Asemic Tarot Cards 50 & 51 : Conjoined Reading

Seeking a gentle introduction to bits and pieces of pure gesture: conception & avocados –

agenda of synchronicities

divulges pancake’s eyes & velocipede’s ears.


An attempt to systematize roasted asemic horizon lines on phonetic razors with asemic onions:

seek the green leaves,

ascend the blue bureau of statistical anomalies,

a phonograph, a solargram, and a rotary dial

stroll on by.

A recursive definition: theory is the fractal theory of generic infrastructure streams threatening to coalesce into duvets over the glass rainbow & through the looking glass eye mug –

Irises open to view eyrie.


  An asymptote ash tree horizon,

hovering above, dazzling shadows,

jazz tap dancer’s sequins –

under night’s shroud

coal fire eyes strode,

slurping fireflies.


As theoretical coleslaw approaches hypothetical dreams of the entire world, grotesque grovelling situations becomes suppressed in prose poetry’s hyper-structural rom-com.



Pure gestures can be understood

without meowing pedestrians –

pretty paws crosswalk

in wine-hall’s fluttering lids

that stare out at revelry rose petals.


Asemic Tarot Card 45 – The Metaphor Fabulist

The body of the River, suffering from depression, steals away her daughter – climbing up to a small mountain village isolated from the wild narratives of the North, dreams layered like fine silk, formed by the unpredictable world.


Odeon metaphors climb tall Epithets –

leaving behind Pitiful Hats.

Oxymorons exude bittersweet

Xotty Yellow Mirrors,

Ornate Onions,

found near surprising juxtapositions,

that cling to ephemeral epistles.


The Sparks sanguinely sing.

Grains of cumin

gently fall into the sleeping becks.

This folklore has crafted

a comforting poignant calibration –

jumping kitchen sinks

hopscotch across ceiling tiles

to the beat of Celtic reels –

flips and flickers,

fear-caring effervescent spirit tongues

touching Truth.


Bbq’d perogies brown,

crisp & swell,

bursting open –

a congregation of butterflies.



In the small Forest of Oxymora, history is woven in moss & mirrors of starfish monologues . Hidden Kelp becomes a poet in the sky. This has a history of inevitable reflections and philosophic pointillism.



Fabulism – “a range of non-realist narrative” or a literature of the fantastic which includes, but is not necessarily limited to magic realism, slipstream, literary science fiction, new weird, modern fable, fairy tale, literary horror, and surrealism. I resist the idea of one clear definition and refuse to draw a solid line between genres as I actually prefer to blur them. Most definitions, like manifestos, tend to exclude and qualify to the point of being useless to any practice of writing for wholeness and mystery, which I feel is an original gift of the muse. (Editor David Memmot of Wordcraft)


Asemic Postcards from Lesser Known Hotels 2

As waves perambulated towards the white sands of the toasted beach, we strolled down the boardwalk viewing the hotels & sun bathers, little expecting the chain of circumstances that were about to descend on all of us from those green misted hills. Looking back at it all, the sun drenched mayhem was a cool dip in blue waters & laughter, to be treasured with the frantic postcards sent to folks at home.


Postcard messages –

layered lines of joy ‘n dread sink;

such sweet memories.

Another minuscule mystery haibun in the manner of Claudia McGill.

Cash 4 YOUr POVerty

cash 4 YOU!

cash 4 YOU TOO !

cash 4 YOU $$ TRUE –

cash 4 YOUr POVerty………

cash 4 YOUr POVerty

cash 4 YOUr POV $$-erty !

Ka$$$h 4 YOUr POVerty

Kra$$$$h – 4 YOUr  POV  $$-erty>>>>>>


just casshhh 4 YOUr POVerty RIGHT NOW !


Received the Cash 4 You junk mail the other day. Some of these quick loan businesses can be just this side of shady; all of them exist in a morally grey area by taking advantage of how many hard working people are stuck paying bills. It is very easy to slip into poverty, even here in Canada ( See online: the why poverty series of mini-documentaries on TVO ). Here in Ontario, Doug Ford’s Conservative government stopped the pilot project for guaranteed income before the results were in. The previous federal conservative government, under Stephen Harper, had shut down a federal project in the Yukon in the same manner.

All this makes you wonder, “why poverty”.