do you remember the honey melon moon ?




Visual poem composed by representing text as constructed images using AttnGAN   online web-applet 

Software created by  Cris Valenzuela.

See Calmgrove’s posts Brexit means Brexit ?  &  Five goldfinches on a Feeder  for his use of the software.


silver shadow countryside



Have we not been here before, standing in this harsh light ? Is this not the same place we once gathered, ready for some unexpected moment to arrive ? The edge of this photograph now is sharp and brittle, like the tears running down familiar faces – so wrinkled with travelled journeys. How these trembling fingers seem to make the silver shadows dance to an unsteady rhythm, without reason or gentle rhyme. Perhaps one last song of remembrance before we go ?


Visual poem composed using AttnGAN   online web-applet 

created by Cris Valenzuela.

Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

Asemic Tarot Cards 5 & 6

a quasi-temporal non-euclidean interpretation of stasis ventilating

Asemic Tarot 5 – Tectonic plates Aczan-Nacht yzr2ca

super^(ᐱᒃ &% }ᐅᒃ

lexicographers allowed oddities and archaisms

tessellations triumphant tectonic trembling tagliatelle tailwind-sloth-song tailoring tabular tabor-tabernacle taboo-tactician-phoneme taciturn tainted tabloidish tannin-tankard tangential #mingish~

nonlinear rack –

contrarian clouds crafted,

demonstrate freedom .

Asemic Tarot 6 – Okhotsk Eye Lashormage-Kuril-Kamcatka

There is sex in that land, and one is always aware of it.

Fore*/$#biddenQ ᐅᒃ`%W

Ocular octopus oracle essential eye fundamentally simulacrum simile mandrel elementalishly funicular function fuddles pond puddle fuchsia fillimentarian gash gellitained lowdown lozenge overall orthographical opium fire optimum obsequiesish safari occluded occupant observation

One only boils fogs-

cafe Latino laundry,

composed lyric ghost

stands in the lane eyeing stars,

white dogs sing to clouded moon.

the entertainer behind the screen

Pay no attention to the figure behind the screen. H. P. Lovecraft’s visit to that New York hot spot, Club R’lyeh, left him ill at ease. It was the jazz music & musicians,  that unsettled him.


Harlem Flat Blues (1929) Duke Elington’s Jungle Band


Oriental Illusions (Oriental Nightmare) Slim Lamar & His Southerners