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The Postcard has been Wired

Dear Glammy Gert,


Keep silent only with your thoughts,

the soul is so lonely, alone in winter.

Remember, that form is important,

but its function must be there.



Listen to Melody to draw out

distant echoes

of the Men who made

the Furniture Dance.



I tried to reach the farthest shoreline,

But the gloves were more than an illusion.

The chateau overlooking the frozen lake,

seemed to throw up a hand armament in amazement.

I will read more –

the train rides leisurely tracks.


Best wishes, next stop Veil Vale Village,

Your Polka Pooka.

looking for words

tunnels seek the light-

carpel tunnel denial,

just drained, breath in.


I’ve caught up with the early part of the 21st century – now have a Twitter account. I’ve added a link on the sidebar, right at the bottom. While trying to figure the tweeting, I found some other photo bloggers who post on Twitter and have followed them.  Next thing is to figure out what to post and stay out of trouble.


January Winter – Aged Impressions


January ninth, winter now corrodes

memory with shifting weather –

The deep cold cracks open,

releasing a slow slide

towards mild weather, that drips,

drips, drips,

dripping downward

toward a pool of slippery

heaps, slushing away

to a false

sense of spring –



how raindrops laugh now,

where arctic breezes once sat,

what season is this ?