Magazine Cover & Book Spine Poem: Traveling with The Dead

Traveling With The Dead1


The Watcher stands

guarding with frozen-silver eyes,

green skin twisting with

Tattoos through the ages –

beneath his feet

the Traveling Dead,

The Dog,

Go-Down Moses


Satan’s shoes.







           Life in a civil war, ….


of polite words

leaves you

Traveling with the Dead –

bitter winds declare



the Vikings

of broken promises

who ransacked your faith,

broke your heart,


The Dog-that-Wouldn’t-Be,

Red as Blood Whispers,

crouches before

Seven Footprints to Satan……….


         Great Expectations

         are devoured. 






Traveling with the Dead,

The Dog that wouldn’t be Red as Blood


” Go Down, Moses

Seven Footprints to Satan,

Great Expectations.”


Here ends the inscription found 

scratched on the inner walls

of the Temple of Kadath the Unknown

Only the Dreamer in Black Silver

knows  who left these words.

NOTE: Refer to H. P. Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle.


The Hungry Eclipse

The ancient Chinese believed that solar eclipses occur when a legendary celestial dragon devours the Sun. They also believed that this dragon attacks the Moon during lunar eclipses. In the Chinese language, the term for eclipse was “chih” which also means “to eat”. One ancient Chinese solar eclipse record describes a solar eclipse as “the Sun has been eaten”. Solar Eclipses in History and Mythology



the Sun has been eaten

celestial dragon devours


darkness glides over land

strength crumbles

bang the drum

Astronomical computations

calculate dates & paths –

future and past

are eclipsed

with great accuracy

tears fall



Cracker Storage 2

A fragment of a lost poem by a Greek poet and soldier Archilochus (ca. 680–645 BCE):

Nothing there is beyond hope,

nothing that can be sworn impossible,

nothing wonderful, since Zeus,

father of the Olympians,

made night from mid-day,

hiding the light of the shining Sun,

and sore fear came upon men.

Eclipse in Ancient Greece

The sun god Ra (or Re) was the supreme power in the universe.


dragon darkness

shadow serpent


Ra’s golden ship sails

past the world’s edge

returns in victory

Eclipse in Ancient Egypt

Viking sky wolves, Korean fire dogs, feasting frogs and toads chase the sun – in Africa, …… celestial reconciliation

See: Solar Eclipse Myths From Around the World

The Hungry Eclipse shifts

settles down to a meal –

grey coat drapes table

unity surrounded by fire

darkness becomes the light –

look for the cracker box

shiny prize inside.

For some recent shots of the actual eclipse see Graham Stephen’s Solar Eclipse, 20 March 2015.

Implied Spaces: Skinning the Wolf 1

Bookshelf ScreenWall
Implied Spaces – Bookshelf

You remember the story,

but do you ?

It happened a long time ago –

Hearing the story.

You know the story,

Do you ?

It happened –

A very long time ago.



It happened, once upon a time –

Someone told you the story.

Perhaps from Memory,

But what did they Remember ?

A Story,



Telling them a Story ? 

Was it with pictures ?

The Story –

You know,

A picture-book.

Did they move ?

The Pages


The Pictures.

– In Your Mind –

You remember –

A Red Cloak & Hood.

A Little Girl in the Dark Woods.

And there was a Wicked Wolf.

Do you remember now ?

Did you remember then ?

Bookshelf Folklore Tales MT
Tales on The shelf


Look back,

There on on the bookshelf –

The Bookshelf of Memory –

She is waiting,

For you to take down the Book.




Red Riding Hood on The Bookshelf MTt
Red Riding Hood on The Bookshelf


You remember the story,

but do you ?

It happened a long time ago –

A very long time ago.


You know the story,

Then ?

Let me remind you.


I loved the cloak –

Oh, so red.

I hung it on a hook,

On the wall,

near my bed.


A beautiful riding cloak,

Billowing, stitched edge.

That shadow filled hood –

So beautiful & red,

When by my White Pony

I most calmly stood,

Before I entered

The dark and terrible wood.              

Grandmother stitched

Secret words into the hood,

Oh, so read

By birds & shadows,

And by me –

Before I went to bed.         



Tales of the Brother Grimm 1

Many shades of red

Could be seen in the cloak & hood.

Many shades swirled about,

As from place to place,

I daily sped.


Some chuckled calling me

A little precious scarlet girl.

Others insisted that burgundy

Deep was plain to see.

Oh, so like the red wine sea,

The cloak waved & wisp’d.

Many, like sailors, offered me

A kiss.


That day, White Star,

My pony brave,

Proved lame.

A shoe unlucky,

He had thrown.

Hobbled he over

Grass and stone.


I would walk about

That day with a basket full,

For Grandmother.

You know the story

Then ? 



The basket was full and heavy,

Ready to give birth,

Bursting with delights –

Cake and wine.


Runes cast in sweet cake –

Oven luck-coins filled

With red raspberry’s song .

Baking Fate,

A joy-gift – wynn gyfu.

Ash-tree embraces yew.

Yew delights the oak.

Blessed by dæg .

Kissed by night.

Wild berry wine.

A bottle of starlight glass,

As white as bone.

As cold as stone.

Blessed by The Three,

Mother, Aunt and me.

A sweet bubbling spring,

The Dance-mender’s voice.

The gift of a Choice.

Laden with health-givers

I stepped into the woods.

Walking the twist-stepper,

My cloak and hood

Skipped and danced with me –

In sunlight they laughed,

In shadow they smiled.

You know what happened then.

Remember ?

Cloaked in leaves and branches,

Came the flower-giver.

The Wolf tread between

Shadow and sunlight.

Smiling, he bowed,

Joining the dance.

After much time

Midst perfume and petals,

I came to the cottage.

Hollow welcome awaited.





Red Riding Hood 1 MT
Red Riding Hood – An Old Tale Remembered



As you know,

Three oaks and a troupe of hazels

Encircle Grandmother’s dwelling.

The Hazels, sisters of the wood –

Stepsingers –

Dance by the moonlight

With Star-shadows.

Remember ?



Many know the oaks’ names,

Few know where to find them.

Huginn and Muninn

Stand to either side.

Centre stands

Myrthlin’s Room,

The Glass-tann,

Tho some call it

The Hanged Man’s Morning. 

That day none called out.

They smelt the Wolf

Midst my flowers.  

You know the Rest,

Do you ?

The bed, the gown, the cap –

Shadow grove eyes,

Flower-giver’s Song –

Then teeth and maw,

The Descent


Maze-madness ?

Finally the Riddle-dance.           

wolf spirit
wolf spirit

When is skin a cloak ?

When is death a birth ?

When is a knife a key ?         

How do you swallow

a Stone

With your Mouth closed ?

How do you

Remember the Story

Now ?

Well enough, I suppose.                 


It happened –

A very long time ago.

We three communed –

Grandmother, The Huntsman, and me –

With Rune Cake and Rights Wine.

When the second wolf

Came calling at the door,

All was prepared.

It happened, once upon a time –


Remember ?





Who Run with The Wolves fr


Notes on Process: You remember the story, but do you ? Between the lines of the story, how it is told, how it is remembered and retold is found inimplied space. Using the works of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PHD. as inspiration, I started to build  images.  Choosing and organizing the visual compositions, I then created a structural pathway for the stanzas.  The narrative voices took on a power of their own. I initially thought it would all be contained in one post. The final segment will require its own post. The “wolf spirit”  composition was originally used  in a post on my main blog, Dark Pines Photo. Click the image to see the original post.