Asemic Snapshots: 17-18

Picturing our last conversation-

so many lost moments.



The Postcard has been Wired

Dear Glammy Gert,


Keep silent only with your thoughts,

the soul is so lonely, alone in winter.

Remember, that form is important,

but its function must be there.



Listen to Melody to draw out

distant echoes

of the Men who made

the Furniture Dance.



I tried to reach the farthest shoreline,

But the gloves were more than an illusion.

The chateau overlooking the frozen lake,

seemed to throw up a hand armament in amazement.

I will read more –

the train rides leisurely tracks.


Best wishes, next stop Veil Vale Village,

Your Polka Pooka.

Oven Pan Abstracts : 47qbt – 50qbt


Midnight, I’ve spent another lonely day, thinkin’ of you
Midnight, tomorrow is on it’s way, empty and blue
I’m so lonely, so lonely at midnight for you.

Midnight, oh what a lonely time to weep, I ought to know
Midnight, I should have been fast asleep hours ago
Still I’m crying, I’m crying ’cause I miss you so

Midnight, I lie in bed awake and stare at nothing at all
Wonderin’, wonderin’ why you don’t care, wishing you’d call
Tears keep flowing like drops from a waterfall



MIdnight was composed by Boudleaux Bryant & Chet Atkins. It is said that this was the last song Hank Williams sang before he died.

Howard M. Biggs (October 13, 1916 – November 24, 1999) was an American pianist, songwriter, and arranger. He is noted for his involvement with doo-wop, and various styles, including jazz. He was influential in the first days of rock and roll as an arranger.  There seems to be no information about the singer, Joe Costa. Perhaps, readers may provide some background.