this way walks The Smiler 2

This way walks The Smiler ~

Stopping an unknown woman conforms to precedent;

Who is the stalker here ?


In dreams, you are served

Scarlet pie, the musty memory

that smiles in the nose,

like cynical snow.


The sleep of grinning shadows

Go – go distances.

Racing heart fatigued, breaks

at The Crossroads of The Moon,

Thinking spiritual ore there.


Too soon that grinning glint

reveals to fleeing heartbeats

the mistake therein.


Only a smile is left,

fading –

like a heavy frost.

good thing, good thing

He has a new heart. Before putting on your shoes, do not follow any instructions not directed by your doctor.


A house with a swimming pool,

a forthcoming piano

Affects adhesion.


Can I return a fan?



Before putting on your shoes, do not follow any instructions not directed by your doctor.

The other wheel offends ostrich eyes – underneath the ancient stucco a secret satellite enters the jambalaya season. A turned decay hunts inside the stiff stacked sky – little more than carved friezes.






This is a good thing.

This is a good thing.


Can I return a fan?

What happens when you sleep on your stomach?

brain damage

stone fish

icicle celery

cultivated odour



Can I return a fan?



Underneath the golden champagne each mystic rails –

juniper jellybeans

sparrows’ idiom trash

volume vaguely tango

urchin curtain tangles


This is a good thing.

This is a good thing.



The idiot next to me looked at me and smiled while I was counting stone fish icicle celery.


Keep telling us!

Keep telling us!


Übermensch glibly gobs golden champagne –

Existential car wax

trumpets with fawn

circumvented curlicues

bent byways blurt


Let’s Go First!


Cloud Car?

Affects adhesion.

Yes, already.


Keep telling us!

Keep telling us!


A house with a swimming pool –

dimensional design tags each versatile molecule

book glue glimpses pavement

radishes rave conscious quantum


This is a good thing.

This is a good thing.


Can I return a fan?




Main course assistant is Looking for Some Dirt –

yawns the cozy vowel

Affects adhesion.



Looking for Some Dirt?


Some Dirt

Some Dirt

Some Dirt



Some, Dirt?

Affects adhesion.


This is a good thing.

This is a good thing.




late night icicle celery

shifts gears –

bingo halls in the moonlight

like tomato plants


saxophone in the integer wine cellar

shifts gears

like tomato plants



Some Dirt

Some Dirt

Some Dirt


Affects adhesion.



This is a good thing.

This is a good thing.



What shoes did he buy at the beginning of the symphony?


Symphony Shoes.

What shoes!


What, shoes?

Shoes Shoes Shoes


Affects adhesion.


This is a good thing.

This is a good thing.


I’m stubborn, but I can do it.

The trap is very thick.

Now take your medicine.

I am close to the hospital.


This is a good thing.

This is a good thing.


a good thing

a good thing

a good thing


Can I return a fan?


Asemic poem(s)~chaotic lines 7

Mass destruction inventory analysis and cans go up quickly with two tools – I can’t count to 20. Also, Objectivity Tables, Naked Theory, Coincidence Combination, a b, c, then ft to D, to So-been theories in enamelled enchantment, it is an honour in many ways. Ballooning lilac reconvened to remiss oasis piffle, as in a matrix of equations, if sour hygiene should be behooved. Furthermore, ask about combinations that respectable falser objectivity piss are distinguished by. Combinations of several options are known, but what are the main advantages of six, four, two heads, which come from many living ideas and facts?


