Asemic Greetings – a correspondence

Gradually from astronomy to the forest –

Joe’s border,

Slumbering clouds.

The garden becomes cold in late November.



The simplest maintenance of surreal Tam-o’-shanter bairn people – cookies and winged eels.

The brakes blackened with ivy vines of thin closed small parts,

an occurrence of freshwater screams –

collapsing asteroids accompanies the penetration,

the heart mends after the winter storm.

becoming a unicorn – a dialogue

I’ve had Christmas cards addressed “To Vicky and them”!


I was called “the Ottoman Empire”!


I live alone. My name is Bernadette, damn it !


Will you return after restarting, even if you jailbreak with checkm8 ?


Been up since 4:45a.m., convinced myself the carbon monoxide low battery sound meant I was going to die. In retrospect, I realize that acoustic ecology has a lot in common with melodies that alternate cold and adhesive moisture.


Today is the anniversary my extraordinary mother left this earth. She was special. Becoming a unicorn, to acquire suspiciously attractive cultural understanding, so as not to be deceived by science, was her true passion.


Qalandar means something between a wise saint and a rank charlatan.


Her scrivener chants of innocuous dreams.


Just answer me my love. Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?


I congratulated him on his speech – he smiled – as a masterpiece of hypocritical bullsh*t. He stopped smiling. His mouth was a squashed caterpillar, an unfulfilled promise of Spring.


I think it’s out-rages with obsequious fawning oranges……

Before it had Cleric’s value. Only sticky and thin are closely related .


Take me to the river; wann hast du deinen Himmel verlor’n ?


What is your favourite work of translation?


Sleep as a Perception of Otter Tone Pram, translated by Indigo Fragmattah.


I only have one question. When will we see the transcripts of Fore Inn and Blotto Manual ?


Mittagspause? Slightly better resolution than Europeana – alarming, I have a colourful publisher.


The Hogmanai style of sleep, rather than flatness, elucidates time and epicontinental cyclical frigid and tenacious atmosphere that wears resistance.


Hogmanai style often sleeps, rather than flatness in some bland time. See, the sand rises in epic continental sighs! Please wear your resistance in the garden tonight.


Mixed registry artists dancing in the halls can come to the party. They are serving chitlins and crêpes suzettes.


The humidity in the air, with the impenetrable nature of the improbable artists, stretches a few miles, and is the most subjective of the crash.


Improbable artists stretch over a few miles; it is mostly subjective crashing into the glass dreams.


Poplars and their leaves, tender, smooth to the fingers, and a secret in their smell rise to the mountain tops.

I have forgotten scenes from exquisite graveyards.


Sleep, fast enough for implicit vocabulary from another boardwalk – the pretzel vendor wept when the mustard jar fell upon the pavement.


Scary, as I explore the inter-relationship between bats and colourful newspaper hats, its enchanting naivete are as supreme and unapproachable as a cubic box that slides towards the lily pond instead of a celebratory gathering of whispers.


Dancing together is clearly a vocabulary.


Love comes to explore.


Some people have a cold.


That alone makes the registry humid. Please do a lot.


Usually along a wall, forming an open fronted inner circle hinting at the growing air.


Hear screen clearly, as the humidity partitions impenetrable nature. It reminds me of my aunt’s cat – skeletons have been dancing people to their graves since at least 1424.


Old thousand kissed loans sleep barest – enough watermelons and feta cheese to cherish in quiet moments. I’m always drawn to isolated bus stops. Another promenade is planned. No idea why.


Look at what is inevitable. Which partition implicitly smells in the air ?


The wall was flat with toes.


Been to a broch?


Colourful is a trendy and stylish style.The ecology of listening is mostly a secret sandy garden, forgetting the secret of spending the night with vocabulary.


It is possible to put it out of reach. Some scientists are positive.


It is possible to put it out beyond night’s shoreline. It’s about employers. Are there any pretzels left ?


Are the best art of Hoary mailmen located miles away? Try the banana souffle.


Inwardly, the interrelationship of newspapers makes orchids seek the sunlight; the subtext is clear. The first moment quickly made the mountain of dreams smooth and languorous.


Open a retrospective page about sleep on a subjective screen – a stairway descends into in a Venice canal.

Is the hint I have together clearly a vocabulary?

Mixed registry of artists, juxtaposed worlds full of images….. Key chain of worn-out bones.


Then let us make a collage of our souls with mustard and tears.




Text material gathered from Twitter & related links. Google translate and Text Manipulation software tools used in creating dialogue.


Asemic Postcards: A Conversation

Repeating the central role,
So far as it has been provided,
Enter a confidential forecast now:
ansophical conclaves concludes digestive pathos.

Wish you could be here with us.

Hide Appetizer –
Soul footwear & oven mitts finally,
in Kafkaesque Kaesura, combed their hair.

Uncle Harry was in the garden again ! LOL

ACRONYMPHOMANIA – at the corner of Maltheus & Stork Haven.

The last one looked scary, lectio difficilior. She screamed softly and jumped into the lake. When she tried to grab her arm, she filled the dwarf.

Anonimoké ?
Shake the snail !
Origin of Rose Cross Choroid –
Evidence from the test is that both events occur independently of the situation without a detailed understanding of the interaction of the three corrupt altars.

Have you heard from Jenny ?


The smell of ash bacteria … forgotten toil,

supple moments, like the frog’s spirit,

sparrow wings kiss the clouds!

Great Aunt Bess will laugh at this, I’m sure.


Continuation of theoretical cardinal function,
So far, tonal foam consumption has been provided –

ambiguous amplitudes multiple like rainbow trout.

We’ll take the bus to the mountains on Monday.

Lots of pictures !

Enter a confidential forecast now:
Panic-sophia includes assimilation pot holes.

The spirit of ash smells of flexible interaction.

Conceal Apple tiers –
Psyche & Music combusted –
Beer was woven in the centre

From a modest understanding.

Heading to the Loon Lake Lodge tomorrow.


NOTE on Sources/Inspiration

Charlie Zero the Poet

Dancers in the Dark by Dorothy Speare

Online Etymological Dictionary

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, by Ludwig Wittgenstein