Entopic Dadaist Collage Poem

An experimental mix of Entopic technique and Dadaist Collage poetry (random words). A bit of asemic writing thrown in to deconstruct the message of the fantasy art. Have no idea why my wife printed it up – possibly for comparison purposes. Further deconstruction by cutting up the pieces and randomly reassembling them.

The fantasy art, drawn from Nordic mythology, is a hypersexualized power image that  feeds  a pop-culture male vision of powerful women, goddess, warrior, and threat. The message becomes further deconstructed in the second composition.

Asemic Valentines -Red Hot

Here are 2 Asemic Valentines, some verse, and vocal renderings in honour of the Patron Saint of Botched Plans, who was beheaded in the 3rd century.

Daisy, Daisy,

Give me your answer do!

You look crazy,

With your eyes

Of icy blue.

It may be that bloody knife

You Carry,

Or what you did to poor Harry –

But you look sweet,

In your bare feet

Cutting your sister

In Two!





When is Art  – Art ?

Being there is the problem – just be without there.

Why is the question greater than the pause ?

When is it time for imminent to end ?

The poem is structure – the meaning is Amorphous.

Communication is shaped by meaning – the message is shaped by Context.

Sending the message does not correspond to its purpose.

Threading the needle does not convey the metaphor – reality is not constrained by Perception or Allusions.

The making of the Thing is the Thing – conceptual making is the message without constraints.

Is this a poem ?