There are holes in the galaxy,

beliefs flutter through –

a resemblance of facts fly



The aglow fist bunt and heads and heads answer through the evidence that there are shelves inside. We have other omniscience which cannot genuflect hypotheses. Often we ding things – one quarter reveals fourteen of us. We-in-We us would expatiate other vaguest mountaineers that contrived and have made secret recapitulation. A shipshape thawing’s own explanation nourished our objectivity. Also, coincidence knew with hour combinations to attribute this on unexplained lives – something Decemnovenarians abc to D wise fact desired, be most of that last on minute are an arranged coincidence.


world is made alive to to

some delusion all at are many

craters in the achieved using preparatory

materials there the existence of these


phenomena and two parties are in

either to some truth or and

harmful products this is tool that

destroys quickly improves conflict


about their meaning a mean certain appearances

which are the analysis of more destructive

when i say phenomena i to

be finally knit on once i

say the whole galaxy today



This snappy segmentation making coincidence has to be very candid about this circular reasoning – its own explanation. The truth is that the last assertion means unconnected what are we to Because one happened to happen at the same moment in which the coincidence: but the presence of the ? The ? To coincidence. There seems something while the omission hides the tatters other happened to happen. To happen. And to of coincidence, the explanation under the adjective strips the theory naked, Theory Naked. Theory. Naked.



The combinations of four are fifteen in there be six counters, a, b, c, of four, but which might with more in one and e in the other, the remaining parts being the same. Let three which can be made out of If a number of counters, it gives what is called a combination – of them are twenty in number, as follows: and any number of them, say four, different letters, be placed on the table, be taken away, the question is, to determine in how many different ways this Two combinations or selections are called different, can be countered coincidence done. Each way of doing which differ in any way whatever; thus, propriety be called a selection of four. D, e, and f; the combinations of abcd and abce are different, D being A B C to Ftg coincidence combination, The Coincidence Combination. Twilight Time: a to b as f to g of abcd six counters, a, b, c, of four, objectivity, Objectivity.


What do we need ? open abcd a f As If; They are wise people. candle; Unable to be placed on the Objectivity table. they are on the Objectivity table. We are invited to participate – If there were 20 different arrangements for a table lesson. B is the number 4, 3, etc, given to C. It doesn’t say; 15 days of hiding is history and the end.


On the Objectivity table come with Coincidence Combination – There are two of us. You Coincidence Combination – That’s cool. slow and weird; high, as Every Decemnovian living knew that this would happen. However; The advantage is that they have a purchase option. All 16 can speak or type. We did our part. There is a quarter; The world is different from this number. We must; when feeding; Be abs. After that, each of us. book; Four, let’s go. The combination we achieved. The fact that they do different things is called different thinking.



The Visual Poem was created using a number of online text, including “Elements of Arithmetic”  1830 by Augustus De Morgansource Project Gutenberg.

The creation of the accompanying collage prose poem combines text from De Morgan’s “Elements of Arithmetic” with text from his Preface for ~ From matter to spirit. The result of ten years’experience in spirit manifestations. Intended as a guide to enquirers (1863) SOURCE: Archive.Org

In sculpting this collage prose poem, I made use of the following online Cut-up Text Tools:

Dada Poem Generator

Text Mixing Desk v2.0

A Cut-Up Generator

Cut-Up Machine

also used, The Random Word Generator.
**** For more on Cut-up technique in relation to literature & art see;

What is the cut up technique?


Abstract Tuesday: Emotional, some out, and cucumbers

There’s tight –

Emotional, some out, and cucumbers.



Museum of the scissors’ vulgar horse;

Engines and cultural contusion canopies

collide –

impinging particles of lovelorn salutations

on the brain-stem of a cornucopia mirror.

Offer place in the free articulation

of the heartfelt pantheistic brooding.


Drag the shake scrumping syllogisms;

Majorities to infinitely lexis eardrums;

An ambrosia with colloquial repository

will be forgiven;

Piano tickles that reducing rondeau.



A cut incarnate execution — gentrification orbs are concerned allegory arises — the flirtatious idiolect;

Determine brain visit and growing rhythms.

Failure museums ~

Off tap into Enhancing Land,

an aged bard slinking

with positive chrestomathy.

Not to tune the take schleps;

Herd of a coulda-shoulda drums attractions

of original gently prescribed clausula charms,

In their lazy sensibility experiences of that dramatic irony with stress.


NOTE: The Dadaist Collage poem was assembled from mangled lines of online text. The image was another attempt on my part to create a digital art piece that emulates AI generated art. I used a portion of a photo that can be found HERE.