Asemic Map 41 – seeking clarification


To submit a city for this-

I have a face that I don’t know who.

I don’t understand it.

Your panel will help you start by discovering the product delivery and binoculars competition I participate in.

So, is there anything on your lap that religious bogs have been determined in my opinion?

If sew, then prepare the wreckage of his father who wrote it.

Use specific coordinates:


unseemly fizz

fizzing popcorn


confirmatory anaerobe

anaerobic fortunes


fortunes fabulate

fabulated vectors


vectors mawkishly defoliate

vectors euphemistically retrofire

Triangulation of Ouija that creates scientific things.

A blank glows.


The reign attends near an electorate.

This irresponsible exit samples a token –


And aviation

Wearing a philosophical kit;

The Disguise Dresses!


Proficiency is always everywhere.

How will the endless choice entail the seventh?

Try Hyde from a glorious cardboard tube

in this arrested run,

Metaphors at every corner.




This prose poem grew out of spam comments  attempting to latch on to various posts.

collage postcard 2

Illuminations of The Dadaist Tesseract Church of the Asemic Existentialist & Möbius Otherhood

Psalm 1.1


Sh’hway’d Moctezuma was lonely in Mount Tezumah’h Land. After defeating the Lost Artz-D’tecs, he realized they can provoke emotions. Washing the cup will remove the soft gum stains from your soul, but as Moctezuma discovered, it does nothing for an empty heart, longing for love. He was so sh’hway’d now.


Ordinary Missing Person came riding into town on the weekly Turkey Express; a river of unwept tears ran down the muddy street, like a dalmatian chase in a Disney cartoon.


I’m really embarrassed, the postcard was a week late.


At least that is what he told himself, as the collateral damage walked in the door, wearing a cubist smile and carrying a crumpled concrete poem in the shape of a fortnight soirée.

There was no other option – the next day, his departure is a cold sunrise, as he attempted to casually walk behind the sign of resurrection in front of the crew.


The Succinct Puccini Ward reminds me of mushrooms,and a natural touch- the way of life is fixed in the sand. Feel the abstinence-T’laczantjzollii in the afternoon air, a mega-spider devouring the possibilities. The fire lived near it. Makes many acres of dreams within a cardboard package, waiting to be delivered to a people thirsty for art and a stream of consciousness. Flies / mosquitoes / wind / sun / reptile engine frogs always express internet planting isotope, isotope cleaning also performed in the round for 2 days- I always see the Azutek pillow fights in the morning mist as it bleeds into the lawns, a cellophane figment of personified perpendicular catharsis pigments. Too much leisure often makes a cup full of mouths and pillars, like so many fulcrums of promenadian rhyme-schemes in a jeremiad prose prance.


Asemic Snapshot 129


Lineated research notes on Asemic Snapshot 129


Throughout the year of “Temple Realism” you will learn about stress, bad relationships, widows, and more, so go home.

Rich Handsome Man misunderstands that owls cause disagreements among students over the Sampled Chinese doughnuts. So far, angered wealthy women seem to fit.

In the centre of buildings, such as the Crowned Starless Florid Factory, was a  hovering submarine with floating fish fenders. The attached church bells look careless over time – the lazy church bells open, the doors of the house open, and there is a man inside, so I can’t help wondering why he was so angry. Hmmmmm.

The former pastor, who wants to go snowshoeing, is a brother who digs only about half of the region’s formless country music. He said the woman mysteriously disappeared from the sanctuary. However, in some cases, the epidemic affected education until before the church month. He closes the door, and they go in and out of body. Hmmmmm.

Why can’t a sworn circuitry grow?

The outlook discharges the stalking nutmeg beside the assistant. A senior tome explodes underneath the rash – the lazy church bells open, the doors of the house open, and there is a man inside. Hmmmmm.

The memorable remainders jumps behind the downhill education system as the epidemic ponces on the ignorant,  so I can’t help wondering why he was so angry. When will the charm abide? Why does the vat moan outside the doomed hammer? Their eyes open, their ears open, the lazy church bells open, the doors of the house open, and there is a man inside. Hmmmmm.

The Sage Steampunk Dadaist Pontificates


Structure of sanguine

Strip substage systems-

Wires are big printers,

so fleeting fittings,

fittings’ footprints,

shows your shadows

in sensational sepulchre shrouds.



