Losing Control of the Narrative




Newspaper Exclusive – Constructing Reality.

News Update – Redefining Facts……..

Press Briefing – Redirecting the Smoke.

Losing Control of the Narrative –

Black Swan Press Release.



A pair of Black Swans –

contradictions arising

over deep waters.

Asemic Cinema: Run-A-Way Bus

Welcome to the Asemic Cinema, where opening  shots& titles tell a different story from the one passing before your eyes. This week’s classic comes from a time & place that once was/will be.  It is a re-write of  The Runaway Bus (1954), a British Mystery-Comedy – please note that the sub-titles have been deconstructed to find alternative meaning.


Conversation finds

travellers seeking motion

commotion in lines.





Those of you who remember the Ditto handouts in the classroom will recognize the blue text in these compositions created from scanography loose collage pieces. Finally clearing out left overs from years of teaching, brings back a host of memories and emotions – time has turned to past tense reveries, technology changes and crucial Mass Media becomes artifacts of another century ( Mass Media consumes & transforms other Mass Media into content ). For those of you too young to have experienced the blue/purple of a Ditto, here is a bit of historical background.

A spirit duplicator (also referred to as a Ditto machine in North America, Banda machine in the UK or Roneo in France and Australia) was a printing method invented in 1923 by Wilhelm Ritzerfeld and commonly used for much of the rest of the 20th century. The term “spirit duplicator” refers to the alcohols which were a major component of the solvents used as “inks” in these machines. The device coexisted alongside the mimeograph.

Spirit duplicators were used mainly by schools, churches, clubs, and other small organizations, such as in the production of fanzines, because of the limited number of copies one could make from an original, along with the low cost and correspondingly low quality of copying. ( See:  History of the Spirit Duplicator )

As secondary school teachers, my wife & I always had  a stack of ditto sheets ready to go at home to prepare handouts ( the eventual arrival of a photocopy machine made life considerably easier) . One day we came home to discover our dog and cat waiting for us. Dog sat happily wagging his tail with his very blue/purple tongue.  The cat was sitting daintily on the table top with her now lovely indigo paws. Shredded ditto sheets littered the floor. The dog was happy to see us, while the cat had an expression that seemed to say he did it, I tried to keep those papers from sliding off the table, but alas it could not be helped. 

Torn strips, blue letters

fallen to memory’s floor –

Time stains finger tips.



Ethel Walters sings “Am I Blue” recorded 1929. I can recall/hear my mother singing this one and she & my father dancing to the tune.  More tangential stains left by Time.

Blog Page Realities




So I happened  to be looking at one/two of my earlier posts, Observed Encounter Between Water &Rock and I took a screen shot. Inspired by Ashley’s post, Abstract Square #1, I started manipulating the textures using a polished stone effect and a detail-stylizer effect.  Ashley uses her camera-phone to take wonderful minimalist & surreal compositions of her surroundings, finding art in the odd corners of her environment.  I looked at the constructed reality of the blog page and reimagined it as a physical surface and then framed these surfaces within the context of old photographic processes – they became digital representations of older  types of photographs, that captured the constructed reality of digital images turning into a physical surface.

My screen-shot included icons from community members. Bloggers included  here are Nia(private blog), Photobooth Journal, Harrienijland, A Nomad in Cyberspace, Slippery Edge ( art magazine), Jennspoint, Ananya Learns to Julley , Herman van Bon Photography , A Certain Line,  – please note that there is one icon unidentified; I am unsure as to what blog is represented .

The whole process demonstrates the Mass Media Principle that I refer to as Necro-Media.  Mass Media consumes itself.  One form of Mass Media turns another into content. It may also attempt to imitate/emulate the codes & conventions of another medium.

Hope you found this experiment in re-combining Mass Media of interest.  Clicking the links will let you access the other blogs in a new browser tab. Clicking the images will let you see them in larger detail.


Memories are made of This – The Gaze




A demand is made through direct gaze when a figure gazes directly out of the media text at the viewer, demanding a response. It involves a character-model making eye contact with the viewer, and establishing a personal connection in the viewer’s mind. – Advertisement Appeals



I went down to the St. James Infirmary,

I saw my baby there

She’s laid out on a cold white table

So, so cold, so white, so fair.

St. James Infirmary