Asemic Postcards: 40 & Tree Mandala

Magistrates shall herd themselves;

Shapes observing marmalade;

On with the head voice, Big Girl Now!!


And brother agency,

Slowly cry – little girl clouds.


One graphic, I laugh arts free –

the I enters the imagination year,

again landscapes, then objects.


Note: Any context relating to the Barrett’s Supreme Court Competency Hearings is purely synchronistic city.

Asemic Postcard 42

The derivative migrates!

Proposed to the East.


The structure lusts outside the policeman!

Tears come running down the street.


The smile of sleep scatters the mark, Indigo rips!

Do this before seeking quarrels with soporous spoors.


The quota approves a glub squalor romance!

This keen scenario baffles the spread kettle.


The protein pack, it’s finger lickin’!

Your tedious liver frowns after encountering libacious anagrams.


Explored a great, meaningless network so far!

I’d walk a mile for a stereoscopic Chiasmus.



Interesting Coincidence: subtract 19 from 42 and you are left with 23 – as in 23 skidoo.



Note:  The surreal NFB film was done in 1964 – prescient/timely? The number 23 is a bit of a rabbit-hole. This Dadaist poem  came from the same Spam comment  that generated the Asemic Postcard 10 poem. Besides the online software used with that poem, I also made use of a random word & sentence generator ( Here ) in creating this post’s poetic absurdity.  Presently, we truly live in an absurd Philip K. Dick Dadaist culture  – for an example see : Fringe Conspiracy Theorists Think Trump Is an Immortal Alien, Got COVID as Cover to Shapeshift


Asemic Postcard 10

Impartial publishes publications and important forests.
The stone is rising.
It’s very ocean sings irony laser waltzes.
To someone single, I was surprised to manage this.
Recycling sleep destroys the first sleep on the web.
Before any presentation I have a beer from the tolerance point.

I visited with a mysterious page occupation!

It’s a great time.

NOTE: The Dadaist Poem began as a comment in Spam Queue – I put it through translation software & word poetry scramble. This is part of it, the rest I will save for another Dada Poem Post.

Asemic Postcard 9


Agenda tasting –

With everything already lost,

to return to you.

Guided, returned;

teeming with flora and fauna,

much of it unique to this place,
everything a petroglyph –

I want to forget every




~ come back again,

That Dark Gravity’s Touch

can not stop it.

I fast forwarded through the latest Korean Time-Travelling Romance on Netflix – the previous ones were much better.

************NOTE: As with previously posted Asemic Postcard 8, there is a hyper-linked line in the text, which extends/alters context of the post.