Under the use

of facilitating

formulaic working formalism

of sanity deposits,

comes an ice-storm –

steaming locomotives

spin their sails

as flying carrier pistons

orate onomatopoeic odes

of omniscient ostranenie –

consulting North smashes

undefined strudel apathy –

industrial installation artwork



This is the arrhythmia of our times –

a slouchy beanie

on photonic traversal

to temporal particle Babylon

belligerently became

a cult piece of knitted couture,





machinists & sievewrights.


Spontaneous driving –


Societal Displacement Theory –

Magnet locks protrude,

Growing attachment to

apropos of nothing.


Take the pneumatic bus to central inquiry –

initiate rebranding campaign,

scale and substance




Vintage Chew-Masque

in patent steam symmetry

Must be used,

Become the main piston-

Bold twine prides


Intelligence Syndrome.

Brutalist architecture

protocol devastates

Languid Lake allegory.



You need to work

on duodecimo dreams.

Open the window

for mime accuracy

mime mimicry

mimicry modulations

modulation’s monstrosities

mellow the peach stones




biprism’s heliographic dream



mellow modulating

miming mind-fields.




It’s not Under-Up Dystopia,

the vintage patent symmetry

recovers downright

knitted knowledge

neurology wires –

beyond bemused

crotchet clouds

punch-cards ascend.





By your fitting hand,

tropic sand breezes


refined topographically

torn torrid man.




You will be windowed exactly.

You will be windowed exactly.

All vents topographically torn.

All vents topographically torn.



Topographically torn by torrid hands,

This lack of elements

the source of warm rings –

get to the vestibule,

worry later.



Elevator bodywork, bodywork.

Elevator bodywork, bodywork.

The mouse works.



Facilitate Steam of Consciousness while Ur-piles last.



Meiosis gears grind

Grating political gerunds.

Toad Abodes topple with turgid beams.




That element does not adjust the riser –

this bodes well,

this bodes well.



NOTE: Many of the images in this post are older works, that were original composed & posted on Dark Pines Photo. Clicking those images will open the original post in a new browser tab.



reminiscences of a night out dreamed

Otiose Arches wasted in the square –

sand bridges are art.



Attachment to masonry –

specific passion in readers,

of some, even our lovely Camera Obscuras sing.


playing with a reclamation of poetic history,

sigma stalks stigmata,

evens the score

beneath shadowed spindles,

pricking both finger and tongue

before sleep hastens

visions and jumbled horizons.




They ate delicacies and memories, while sipping their tea – the patio overlooked the Piazza of Pernicious Palindromes. They are doing the reclamation work – like the only thing that took their eyes through this stage of stagnating molecular management, clams clinging to teasing conundrums and pileated pie-plates.




Themed, the writing works sleight of hand, and weathered faces became whitish granite, turning into crinkly text – partners next to the rosebushes, chosen by a clamorous contextual cat, scampered midst the paper cups and the penumbrae, kleptomania of the soul – and thoroughly timed, like a charcoal portrait slipping intransigently into a mirrored reflection of dancing clock hands, out walked a wise witch carrying a wearying expression in her catchall.


It is archaeology – they wore down dusty carpets, together with fascinating motifs – your opinions cascaded from your lips, like a Ouija planchette in a candle lit room. Used fingers rippling hard, well provenanced providence, thank weak words for those two women’s ghost tenement.


The Love-friend gently partakes of kisses and anxiety- the integral integer institution sent Halloween historicism stoically into solipsism, such sweet marrow-misery.


Indigenous asemic dialect –

too novel for scorpion-hands,

or owl eyes.


After you, came no-nounce-words, like a cesarean nonunion, leaping over a moonlit cow – so, who had the opera tickets in their pearl purse the whole time, while the bus wailed about the triumph of non-euclidean tetralogy and cavernous isomorphic Cheetos – it wasn’t the ophthalmologist…

Have taken information on southerly entopic-writing art fisticuffs because doing warm spadework beneath a regime revolts the wavering doe. They talked for hours over the rims of broken cups and cut diamonds. Then that drowned magazine buffered the recorder. Doesn’t whispering lips instill the I into each All?

The bathroom strikes over the sphere. It has taken comments and reevaluated the artworks’ online snow; those eyes then upped responses: all dark dramatic monologues must attend the evening dance dilemma.



You down stories before my deep night forgives wanton anger; coming off wonderful settle-challenges, the Used Shark shakes out thanks, like small mercies in a November wind.



When can anonymous porters enlarge a needles needless resemblance to Thursday’s rumination? By the sweep of sleep, they secretly to go fish – keeping this silent slippage between the lines of commentary – and have in us a repository of tears and rust hares.