Collages of Implied Space: 1-3


Process: After creating a series of collages on the scanner bed , I further blended and manipulated the pieces digitally. Collages are an excellent example of Necro-media. This is the Mass Media Principle that  a medium can be consumed by another medium and turned into Media content.

Collage in particular takes advantage of context, constructed reality ,and implied space to deconstruct meaning and social expectations.  For this reason it was a very effective tool/technique of the Dadaists movement .

Selective memory Theatre – An Exploration of Implied Space.

Created by Matthias ‘moka’ Dörfelt, Selective Memory Theatre is a machine-like perception and memory installation which receives the newest images from flickr that get distorted, mixed and blended to pursue a notion of sensory noise and portray memory and perception. Simultaneously these images are mapped as “similar memories” to the secondary projection representing short- and long-term memory layer and their mutual relationships. – Source :  Filip Visnjic CREATIVE APPLICATIONS NETWORK


Selective Memory Theatre is a machine-like perception and memory installation – the intent is to emulate human memory, creating an interaction of online information and sensory input that then teaches the non-forgetting digital memory to forget. It thereby replicates how the the individual mind selects, prioritizes and integrates experience into memory . It is the opinion of Matthias ‘moka’ Dörfelt that this process eventually reduces experience & memory to an oblivion.

As a piece of contemporary Mass Media  Art, it demonstrates how new Mass media technology  is a  Implied Space waiting to be creatively explored, generating new media content in new forms.  It also demonstrates the mass media principle that New Mass Media absorbs/consumes the content and codes & conventions of previous forms of Mass Media, re-constituting them as new constructed realities. More information and  other work  my the artist can be found at the links in the post ( images are also linked to their source document).  The following video  documents  the installation. Vimeo videos are of high quality and may take a bit of time to load. Make sure to watch in HD wide screen.