textures and colours will increase the disruption. In this way, the audience is forced to rely on personal context and associations to build an emotional & intellectual response out of an asemic assemblage .


Some Useful Resources


While stumbling about the internet, I also found some other poetry and word-play text-generators at Language is a Virus.  I also found a page from Revolvy that brings together many related topics concerning Asemic writing