Miskatonic University ~ The Zelda Zadok Expressive Eldritch Dance Troupe

Miskatonic University has been home to The Zelda Zadok Expressive Eldritch Dance Troupe for many decades, some say eons. The Troupe performed on many levels, going far beyond the astral. As you can see in the accompanying photograph, capturing the dancers’ motions was challenging. Zelda insisted that the Music of the Spheres was too limiting for dancers who worked in non-Euclidean Space; instead the Music of the Tesseracts was used in all performances and rituals.

The following video of Tango Bardo, Loca, will give you a sense of the kind of emotional atmosphere that Zelda’s Troupe was most noted for.

Abstract Tuesday: Emotional, some out, and cucumbers

There’s tight –

Emotional, some out, and cucumbers.



Museum of the scissors’ vulgar horse;

Engines and cultural contusion canopies

collide –

impinging particles of lovelorn salutations

on the brain-stem of a cornucopia mirror.

Offer place in the free articulation

of the heartfelt pantheistic brooding.


Drag the shake scrumping syllogisms;

Majorities to infinitely lexis eardrums;

An ambrosia with colloquial repository

will be forgiven;

Piano tickles that reducing rondeau.



A cut incarnate execution — gentrification orbs are concerned allegory arises — the flirtatious idiolect;

Determine brain visit and growing rhythms.

Failure museums ~

Off tap into Enhancing Land,

an aged bard slinking

with positive chrestomathy.

Not to tune the take schleps;

Herd of a coulda-shoulda drums attractions

of original gently prescribed clausula charms,

In their lazy sensibility experiences of that dramatic irony with stress.


NOTE: The Dadaist Collage poem was assembled from mangled lines of online text. The image was another attempt on my part to create a digital art piece that emulates AI generated art. I used a portion of a photo that can be found HERE.

Miskatonic University Photo Gallery ~ Spirit Photography

The invasion ~There is laughter in the eyes behind the wall.


The Miskatonic University is noted for its many special studies of the Antiquities and Eldritch knowledge.  The University has in its archives a vast collection of photographs of their staff and students. Included in the archive are photos of student clubs and a range of funded research activities. The Andy WarholSpirit Photography Club was established after Warhol’s death, and he has remained the Guiding Spirit of the club ever since.



One of the first photos was in colour. It captured some unusual subjects; not is much known about the photograph or photographer (the memories appear to have faded away). It is believed the photographer was in turn captured shortly after developing the image.  This is supported by the fact those who view the original print often hear ethereal tittering-giggling, and a pleading voice asking to be released. The spirits in this photo remind some of those found in the Cottingley Fairies photographs. Who knows if the forms presented in these images are true resemblances, or just more friendly beguiling shapes to hide intent and visages that exceed the grasp of the human perception.


The Phantom Poodle & Shadow was photographed by a club member.  The individual was bitten, but the spectral teeth barely left a mark on the photographer’s arm.  All that was required was extra care in grooming of the photographer and his shadow, especially on certain significant days in the year. He became a serious devotee of the Dog Star, Sirius – and developed an uncanny knack at finding truffle mushrooms, as well as other extremely exotic fungi ( See: Fungi from Yuggoth ).

This Spirit Photography Portrait really draws the viewer in, and necessary precautions include making sure the viewer is securely tethered-anchored when being in the presence of the original print. All attempts to steal the print have failed; the thieves never to be seen again.

This final piece was taken in conjunction with Miskatonic University’s Out-of-Body-Experience  (OOBE) class’s Doors of Perception of The Dreamlands Project. The enthused photographer was besides himself with excitement at participating in the project. It took a little over three months to pull himself back together.


~~~ For those interested-beguiled-confused by this Lovecraftian series of tongue-in-cheek Eldritch posts, the following PBS presentation may be helpful.