The Night – An Asemic Metaphor


Asemic YouTube Screen Capture 1

Here is an experiment in deconstructing media text & applying the principle of necro-media. I took a screen capture of a YouTube art tutorial . By blending it with a asemic postcard composition & putting it through a number of digital effects, the screen image is deconstructed and reconfigured.

Note that some of the codes and conventions of the Firefox browser & the YouTube layout are preserved. The viewer will try to decode this informational structure using those vaguely recognizable forms to generate meaning in the composition’s implied space.

The art tutorial can be seen below. The original screen capture was taken from the last quarter of the tutorial.


Asemic Postcards from Lesser Known Hotels 2

As waves perambulated towards the white sands of the toasted beach, we strolled down the boardwalk viewing the hotels & sun bathers, little expecting the chain of circumstances that were about to descend on all of us from those green misted hills. Looking back at it all, the sun drenched mayhem was a cool dip in blue waters & laughter, to be treasured with the frantic postcards sent to folks at home.


Postcard messages –

layered lines of joy ‘n dread sink;

such sweet memories.

Another minuscule mystery haibun in the manner of Claudia McGill.