asemic map 46

Electronic Convection confection invention – #didiogz1 ~Synchronous dialects at crossroads convey

innocent accent diode dodging after a calm phoneme conjunction.

Conventionalization –

Noh practice of learning clay clauses in terms of interpretation.

In addition to seeing things up to the process, nuisance smiles index reflects singularity.

Also we do something other than that –

telephone fishes beneath a merged performance.

The road, but other than that, it is a beehive.

A continental intelligence searches the sonorous skeleton road erroneously without the oriented luxury ~Not a leisure space.



Asemic Maps 43 & 44

I dream of a constant mix of hunger and excitement around their realm. It’s just one of many odd, off, swirling forms. The streets were paved with parrot voices; the wind shop windows were  waltzing with wonder; step on a crack break the perception of time.

There are ten swimming pools in that town.

More about this source text  A hairdresser’s tie obsessed with that burning photochemical ~ platitudinous nonabrasive erysipelas is a metaphysical metaphor.

Asemic Map 41 – seeking clarification


To submit a city for this-

I have a face that I don’t know who.

I don’t understand it.

Your panel will help you start by discovering the product delivery and binoculars competition I participate in.

So, is there anything on your lap that religious bogs have been determined in my opinion?

If sew, then prepare the wreckage of his father who wrote it.

Use specific coordinates:


unseemly fizz

fizzing popcorn


confirmatory anaerobe

anaerobic fortunes


fortunes fabulate

fabulated vectors


vectors mawkishly defoliate

vectors euphemistically retrofire

Triangulation of Ouija that creates scientific things.

A blank glows.


The reign attends near an electorate.

This irresponsible exit samples a token –


And aviation

Wearing a philosophical kit;

The Disguise Dresses!


Proficiency is always everywhere.

How will the endless choice entail the seventh?

Try Hyde from a glorious cardboard tube

in this arrested run,

Metaphors at every corner.




This prose poem grew out of spam comments  attempting to latch on to various posts.