Asemic Map 6


Notes found on the back of Asemic Map 6.

These have been diligently translated using an algorithm that detected three unknown languages. There were textual adjustments in finding equivalent contemporary words. The experts had some disagreement as to whether these were math formulas or poems. Further division occurred over whether these lines present tax assessments or incantations to protect travellers from sexually transmitted diseases. A minority believed these were notes in preparation for political debate.

He himself first has Disc Ptolemy with his father to strike the statue and place the intruder.


Part of the negligence is all work ~*


The Sailor carried a huge thread base –

a voyage of solitude and lachrymose wings.

The last Riardo Table is the Doited Romans ~*

immunogenic tangle-bush of the suspicious people –

after the middle.

The baggage fudges against the cool alien. The opera succeeds. The instinct burst dictates into the royal megachilidae coordinates. A whatever hum moans beneath the doom. A contracted promise warms to a token near an overdue existence. The vertical tale leaps a badge.

Asemic Maps 4 & 5

An unhelpful doubt results throughout any fuller congealed coordinates.

The studio boards produce an absurd synthesis. This prevents the additional diagrams from encapsulating the secret river systems.

The other is that the innocent Magister Riardo Waken, upon gathering rivers, apparently down-dolmed the direction with the time of forested dogwood. As a consequence, due to the humidity, ego geographically blamed the sleep source. Furthermore, our credulous leaper quadrant is displayed for an early interpretation..



Also note that swaying straw voice mountain is an excellent example of each of the eighteen imperatives, and that the Earth is nonconvectively artwork of a fenced easternmost point – impressions of horizons escape amplitude at this longitude.


In the Biblical world, everything flowed here by way of Tanakomed the Great. A combination of the Middle Ages and untenaciously gulping expanded words of the first desire, altering latitudes and tangents along curvature thoughts.


Its curious platitude elevation confused both map makers and travellers – seasoned sailors and locals would subcordately gloat at rising levels of hyperbole by those confused by the vectors of parenthesis along the higher elevations and meandering shoreline.



Note from the calculated studies:

Over-neatly girders,

same anecdote combats an unset colour –

Merchant of the times knew
Information village was found there.

Dadaist Poem – UFO Enigmas Report




After the complaining liberal cicadas gasps the economic charge, the diddle wandering converts deep particle acceleration litotes. The bookstore worships a monarch suspicion inside a potential turtle shell. Myrtle Faithful Age tries verbiage deification within the static. Will a stereotype puzzle reveal UFO enigmas? A wish grasps the cleaner. Every attempt represents complicated smell above the Surface ^ Pavement Isotopes Neoclassicism.


Prevention Ore offers clematis clergies,

Stage Noertges Snow often cerebritis –

Ogle formed transmission.

Men-benders assist noir refund transcripts >/_


*~/the Touching Orbs rise;

1958 – too elusive,

Then ‘three men in black suits’

silenced Social Blender.



Two offers, particularly the FBI –



a) In India/*~

People flocking

a Village


 Goat walk around town on its hind legs.


b)Whatever Bass multiplies each vile battle*song –

Astronomers have discovered

Black Holes make chirping sounds

When they Merge.


Follows Events Protocol :


Bridgeport MIB ~**

Or ‘Hush-Up’ >>>~*


Bridgeport, CT –

11 p.m. on July 2 2020,

Witness reportedly saw



White Object

Slowly Moving


Above the Waters

Black Rock Harbor <<<*~

Mysterious courgette >”//~.





They saucer 22 off the North-side,

Canoe tipping allegory,

A ridden zero jams

After remarkable clone.



Special itinerary agent,

just the look

concerning that concerning,

Inner secret.


Evening knew;

Printed letter-writer

copies his superficial belt

from inquiring histrionics.



The Theory Bureau,

unnecessary calculus squashes

a charm –

Off Oklahoma/Saskatchewan

A buffer relaxes.


Public Goes Flag,

Many happenstance sleep –

Bender to contact,

Behind an optic cruises a machinery.



Offal have periodicals too –

MIB had onion scans

from the discouraged.


Not a village, these turnip equations

reads information;

UFO 0*< subject,

1959 city rendering reports discs –

don’t myopia mythopoeic metaphors.

(Allegedly instructing OOBE silenced anyone >>* response).


Memorandum Matter QA0: City Agent –

Are HGT<interim> will flying agents added:

A and J on still.

Today is your November Moan.

Have federal outcome

at MIB Oklahoma/Attawapiskat

~*T-Sugar corrects the Tailor.


Stella Bah~k, ambitious leader

> an online media company, Girls7evra,

> unregistered auto-giro sighted over property



Contact: Darkest at Director 0 >

letter saucers factual reported –

He suddenly became aware of two very small bright eyes watching him.”

Recorded on last Tuesday of the following month:


little whether/weather;

You are he just;

Of8 are wishing-stone agent,

the RZ to/palindrome peninsula.

Melancholy pleasure

Would of Lo Prohibido immediately.


Transmission Ends Here.

The nature exists! Behind an optic cruises a machinery. The kingdom monitors a guitar. The military trips? A pigeon associates the shouting tail underneath the yawn.


When the Men in Black show up



Painting  by Zdzislaw Beksinski


Process Note: While wandering the internet, I read an article about the FBI’s investigation of Men in Black & UFOs . I ended up taking part of the article & running it through a Dadaist Poem scrambler. I then used a Random word/sentence/paragraph generator to add and edit the composition.

The introductory paragraph is a modified random paragraph. The final paragraph that begins, “The nature exists”, is a random paragraph  from the generator that was not modified in any manner.

The use of this software to produce sentences or single words opened up a door to a spooky synchronicity. I would select places in the text where I wanted a word or phrase to create a surreal or absurdist image. The random generator started producing words that were the opposite of that. If I wanted to jump down the rabbit hole, I could have believed that “something” was trying to edit the text to provide info about MIB & UFOs. 

I have included new & old images in this post: clicking some images will link to an earlier post on this blog or my Media Literacy blog. Some text is linked to sources, background information or something of interest. I hope you find this curious post of interest.