Asemic Postcards 39 & 41 – sharing experiences

Waiting for the amp in the squatter –
It was a sleep inning.

The flower petals

were singing,

even tho’ the gardens were empty.



Lockdown – a perverse brass band

playing on an onion computer,

accidental parliament impalement package.



Could have been a contender –

barroom bazookas slip out the door,

what we have is a failure to communicate –

static of the soul & the heart,

unconfirmed cockroach,

clambering cacophony in cabinets.


I’m speeding-up > ignorant tweets<

so I could be suffering dolorous figments.
Had my foreground tag forested –
a trickling resentment,

just a low priced fickle gatekeeper.


~portability probability potential~

-revealed exp. stairs’ spider dread *
Their confusion and the arrival of gossip

were me – inevitable pushing.

Bicycle woods, blame the cobbler’s grief,

forget stereophonic demands –

here comes democracy

wearing a face-mask.

Asemic Maps 4 & 5

An unhelpful doubt results throughout any fuller congealed coordinates.

The studio boards produce an absurd synthesis. This prevents the additional diagrams from encapsulating the secret river systems.

The other is that the innocent Magister Riardo Waken, upon gathering rivers, apparently down-dolmed the direction with the time of forested dogwood. As a consequence, due to the humidity, ego geographically blamed the sleep source. Furthermore, our credulous leaper quadrant is displayed for an early interpretation..



Also note that swaying straw voice mountain is an excellent example of each of the eighteen imperatives, and that the Earth is nonconvectively artwork of a fenced easternmost point – impressions of horizons escape amplitude at this longitude.


In the Biblical world, everything flowed here by way of Tanakomed the Great. A combination of the Middle Ages and untenaciously gulping expanded words of the first desire, altering latitudes and tangents along curvature thoughts.


Its curious platitude elevation confused both map makers and travellers – seasoned sailors and locals would subcordately gloat at rising levels of hyperbole by those confused by the vectors of parenthesis along the higher elevations and meandering shoreline.



Note from the calculated studies:

Over-neatly girders,

same anecdote combats an unset colour –

Merchant of the times knew
Information village was found there.