Asemic Snapshot 131 – memorabilia reflections

Remember when the tendentious horticultural reactionary quibbled with that restrained actor over the biscuit etiquette precedents ?


Such charming encounters by the lake,

that past summer –


fondly gathered visions,

the waves shimmered



reduced crown farce

reduced section cloud


cloud difficulty

cloud prohibited


prohibited iambic atmospherics

atmospherics redirects pedagogy


iambic pedagogy swims

iambic swimmers vacillate


vacillating iambic atmospherics

vacillating chicken hearts


chicken hearts validated

chicken hearts conspire


conspiring velocipedes

conspiring velocipedes revealed


velocipedes’ transcendental keystrokes

velocipedes’ fashionable hooks


fashionable hooks shimmer like waves

fashionable hooks unfixed seismographs


fashionable hooks undiscerned

fashionable hooks in the promenade


fashionable hooks of infeasible strophe

catastrophic stylish temperament restrained








Asemic Map 41 – seeking clarification


To submit a city for this-

I have a face that I don’t know who.

I don’t understand it.

Your panel will help you start by discovering the product delivery and binoculars competition I participate in.

So, is there anything on your lap that religious bogs have been determined in my opinion?

If sew, then prepare the wreckage of his father who wrote it.

Use specific coordinates:


unseemly fizz

fizzing popcorn


confirmatory anaerobe

anaerobic fortunes


fortunes fabulate

fabulated vectors


vectors mawkishly defoliate

vectors euphemistically retrofire

Triangulation of Ouija that creates scientific things.

A blank glows.


The reign attends near an electorate.

This irresponsible exit samples a token –


And aviation

Wearing a philosophical kit;

The Disguise Dresses!


Proficiency is always everywhere.

How will the endless choice entail the seventh?

Try Hyde from a glorious cardboard tube

in this arrested run,

Metaphors at every corner.




This prose poem grew out of spam comments  attempting to latch on to various posts.

Asemic Snapshot 130 & commentary



That is why this genealogy distorts your cause.

Poignant ice units, breaking hammers –

we are all indebted,

and from which

none of us can escape.


Choose a sharp heart from scissors –

Poetry doesn’t work.

Follow myriad paths

towards mythic parallelism,

hither, infinitive indigestible pond clouds on rocks –

Shake the slumbering yogourt,

dreams rise to the surface.


Poetry with scissors in a puddle of paper –

once more, articles about sleep,

because of sleep’s topmost extensibility.

You need a private magazine

for persuasive reasons –

perhaps extensive

armchair travel

will provide

unbound horizons.

Muskrat ramble

by Kid Ory and his creole band

Composer & Early Jazz Originator -Edward Ory


NOTE: The stanzas grew out of a transmogrification of  French  Dadaist poem that I composed/created(?). It can be found in my recently posted, Asemic Tarot Card 66- up ake.