Dadaist Poem – UFO Enigmas Report




After the complaining liberal cicadas gasps the economic charge, the diddle wandering converts deep particle acceleration litotes. The bookstore worships a monarch suspicion inside a potential turtle shell. Myrtle Faithful Age tries verbiage deification within the static. Will a stereotype puzzle reveal UFO enigmas? A wish grasps the cleaner. Every attempt represents complicated smell above the Surface ^ Pavement Isotopes Neoclassicism.


Prevention Ore offers clematis clergies,

Stage Noertges Snow often cerebritis –

Ogle formed transmission.

Men-benders assist noir refund transcripts >/_


*~/the Touching Orbs rise;

1958 – too elusive,

Then ‘three men in black suits’

silenced Social Blender.



Two offers, particularly the FBI –



a) In India/*~

People flocking

a Village


 Goat walk around town on its hind legs.


b)Whatever Bass multiplies each vile battle*song –

Astronomers have discovered

Black Holes make chirping sounds

When they Merge.


Follows Events Protocol :


Bridgeport MIB ~**

Or ‘Hush-Up’ >>>~*


Bridgeport, CT –

11 p.m. on July 2 2020,

Witness reportedly saw



White Object

Slowly Moving


Above the Waters

Black Rock Harbor <<<*~

Mysterious courgette >”//~.





They saucer 22 off the North-side,

Canoe tipping allegory,

A ridden zero jams

After remarkable clone.



Special itinerary agent,

just the look

concerning that concerning,

Inner secret.


Evening knew;

Printed letter-writer

copies his superficial belt

from inquiring histrionics.



The Theory Bureau,

unnecessary calculus squashes

a charm –

Off Oklahoma/Saskatchewan

A buffer relaxes.


Public Goes Flag,

Many happenstance sleep –

Bender to contact,

Behind an optic cruises a machinery.



Offal have periodicals too –

MIB had onion scans

from the discouraged.


Not a village, these turnip equations

reads information;

UFO 0*< subject,

1959 city rendering reports discs –

don’t myopia mythopoeic metaphors.

(Allegedly instructing OOBE silenced anyone >>* response).


Memorandum Matter QA0: City Agent –

Are HGT<interim> will flying agents added:

A and J on still.

Today is your November Moan.

Have federal outcome

at MIB Oklahoma/Attawapiskat

~*T-Sugar corrects the Tailor.


Stella Bah~k, ambitious leader

> an online media company, Girls7evra,

> unregistered auto-giro sighted over property



Contact: Darkest at Director 0 >

letter saucers factual reported –

He suddenly became aware of two very small bright eyes watching him.”

Recorded on last Tuesday of the following month:


little whether/weather;

You are he just;

Of8 are wishing-stone agent,

the RZ to/palindrome peninsula.

Melancholy pleasure

Would of Lo Prohibido immediately.


Transmission Ends Here.

The nature exists! Behind an optic cruises a machinery. The kingdom monitors a guitar. The military trips? A pigeon associates the shouting tail underneath the yawn.


When the Men in Black show up



Painting  by Zdzislaw Beksinski


Process Note: While wandering the internet, I read an article about the FBI’s investigation of Men in Black & UFOs . I ended up taking part of the article & running it through a Dadaist Poem scrambler. I then used a Random word/sentence/paragraph generator to add and edit the composition.

The introductory paragraph is a modified random paragraph. The final paragraph that begins, “The nature exists”, is a random paragraph  from the generator that was not modified in any manner.

The use of this software to produce sentences or single words opened up a door to a spooky synchronicity. I would select places in the text where I wanted a word or phrase to create a surreal or absurdist image. The random generator started producing words that were the opposite of that. If I wanted to jump down the rabbit hole, I could have believed that “something” was trying to edit the text to provide info about MIB & UFOs. 

I have included new & old images in this post: clicking some images will link to an earlier post on this blog or my Media Literacy blog. Some text is linked to sources, background information or something of interest. I hope you find this curious post of interest.